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Chapter 1969: 1969

“I didn’t expect the great Daoist Heavenly Feather to come to my Heavenly Fate Island . I’m sorry I couldn’t personally greet you at the door . ”

s.p.a.ce twisted, and the Unfettered Allseer finally appeared .

When they heard the name Daoist Heavenly Feather, the experts present all jumped . That was a legendary name, an existence that had reached the peak of Netherpa.s.sage at least and might have reached an even higher realm .

Daoist Heavenly Feather was someone that almost no one had ever met . She existed almost exclusively in legend .

However, she was the current master of the Divine Ice Palace . Her ice energy could only be called terrifying . As soon as she arrived, anyone with a cultivation base that had reached a certain level could feel her immense power .

Although they might not have personally seen her before, they could guess her ident.i.ty because only Daoist Heavenly Feather’s ice energy had reached such a state .

In truth, the swirling snow in the air was caused by Ye Zhiqiu’s power . Daoist Heavenly Feather’s ice energy was under her perfect control, so only those that had reached a certain level could sense it .

She was a supreme expert of the senior generation . Even Qu Jianying, the old man, and the others had to stand, and the Unfettered Allseer was forced to come greet her .

“There’s no need to be so formal . I’ve been in my humble home for many years . Now that the great era has come, it just so happened that I wanted to see which great geniuses are rising . I also get to exercise these old bones of mine . Otherwise, I might start getting rusty . ” Daoist Heavenly Feather smiled . Her voice was gentle and pleasant, not like Ye Zhiqiu’s icy voice . She had reached a perfect level of control in her energy . Just based on appearance, no one would be able to tell that she was a terrifying ice cultivator .

Although Daoist Heavenly Feather looked young, she was definitely an old monster . Her age was probably much greater than anyone else present .

“Senior is too courteous . May I ask where you wish to sit?” the Unfettered Allseer asked cautiously .

Ye Zhiqiu and Long Chen’s relations.h.i.+p was known to all, while Daoist Heavenly Feather was Ye Zhiqiu’s master . If Daoist Heavenly Feather had come as Long Chen’s reinforcements, to call it troublesome would be an understatement .

Daoist Heavenly Feather smiled slightly . “I’ll just sit here . There’s no need for you to worry about me . Today, I am merely a spectator . ”

Saying that, Daoist Heavenly Feather sat in the neutral camp .

As for Ye Zhiqiu, she bowed to Daoist Heavenly Feather, and in front of everyone’s shocked gazes, walked over to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s side .

“Senior, this…?” The Unfettered Allseer looked at Daoist Heavenly Feather .

“Young people have their own thoughts . I can’t force her . Before joining my palace, I promised her that I would not take away her ident.i.ty as one of the warriors of the Dragonblood Legion . However, don’t worry . While she is fighting as a warrior of the Dragonblood Legion, she is not a disciple of my Divine Ice Palace . In other words, if she dieda at your hands today, I won’t do anything,” said Daoist Heavenly Feather lightly .

Although that was what she said, the Unfettered Allseer was not at ease at all . However, he couldn’t do anything about it .

There were still over two hours before the time that Long Chen had set . More and more experts trickled in . When one particular woman walked in, it once more caused an uproar .

She wore pure white robes, and there was a certain rhythm to her movements that were like music . She was beautiful and elegant, possessing a graceful air .

“It’s the Zither Fairy!”

The Zither Fairy Zi Yan had come . She was more reserved than before she had entered the Yin Yang World . There was a hidden sharpness behind her soft gaze . She seemed to have matured, and even in the face of so many experts, her expression didn’t change .

“I heard that this woman has a romantic relations.h.i.+p with Long Chen . I wonder if it’s true or not?” whispered Mo Nian .

Ye Zhiqiu, who had been sitting with Ye Lingshan, spat out, “Wretch . ”

Ye Lingshan couldn’t hold back a laugh . Even Qu Jianying snickered . No one had expected Ye Zhiqiu to say such a thing . As Mo Nian was speechless, Ye Lingshan said, “You deserve it . Who asked you to constantly try to con Long Chen? Big sister Zhiqiu’s words are entirely correct . ”

Everyone knew about Long Chen’s relations.h.i.+p with Ye Zhiqiu . In the Jiuli secret realm, Ye Zhiqiu had sacrificed herself to protect Long Chen . She had died in front of Long Chen, and he had gone crazy, slaughtering his enemies and making rivers of blood flow . Then when a powerful expert came to take away her corpse, Long Chen was willing to fight to the death to protect her . There were actually many versions of their romance story spread throughout the cultivation world . It was the stuff that romance novels were made of .

For Mo Nian to intentionally sow dissension between Ye Zhiqiu and Long Chen by mentioning this matter was truly wretched . However, for such a word to come from an ice beauty like Ye Zhiqiu tasted very peculiar .

