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Chapter 1802: Danger Zone – Yin Yang World

“Good fortune?”

Long Chen was surprised . There were more benefits beyond just the paragon art inheritance?

“Yes, good fortune . Just yesterday, a manifestation of immortal mist appeared in the northern part of the Central Xuan Region, where the Yin Yang World is . That’s a sign that the Yin Yang World is about to open,” said Yan Nantian .

“What’s the Yin Yang World? I feel like I’ve heard of it,” asked Long Chen .

Yan Nantian explained, “It is one of the seven great danger zones . However, back in the ancient era, there were only four danger zones: Devil Spirit Mountain, the Yin Yang World, the Ancient Battlefield, and the Corrupt G.o.d Cemetery . As for the Heaven Devouring Forest, the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, and the Resentful Death City, people later added them to the danger zones because they felt that they were very terrifying . The Heaven Devouring Forest is gone now, and Resentful Death City isn’t a place outsiders can enter . As for the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, it is dangerous, but as long as you don’t provoke the truly terrifying existences within it, it’s still quite safe . However, the four original danger zones are truly forbidden to enter . I heard you’ve already gone to Devil Spirit Mountain and so you’ve seen the Sovereign Blood Seal . The Yin Yang World and the Corrupt G.o.d Cemetery also have Sovereign Blood Seals present . As for the Ancient Battlefield, no one really knows because it’s too dangerous to probe its secrets . The Corrupt G.o.d Cemetery isn’t a place we can go . It hides the Corrupt path’s secrets, and even their own people aren’t allowed in . So ignoring the other danger zones, let us discuss the Yin Yang World…”

The Yin Yang World was actually a very mysterious existence . Its origins were unclear, but rumor was that it was a channel between two worlds, one Yang and one Yin . Due to their influence, there were some terrifying lifeforms inside . There were legends of demonic beasts appearing, precious medicines littering the ground, and priceless treasures for everyone .

Each time a great era came, the world would open . It was said that every generation of Sovereigns had entered the Yin Yang World, and some legends said that the Sovereigns had left behind paragon arts within for those destined for their inheritances .

Some also said that the Yin Yang World was a corner of the Immortal World, and the secret to becoming a G.o.d or immortal lay within . Thus, each time the Yin Yang World appeared, it would draw countless experts .

“Long Chen, you and Lingshan should prepare yourselves . I will send you in, allowing you to get one step ahead in the Yin Yang World and increase your chances of gaining some priceless treasures,” said Yan Nantian .

“Just the two of us?” asked Ye Lingshan .

“Yes . The Yin Yang World is filled with danger . The various powers in this world will send their strongest disciples in right at the start . A fight is inevitable, so if others entered, they would just be sending themselves to their deaths,” said Yan Nantian .

Ye Lingshan was startled by this . In the entire Martial Heaven Alliance, only she and Long Chen were qualified to enter? Just how terrifying was this Yin Yang World?

“Then can I tell my brothers about this? I think that my brothers are all qualified to enter,” said Long Chen .

“Of course you can . However, they will need to wait until the Yin Yang World fully opens before they can enter . Other than that, you should think it through . You have many enemies, and if they can’t kill you, they’ll naturally target the people around you,” warned Yan Nantian .

“I understand . However, my brothers are definitely tough . I’m not worried,” said Long Chen confidently .

The current Dragonblood Legion was no longer the old Dragonblood Legion . With Guo Ran and Xia Chen’s armaments, they had reached an even more terrifying level .

“Alright, then I’ll tell Jianying to see them . The two of you, come with me . ”

Yan Nantian waved his hand, and s.p.a.ce trembled fiercely . Long Chen and Ye Lingshan felt their surroundings become illusory .

There was a spatial channel in front of them that was filled with life and death energy . Long Chen felt like he had entered a crack within s.p.a.cetime . Under Yan Nantian’s lead, the three of them quickly flew through the channel .

Suddenly, s.p.a.cetime split apart and Long Chen saw a new scene . There were a pile of mountains ahead, but they were shrouded in mist . Spiritual qi was so dense that it was like a wonderland .

However, these mountains looked both far and close . Sometimes they were clear, and sometimes they were hazy . It was like they were fading in and out of reality .

Before the mountains was a giant gate . This gate was also not entirely real . It was constantly shuddering, and a powerful divine might was coming out of it .

Seeing this gate, Long Chen’s heart shook . He sensed a familiar aura from this gate .

“This is… a Sovereign seal?” asked Long Chen .

“Correct . This gate was left behind by the third generation Sovereign, Mo Li . It is here to suppress the lifeforms within so that they cannot come out,” said Yan Nantian .

