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Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310 Overbearing

“Guo Ran, how dare you? With boss’s experience and technique, how could he possibly miss? Look carefully . His face was clearly never symmetrical,” retorted Gu Yang .

“Is that so? Ah, now that you say it, it really is true . Boss, I was wrong,” apologized Guo Ran .

“That’s enough!”

Zhuo Tianxiang roared furiously . He backed his voice with the power of his cultivation base, making it so the Dragonblood warriors couldn’t stand steady . Their expressions changed . This Zhuo Tianxiang was truly powerful .

“Li Tianxuan, what are you intending?! You sent a few disciples as a s.h.i.+eld?!” roared Zhuo Tianxiang .

“The lives of a few disciples won’t be able to satisfy our anger . Today, we’ll raze the Xuantian Dao Sect to the ground!”

Just at this moment, a large group of people walked in, blazing with killing intent . As soon as they arrived, the temperature dropped .

“The ancient races!”

These people were experts from the ancient races . Hundreds of them had come . Their blazing killing intent showed that they had come to kill .

Adding on what they had just said, it was clear . Li Tianxuan had completely infuriated them, causing them to lose face . They needed to win that back .

“Raze my Xuantian Dao Sect to the ground? Do a bunch of hybrids made from humans and beasts have that kind of power?” sneered Long Chen .

Long Chen detested the ancient races the most . They were an inferior race . Now he had learned the truth about them . They were actually just some failed products .

At that time, the human race had been extremely powerful . Back then, when the human race and Xuan Beast race had decided to intermingle, it had just been a kind of experiment . The ancient races were the result of lower ranking Xuan Beasts mating with the human race . The true pure-blooded Xuan Beasts who intermingled with the human race would have children that looked like regular people . They wouldn’t be like these ancient race people with clear signs that they were half-beast, half-human .

The children born from the true human race experts and pure-blooded Xuan Beasts had the body of humans but the Spirit Blood of Xuan Beasts .

The const.i.tution of the human race allowed them to get closer to the Heavenly Daos, while the Xuan Beast’s blood gave them powerful physical bodies . Each one of those children had terrifying talent .

But now, the current ancient races were nothing more than failed experiments . They were abandoned . Even the Xuan Beasts called them half-breeds . That wasn’t cursing them, but referring to how the energy within their bodies was too muddled . They were no longer pure .

As for the ancient races, in order to maintain their pitiful dignity, they sucked up to the Xuan Beasts, refusing to recognize that the human race was their ancestor . They continuously bullied the human race, wis.h.i.+ng them to all die to wash away their own history . Long Chen looked down on them the most .

Long Chen’s words shocked the Life Star experts . Did he not want his life?

“Long Chen, your mouth’s tough . Today, let’s see whether your Xuantian Dao Sect can see tomorrow’s sun . ”

What startled people was that these ancient race experts didn’t attack . Despite clearly wanting to kill Long Chen, they simply stood there .

“Old half-breeds, let’s see then,” said Long Chen indifferently . He knew exactly what the ancient races were doing .

They weren’t fools . They knew that this matter wouldn’t be so simple . There was very likely going to be a b.l.o.o.d.y battle, and they didn’t want to take the lead for fear of taking losses .

That made Long Chen look down on them even more . The old man’s words were entirely correct . The ancient races were just a pack of idiots who bullied the weak and cowered from the strong . Their viciousness was just an act for others to see . At a life and death juncture, they were just cowards .

“It’s already so tense here even though we’ve just arrived . It seems there will be a good show to watch today . ”

Suddenly, another group of hundreds of people appeared . This group contained various people . There were men and women, young and old . There were dozens of young disciples amongst them .

But these young disciples’ power shocked everyone . They were all rank eight Celestials . There was one lanky man with a mole on his chin who had practically solidified Heavenly Dao energy circulating around him . It seemed he was a terrifying rank nine Celestial .

“People from the ancient family alliance!”

Someone let out a startled cry . It was unexpected that they would also come today . But what did they intend to do by bringing over so many disciples? To watch the fun? That was too much, wasn’t it?

“Everyone, don’t misunderstand . We were only pa.s.sing by and were drawn over . We are leading our disciples to chase down a traitorous ancient family . It just so happens that this traitor has a bit of a relations.h.i.+p with Long Chen . So hearing the news of Long Chen, we decided to come and take a look . We definitely won’t interfere with your matter . ”

One of the elders of the ancient family alliance explained with a smile . He sharply saw Zhuo Tianxiang and the ancient race experts’ frowns .

Hearing that they came from the ancient family alliance, Long Chen was startled . In the Eastern Wasteland, he had encountered the ancient family alliance twice .

The first time was after the Mo family had fled . The ancient family alliance’s people had come to ask him a few questions .

The second time was after the battle of the Immemorial Path . When he had been annihilating the Remote Heaven Gang, the ancient family alliance had also appeared . At that time, the ancient races and Pill Valley’s experts had also come out, using the excuse that he had killed too many people in the Immemorial Path . They said that they had come to determine justice for everyone, but they had actually just come for his secrets .

