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Chapter 1431: One Drop of Sovereign Blood Suppresses Evilmoon

Long Chen hastily pulled Chu Yao away. The others were also shocked and ran.


The ground exploded, and a terrifying pressure crashed down. It was like a fiend from h.e.l.l had broken out of its seal. A murderous aura filled the world.

“That weapon’s completely evil!” Chu Yao cried out in shock. At first, all that she had been able to sense from the black saber was that it was domineering and possessed great killing intent.

All divine weapons would be infected with some grievance after killing countless experts. That was normal.

However, this resentment had practically solidified, and its killing intent looked as if it could shatter heaven and earth. This was not the result of the resentment spirits of those slain by the weapon. This was something that came from the very essence of the saber.

Long Chen also hadn’t expected this black saber to be such a shocking evil weapon. Even he felt alarmed in the face of its murderous aura.

This evil weapon had to have slaughtered a ridiculous number of powerful experts. Just its killing intent felt like it could kill everyone here.

The ground exploded and ripples spread. It slowly floated out of the platform.

As it rose, the pressure grew greater. A black barrier appeared over this s.p.a.ce, and the sun vanished. The world became dark and filled with an air of death.

All the experts’ expressions changed. But only the Corrupt experts became fanatical.

“This saber is a gift bestowed to us by the Corrupt G.o.d! The Corrupt path is about to rise!” Some of the Corrupt experts directly knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

The sinister aura released by the black saber was definitely perfect for the Corrupt path. These Corrupt experts knelt toward it like it was their G.o.d.

“Long Chen, should we go? This aura is very uncomfortable for me,” said Chu Yao. She was slightly pale. As a wood cultivator, she cultivated the Life Dao and was very sensitive to this murderous aura.

“Endure it for now. The conclusion will come quickly.” Long Chen held Chu Yao’s hand and placed himself in front of her, helping her block the head-on aura.

When Long Chen stood in front of her, protecting her, it brought back memories. This was the same back she had seen before. Back in the Phoenix Cry Empire, Long Chen had stood in front of her like this as well to block the wind and rain.

Back then, he had said that he would stand in front of her for a lifetime. Although the two of them had been young and so many years had pa.s.sed, their promise toward each other had been firmly recorded in their hearts. Even if the stars were to change orbits, their hearts wouldn’t change.

Chu Yao unconsciously held Long Chen’s waist, pressing her face against his solid back, hearing his powerful heartbeat.

In that instant, she felt completely content. She even forgot about that terrifying aura. Laying against Long Chen, her expression was completely peaceful.

Long Chen was completely focused on the black saber and didn’t notice the change in Chu Yao’s mood. At this time, the saber finally escaped the stone platform.

When the saber was fully revealed, a terrifying ripple spread, blowing apart the surrounding mountains and unleas.h.i.+ng a storm of sand and dust.

“Hahaha, I’ve finally escaped! Yun Shang, you d.a.m.n human Sovereign. In the end, you’re dead, but I’m still living! I’m the real winner!” A voice came from the black saber.

“Yun Shang? The first generation Sovereign after the battle of the immortal era?” cried Chu Yao in shock.

Long Chen was startled. He had only ever heard of Sovereigns. He didn’t know any of their names, or how many generations of them there had been.

Seeing his confusion, Chu Yao transmitted spiritually to Long Chen, “After the battle of the immortal era, no more G.o.ds and immortals appeared. Sovereigns stood at the peak of this world and were the closest existences to G.o.ds and immortals. Each Sovereign led their era, and they were unequaled, the strongest experts of this world. The world only allows one Sovereign to exist at any time, and it is only after one era ends that the next Sovereign can rise. In all of history, a total of five Sovereigns appeared. After the final Sovereign appeared, it has been tens of thousands of years without a new Sovereign. My master said it’s likely the Martial Heaven Continent no longer has enough karmic luck to give birth to another Sovereign. As for the Yun Shang the saber just mentioned, he’s the first peerless expert of the Martial Heaven Continent, Sovereign Yun Shang.”

She then added, “It’s strange. If it’s been sealed the entire time, how does it know Sovereign Yun Shang is gone?”

“Naturally someone must have told it.” Long Chen pointed at the distant Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan.