“Zi Yan greets Daoist Heavenly Feather . ”

Zi Yan first bowed toward Daoist Heavenly Feather . Her voice was soft and seemed to be one with the Heavenly Daos, as if her words were echoed by the world .

Daoist Heavenly Feather was pleasantly surprised . “You’ve awakened the voice of the heavens . It seems that another divine emissary is about to be born . The Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither has finally accepted you as a successor . Excellent . ”

Daoist Heavenly Feather’s words puzzled the surrounding experts . What voice of the heavens, what divine emissary? It seemed that she was talking about some secret .

Zi Yan merely smiled . She then walked over to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s side, or more specifically, toward Ye Zhiqiu .

“Zi Yan greets big sister . ”

Ye Zhiqiu stood and bowed slightly without saying anything .

Last time, when they had been about to be devoured by that curtain of darkness, it had been Zi Yan who had saved them . Ye Zhiqiu thought about thanking her now, but she knew that Zi Yan belonged to the Illusive Music Immortal Palace . That was a neutral sect, and thanking her here wasn’t too suitable .

For Zi Yan to walk over to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s side caused the expressions of Pill Valley’s side to darken .

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Di Feng clenched his fists, and a vein jumped on his forehead . He was jealous .

What was so attractive about Long Chen that he had managed to seduce so many heavenly fairies?

True Immortal Jiaoqi, Huo Lieyun, and the others were all jealous . Zi Yan’s status was just that high . She could look down on any one of them . Why was she so focused on Long Chen?

Zi Yan’s Music Dao was a cultivation method that could bring her closer to the Heavenly Daos . If she used her Music Dao to help others comprehend the Dao, they would be able to cultivate faster and easier .

Just how many heavenly geniuses longed to dual cultivate with Zi Yan? They would probably ascend to the heavens if their dreams came true .

However, Zi Yan didn’t give any of them a second glance . The only one she cared about was Long Chen . Long Chen had harmed her several times, even raising his blade against her, but she still wasn’t able to forget him .

Just what did she mean when she called Ye Zhiqiu big sister? Was she joining her? Were they sharing a husband? Where was the heaven’ justice?

“Hey, h.e.l.lo, I’m Mo Nian, Long Chen’s good brother we’ve actually met-” Mo Nian also stood .

“h.e.l.lo . I can’t stay here for long . After greeting my big sister, I have to leave . Sorry, please forgive me . ”

Zi Yan respectfully said h.e.l.lo to Mo Nian before leaving, going to the neutral camp and finding a place for herself to sit .

“What the f.u.c.k? I’m only given this little face?” Mo Nian was speechless .

Ye Zhiqiu sat back down and was curious inside . Just now, Zi Yan had sent her a spiritual message . “We are both successors of the Martial Heaven Continent’s fate . ”

She didn’t know what that was supposed to mean, but it seemed that at the very least, they wouldn’t be enemies in the future .

She looked toward her master, confused . Daoist Heavenly Feather sent her a message . “She is correct . She has already taken that step, but you have not . ”

Ye Zhiqiu’s heart shook . She seemed to have understood something .

Suddenly, immense pressure crashed down from the sky . One figure after another appeared .

Yu Xiaoyun had come along with the other supreme leaders . The Corrupt path’s Xie Wentian, the ancient family alliance’s Di Long, the Xuan Beasts’ Peng Wanli, the Bloodkill Hall’s Zhong Ziyang, and the ancient races’ Long Juncang were all with him .

Each of them was a powerful figure in their own right . Adding on the master of Heavenly Fate Island, the Unfettered Allseer, all the leaders who had gone to the headquarters of the Martial Heaven Alliance to force Qu Jianying to expel Long Chen had come .

“Greetings, Daoist Heavenly Feather . ” Yu Xiaoyun and the others cupped their fists toward Daoist Heavenly Feather . After all, her seniority was just too high . Even they didn’t dare to be arrogant in front of her .

Daoist Heavenly Feather nodded slightly toward them, not saying anything . She had already said that she was just here to watch and had no intention of upstaging anything .

“Haha, how lively . So many of our clients are here . Our Huayun Sect has also come to watch . We wouldn’t be locked outside, would we?” Just at this moment, two people walked in . They were the a.s.sistant sect master of the Huayun Sect, Hua Mingxiong, and Zheng Wenlong .

This time, Ma Ruyun, the sect master, hadn’t come . However, Hua Mingxiong was enough because the majority of the Huayun Sect’s businesses were handled by him .

“Of course we wouldn’t . We welcome you . It just so happens you can bear witness to how Long Chen dies . If you miss this chance, it would truly be a pity,” sneered Yu Xiaoyun .

Hua Mingxiong smiled . He was about to speak when a disdainful voice rang out from the distance, causing everyone’s hearts to shake .

“How I die isn’t something you’ll get to see . However, there’s a good chance that I’ll be letting you rest in peace today . ”


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