Then Feng Xinglie and Ling Yunzi had come and resolved that crisis . After he came to the Central Plains, Long Chen hadn’t heard anything from the ancient family alliance again .

For them to appear again and mention a traitor who had a relations.h.i.+p with him, Long Chen immediately thought of a bow-wielding person wearing a hat to cover his face . That person, who still had a bit of a baby fat, often liked to act mysterious and pose .

“It seems that Mo Nian’s not doing too bad himself!”

Long Chen smiled faintly . They were truly brothers in hards.h.i.+p . Seeing this ma.s.s of troops, it seemed Mo Nian was also being hunted down, and not on a small scale . They were truly fated to be brothers .

“You know Mo Nian? If you know where he is, it would be best if you told us right now . ”

Long Chen had only just spoken when one of the young disciples opened his mouth . That disciple looked to be in his early twenties . His words were irritatingly arrogant .

But he was already a rank eight Celestial at the second Heavenstage of Jade Core . He truly had the qualifications to be arrogant .

“I know him . But why should I tell you? Are you my son?” said Long Chen disdainfully . This brat really was an idiot . Long Chen wasn’t afraid even when facing this many experts, so did he think threatening him with his little bit of power would work?

“Little brat, you dare to take advantage of me?!” Suddenly, before anyone else could speak, a woman who appeared to be in her thirties angrily cursed Long Chen .

Long Chen’s expression became odd . It seemed that this woman was that fellow’s mother, or she wouldn’t say he was taking advantage of her . This truly was a bit awkward .

Long Chen didn’t quite know what to say . He had just randomly said something, but he had provoked this woman .

“Tch, how did he take advantage of you? With my boss’s handsomeness and talent, where else could you find such a man? Him being your son’s father is your blessing as a mother . Don’t quibble after getting such an advantage . ”

Seeing that Long Chen was speechless, Guo Ran hastily covered for him . As a result, he really did well . Now Long Chen was even more embarra.s.sed . He had an urge to kick this brat . He had definitely done this on purpose .

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, die!” The young man roared and wings appeared on his back . The aura of a rank eight Celestial erupted, and he transformed into a ray of light that shot at Long Chen .

“Scram . You don’t have the qualifications to get close to my boss!”

Gu Yang suddenly smashed his spear out . The man snorted and took out a sword .


With an explosive sound, both Gu Yang and the young man were knocked into the distance by the other’s power .

Gu Yang’s heart shook . This man’s control of Heavenly Dao energy was extremely great . He had felt some strange energy from the man’s sword pus.h.i.+ng him back, causing him to be at a disadvantage .

He was actually capable of using such a queer technique with his thin sword against a heavy spear . That showed just how great his combat experience was as well . It was no wonder he was so arrogant . This kind of power was truly great .

Gu Yang was startled, but the young man was also stunned . The power of his sword was to absorb his opponent’s power and attack back with it . But Gu Yang’s power was too condensed for him to absorb much of it . As a result, things went out of his expectations and they were at a draw .

Long Chen was also extremely shocked . This many powerful experts were hunting Mo Nian? He suddenly thought of something, and a disdainful expression appeared on his face . He said, “You should give up . With just your little bit of ability, you wouldn’t even be able to block three attacks from Mo Nian . Why bother sending yourself to your death?”

“Hmph, so what if Mo Nian can cut down consecutive Soul Transformation experts? His cultivation base still hasn’t broken through the Jade Core realm, so I can easily kill him . Do you dare let me have a fair fight against him?” sneered the man, trying to provoke Long Chen .

Long Chen immediately feigned anger, roaring, “What nonsense! Mo Nian hasn’t broken through to Jade Core? How long do you think it’s been? Do you think his cultivation base will never increase? Foolish . ”

“You’re the one who’s foolis.h.!.+ Just a month ago, Mo Nian was only-”

“Feng-er, don’t take his bait . He doesn’t know anything about Mo Nian’s current situation, and he’s just trying to get you to tell him,” said his mother, cutting him off .

Long Chen smiled . Not bad, not bad . He hadn’t expected to learn news about Mo Nian here . Although he wasn’t able to get much out of them, it was enough .

To be able to kill Soul Transformation experts in the Foundation Forging realm, he could truly be described as a monster . No wonder the ancient family alliance would send so many people to hunt him down .

Based on this, they were trying to find Mo Nian and have their disciples beat him . It seemed they were treating it as a hunt .

Long Chen wasn’t clear on the enmity between Mo Nian and the ancient family alliance, but he wasn’t worried about him . That little brat was so slippery, nothing could happen to him .

“Now that so many esteemed guests have come, don’t you think it’s rude if you don’t show up, Li Tianxuan?”

Just at this moment, a group of ten people walked into the Xuantian Plaza . The speaker was an icy-faced elder .


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