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Chapter 1409: 1409

The primal chaos s.p.a.ce’s black soil was poison to trees, and the only existence that could survive in it was the Heavenly Dao Tree . It would be a powerful killing tool in this upcoming battle .

Long Chen asked the Spirit Queen when the Dragonblood warriors would awaken . She said that it would take over ten days .

Thinking about it, he had the Spirit Queen gather all the spirit warriors that were fighting on the battlefield .

The Spirit race clearly didn’t understand battle tactics . Continuing like they had been would just make things worse for them .

They were basically sending themselves to their enemies . Hence, it was better for them to all return to the Forest of Life and solidify their defenses .

Once the spirit warriors retreated, there was no way the Corrupt path or the ancient races would dare to attack the Forest of Life .

According to the Spirit Queen, the Dark Forest had taken over ninety percent of the Spirit World . Eliminating the Forest of Life was just a matter of time .

The only reason the Dark Forest hadn’t eliminated them was because they were using the Forest of Life as a gambling chip to cooperate with the Martial Heaven Continent’s powers .

If the spirit warriors retreated and took a solid defense, the experts that had come from the Martial Heaven Continent wouldn’t be able to capture them .

That way, there would be nothing they could do to the Forest of Life, and that would force the Dark Forest to launch an attack .

However, retreating was still the best option, as it would take some time before the Dark Forest launched their attacks . That was enough time for Long Chen to do many things .

Long Chen was grateful that the Spirit Queen acted according to his orders . As soon as she heard his recommendation, she used the Life G.o.d Tree’s energy to alert all the spirit warriors to fall back .

Because they were the fruit of the Life G.o.d Tree, there was no need for them to communicate with words . They all came from the same source, and communicating through the Life G.o.d Tree was much more convenient than through their mouths .

The spirit warriors gathered, and the powerful Magical Beasts went to guard the border of the Forest of Life . If anyone dared to approach, they would be directly killed .

After arranging this, he asked the Spirit Queen for a powerful Magical Beast to use as a steed, and he stealthily left the Forest of Life . He was searching for something called the World Tree .

The World Tree was the most ancient tree species in the Spirit World . It was the first kind of tree to exist after the Spirit World was formed .

First came the World Tree, then came the Forest of Life . According to the Spirit Queen, even the Life G.o.d Tree only came later . The World Tree was an extremely miraculous existence .

It was said that its longevity was equivalent to this world’s . As long as this world didn’t die, the World Tree would exist forever . It was the existence with the greatest life energy .

Originally, the Spirit World had possessed a huge forest of World Trees . Unfortunately, they were devoured by the Dark Forest, and there were no longer any World Trees in this world . But if he was lucky, he would be able to find the seeds of the World Trees .

The forest where the World Trees had once thrived was his target . He wanted to plant a huge forest of World Trees .

The primal chaos s.p.a.ce would not allow things with their own minds to be planted within it . The branches of the tree demons or the spirit trees would simply turn into life energy when he planted them . He also tried a budding branch from the Life G.o.d Tree, but it could not be planted in the primal chaos s.p.a.ce .

Long Chen had dreamed of planting a forest of Life G.o.d Trees in the primal chaos s.p.a.ce . Then he would possess an undying body . But that dream had been destroyed .

So he had switched targets to these so-called World Trees . It was said that they were also huge and possessed immense life energy . It was due to their immense life energy that they were devoured by the Dark Forest as nourishment . Because of it, the Dark Forest had strengthened to the point that they began to overpower the Forest of Life .

When Long Chen heard that, Long Chen couldn’t help being speechless . The Forest of Life’s creatures were innately kind, but their heads…

Long Chen left behind a huge amount of primal chaos soil for the Life G.o.d Tree . In any case, the primal chaos s.p.a.ce was three million miles wide . He could bring out as much of this soil as he wanted .

The Spirit Queen gave Long Chen a flying Magical Beast . It was an Azure Scale Blood Eagle, an eleventh rank Magical Beast . Its body was covered in azure scales, but its eyes were the color of blood .

The Azure Scale Blood Eagle was extremely fast, and it brought Long Chen out of the Forest of Life very quickly . Long Chen saw large swaths of spirit warriors currently retreating to the Forest of Life .

Once they were out of the Forest of Life, the Azure Scale Blood Eagle sped up . In just a day, Long Chen saw a region of s.p.a.ce rippling like it was a huge waterfall .

Although he was so far away, he could still see the s.p.a.ce there twisting . But the instant he looked closely, his hair stood on end . He sensed a terrifying pressure .

“This is the Ancient Battlefield?”