When Yan Nantian mentioned Sovereign Mo Li, he was filled with respect . Sovereigns were supreme existences . No matter how high a person’s cultivation base grew or how strong they became, people still had to feel great respect and grat.i.tude toward the Sovereigns . Their position might even be higher than G.o.ds .

Because Long Chen had been in contact with the Sovereign Blood Seal in Devil Spirit Mountain as well as Evilmoon’s seal, he immediately recognized the aura of a Sovereign .

When it came to the Sovereigns, everyone that Long Chen had encountered would be filled with reverence toward them no matter how great their seniority was or how arrogant they were . That made Long Chen sigh emotionally . Sovereigns were the true experts .

Long Chen was about to ask what generation the Devil Spirit Mountain’s Sovereign was when he suddenly noticed that quite a few people were already waiting in front of the gate .

Yan Nantian, Long Chen, and Ye Lingshan drew quite a bit of attention when they arrived . These people’s gazes concentrated on Long Chen . They were staring daggers at him .

Long Chen sighed inside . It seemed his bad luck was flaring again .

The first person that drew his attention was an extremely large man with a curly beard . This person’s neck and head had scales, and his beard was actually growing out of the scales .

His pupils were vertical like those of a viper . Just being looked at by him would make a person get gooseb.u.mps . His gaze was so terrifying that it was enough to almost make a person’s soul flee in terror .

He was sitting on the ground, but he was still taller than a normal person who was standing . There was no aura coming from him, but the s.p.a.ce around him was constantly twisting . It was unknown what power he possessed that was causing this spatial oddity .

Behind this large man was a white-haired elder . He was sitting in meditation, and no one dared to disturb him . As he breathed, two bursts of flames extended and retracted from his nostrils . A strong smell of fire hung in the air .

This elder was definitely a terrifying Netherpa.s.sage expert . Long Chen could already sense a fatal danger from him . He also recognized his ident.i.ty: a Xuan Beast .

Only the Xuan Beasts could have such powerful physical bodies and such auras .

Other than the large man with his elder, he saw seven other elders from whom he sensed immense pressure . They were clearly also Netherpa.s.sage experts . Each of them had brought one or two young disciples with them whose cultivation bases were at the peak of Soul Transformation . Their auras were extremely powerful, and they were all elites .

These disciples stared coldly at Long Chen . Some of them didn’t even bother to hide their killing intent .

Amongst these young disciples, three were from the Xuan Beasts, five were from the ancient races, and there were also two humans . However, based on their gazes, the two of them were very likely from the ancient family alliance . Their gazes were clearly hostile .

“How unlucky, they’re all enemies . There’s not one friend . f.u.c.k, there’s not even a single neutral person . ” Long Chen was speechless inside . Had he really reached the point where everyone in this world was his enemy?

Ye Lingshan was also a powerful expert in her own right, but being stared at by so many people made her uncomfortable . She sensed a powerful pressure from each of these people . This pressure she felt was around the same level as the pressure Xiang Yunfei had given her . Perhaps all these people were on Xiang Yunfei’s level, or not much weaker .

She naturally tensed up upon seeing so many experts looking their way . However, Long Chen wasn’t the slightest bit tense or even angry in the face of their hostility .

“You should be Long Chen, correct?”

That large sitting man stood up . He was a giant, standing at ten meters tall like an iron tower . He gave off immense pressure .

“Yes, I am . You don’t need to stand to greet me though . ” Long Chen waved his hand, indicating that there was no need to be so polite .

Ye Lingshan was speechless . Just how did Long Chen’s head work? That person was filled with killing intent, so how was he being courteous?

The corners of that large man’s mouth lifted, pulling on the scales on his face . It looked bizarre, but based on human standards, it seemed like a sneer .

“I am True Immortal Jiaoqi . You should know of me . ”

Ye Lingshan was startled . She clearly knew of him . He had gotten into the top ten of the Devil Slaughter Rankings .

This True Immortal Jiaoqi was a descendant of the ancient drake and divine qilin . He possessed two terrifying bloodlines and was incredibly powerful . Anyone who had fought against him was killed . Most terrifying of all, all those enemies that had been slain by him were eaten as well .

It didn’t matter if they were from the human race, the ancient races, or the Xuan Beasts, as long as he defeated them, their ultimate fate was to be eaten by him .

Long Chen nodded with comprehension . “Ah, so you’re that idiot who left me a message on the Devil Slaughter Rankings . Looking at your face, I understand that you must be the result of inbreeding . Tell me, was your father your mother’s cousin?”

Long Chen had just finished speaking when True Immortal Jiaoqi smashed a fist at him . The world rumbled as it went straight for Long Chen’s head .


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