“Senior, you promised me that as long as I helped you escape, you would become the protective divine item of the Golden Peng race. Now I’d like to ask you to kill those two people!” Peng Wansheng suddenly opened his mouth, pointing at Long Chen and Chu Yao.

Chu Yao’s expression changed, and she was just about to form a hand seal when Long Chen comforted her, “Don’t worry. We can just keep on watching.”

“Little brat, you think you can order me around?!” The black saber suddenly let out a cry.

Peng Wansheng vomited a mouthful of blood, flames raging in his eyes. He had clearly been tricked.

A cold smile appeared on Long Chen’s face. Although he didn’t know exactly what was happening, just looking at Peng Wansheng’s ugly expression told Long Chen that the black saber had scammed Peng Wansheng.

That idiot had trusted the black saber and arranged for everyone to offer up their essence blood to undo its seal.

However, having been released, the black saber seemed to have forgotten about all of that. It completely ignored Peng Wansheng.


The inscriptions on the black saber began to s.h.i.+ne, and now Long Chen finally got a look at its complete form. It was a long saber, longer than he was tall.

There was an image of two dragons on the blade. The dragons looked like they were alive, and their appearance was similar to a true dragon. A powerful dragon might come from it.

“This saber is related to true dragons?” Long Chen’s heart shook.

At this moment, the black saber suddenly pointed at him and said, “Little fellow, you possess true dragon essence blood? Good, I didn’t expect to have such a delicious feast on the same day I break out of my seal.”

That voice was fiendish and sinister, invoking an image of a demon sticking out its snake-like tongue and licking its own fangs.

Everyone stared at Long Chen, smiling at his misfortune. They all knew he was doomed.

Chu Yao also tensed. That black saber was too terrifying. It was an existence that had fought on the same battlefield as a Sovereign. It definitely had enough power to kill Long Chen with just a thought.

“Are you an idiot? You want to come at me? Fine, come. Come and show me how you eat this feast. Be careful of breaking your teeth,” said Long Chen disdainfully.

Everyone jumped in fright. Had Long Chen gone mad?

“Arrogant brat, die!” Black qi burst out of the saber, and it shot at Long Chen.

But suddenly, the saber came to a sudden stop. It continued to quiver in the air.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How! How is this possible?!” roared the saber.

At some unknown point in time, a single red dot had appeared above the saber.

It was a drop of blood. It looked scarlet at first, but careful examination revealed rainbow light flowing within it.

Although it was just a single drop of blood, as soon as it appeared, divine chains sealed the entire world.

A single drop of blood suppressed heaven and earth. Everyone felt an unprecedented power.

This power wasn’t domineering. Instead, it was n.o.ble and holy, a power that made others want to kneel in respect. In front of this drop of blood, no one could be arrogant. They would be humbled no matter how strong they were.

“The Sovereign blood finally appeared.” Long Chen stared at the drop of blood

The reason he was so calm was because he had sensed this aura from the start. Back on Devil Spirit Mountain, he had witnessed the Sovereign Blood Seal.

His memory of the Sovereign Blood Seal was imprinted in his soul, and it was because he sensed that Sovereign blood here that he had known this matter wasn’t so simple. The only thing that made him curious was that not only had Chu Yao not sensed the Sovereign blood, but Sha Guangyan and Peng Wanshang had also failed to sense it.

If it was just them, then fine. But what about the saber? Hadn’t it once fought against a Sovereign? How could it not sense it?

“Yun Shang, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Are you planning on sealing me forever?!” roared the saber.

Black qi exploded out of the saber, transforming into huge black dragons that roared at the sky.

Its roar shook everyone’s eardrums, and the weaker ones had to cover their ears tightly to try and resist the pain.

A total of eighteen huge dragons soared out of the saber, unleas.h.i.+ng such pressure that no one could breathe. They were not even qualified to touch existences on that level.

Yet shockingly, these huge dragons were blown apart when they touched the chains. They vanished into smoke.


Everyone, including Long Chen, was shocked. This kind of terrifying attack was unable to even rattle a single drop of blood? How? Was this what it meant to be a Sovereign?

“All Life Offers Sacrifice!” The black saber suddenly roared again, and all the experts’ expressions changed.

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