Long Chen was deeply shaken . Even from this distance, it gave off such a terrifying pressure . It was worthy of being a place a Sovereign had once fought .

Primal chaos raged in this location, and the laws of heaven and earth were constantly being torn to shreds . There was no way for this part of the world to heal .

A battle from tens of thousands of years ago had left such scars even after so much time . A Sovereign was truly an untouchable existence .

“First, get the World Trees . Then I’ll come back and see what I can do here . ”

Long Chen felt a blazing desire as he looked at this distance s.p.a.ce . Perhaps he would be able to obtain something from that place .

The Azure Scale Blood Eagle continued flying . This battlefield was so huge that even with its speed, it took a full day before he saw a dark forest .

“Many thanks . You can go back . ” Long Chen jumped off quite some distance from the dark forest . He went off on his own . Magical Beasts possessed powerful life auras and would be easily sensed .

As soon as Long Chen entered this forest, he felt unnatural . If the Forest of Life was like a pure spring, then the Dark Forest was like muddy sewer water .

He suppressed his aura, as this forest was filled with countless powerful tree demons . They were normally sleeping and looked like ordinary huge trees . But once they were woken, they would attack .

He definitely didn’t want to wake them, and so he carefully advanced . After two days, he reached a mountain valley .

A smile appeared on his face . He had reached his target . The place where the two mountains met to form the valley was precisely where the forest of World Trees had once been .

But this mountain valley was so huge that it took him four hours to arrive at the end of it .

He was greeted by a huge mountain . When he jumped to the crown of a tall tree and looked into the distance, he gasped .

This was a cemetery for trees . Countless giant trees were lying on the ground .

The trees were so huge that there was no way to see their end . The roots of tree demons were piercing them, like they were fallen trees with mushrooms growing out of them .

These tree demons were many miles tall, but when compared to the fallen trees, they looked wholly insignificant .

This cemetery of fallen trees gave Long Chen a chill . Although he had been prepared, he hadn’t expected them to be so giant . There was no doubt that these fallen trees had to be World Trees .

He went over to one of the World Trees . Touching the trunk, he shook his head . This World Tree’s life energy had already been sucked dry . The inside was completely rotten .

Long Chen continued to go deeper . The World Trees were hundreds of miles long, but unfortunately, even their buds were corroded and dead . There was no fruit or seed for him . He even checked the surrounding ground, but he didn’t find anything .

After a couple of hours, Long Chen’s heart was cold . So much time had pa.s.sed since these World Trees had died . They didn’t have the slightest trace of life within them . Even the primal chaos s.p.a.ce couldn’t revive them .

Even a withered branch, as long as it possessed the slightest bit of life energy, could be revived by the primal chaos s.p.a.ce . Unfortunately, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of life here .

However, Long Chen was still unwilling to leave things as they were . He expanded his search . Finding World Trees was crucial to him .

“This d.a.m.n Dark Forest,” cursed Long Chen . He had found a fruit of the World Tree . It was a thirty-meter sphere with a hard sh.e.l.l .

Yet, roots had still pierced its body and extracted all its life essence . In other words, this fruit was also garbage .

In his fury, Long Chen summoned a batch of flames that incinerated these tree demons . Clearly, these tree demons had already sucked away everything from these World Trees .

Right now, he was hoping to find just a single seed . But he didn’t feel much hope anymore .

Despite how infuriated he was, he had to continue searching . Although his chances were low, he had to go through this entire forest .

Just as his heart was ice-cold, he saw over ten huge trees in the distance .

“They… they couldn’t be, right?” Long Chen rubbed his eyes, thinking they were broken . Those giant trees were definitely World Trees . Although they were withered, they hadn’t collapsed .

His heart began to pound . As long as they hadn’t collapsed, perhaps they still possessed the slightest bit of life .

Long Chen hastily rushed over . He saw that there were eighteen World Trees in a ring .

His heart was pounding harder and harder . He saw two of the World Trees had lots of fruit growing on them . That meant there was a very high chance they still had some life .

However, just as he was rus.h.i.+ng over, a sense of alarm washed over him . He immediately stopped . He saw a willow tree in the middle of the World Trees .

The willow tree was just three thousand meters tall . In front of the World Trees, it was absolutely miniscule .

The main trunk of the willow was covered in scales that emitted an ancient air . Its leaves looked like the hair of a young woman . When the breeze blew by, the leaves lit up with divine light . But that light also hid a fierce kiling intent that made Long Chen’s hair raise .

“It has actually monopolized these eighteen World Trees . ” Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked as he noticed the strange roots coming out of the willow .


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