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Chapter 2502 The Power of a Heaven-Seizer


With one fist, dozens of stalagmites crumbled. Long Chen had fully recovered.

Just as he smashed the closest stalagmites, the surrounding ones collapsed on him like a mountain, swallowing him whole.

It was like he was caught in countless stone mountains that had linked into a formation. As soon as he tried to charge through, they changed shape quickly, preventing him from escaping.

There was now a giant stone sphere trapping Long Chen. It was rapidly compressing him.

This wide-range attack was capable of trapping and killing. Its range made it practically impossible to dodge. However…


Just as the stone sphere was rapidly compressing, it suddenly exploded. A dragon roar rang out as Long Chen appeared within its shattered remnants.

Long Chen kicked one of the broken fragments at Dongfang Yuyang, sending it at him like a shooting star.

Dongfang Yuyang snorted and extended a hand. The stone stopped, and like a magnet, it drew all the fragments back toward it.

Just at that moment, Long Chen was already charging over. Dongfang Yuyang sent the giant stone sphere back at Long Chen.


Long Chen smashed straight through the stone and threw a fist at Dongfang Yuyang.

This caught Dongfang Yuyang off guard. He had expected this attack to force Long Chen back and had been in the midst of preparing another attack.

However, Long Chen pa.s.sed through the stone like it was tofu, and that made Dongfang Yuyang hastily give up on his hand seals. Stone gloves appeared on his hands, and a pair of feathered wings manifested on his back.


Long Chen’s fist landed right on Dongfang Yuyang’s arms. As a result, the stone armor protecting him instantly shattered, and he flew back. His wings shook as they dissipated Long Chen’s attack power. He was already far into the distance before managing to shake off Long Chen’s attack.

“The Peng race’s wings.” Mo Nian’s heart shook. Heaven-Seizers were truly bizarre existences. He was even able to take the inherited divine abilities of divine races.

Dongfang Yuyang clenched his fists. Sharp pain came from his arms. Although the stone armor had protected him, and his Peng wings had helped dissipate some of the power, the bones in his arms had cracked.

Dongfang Yuyang was startled by Long Chen’s power. He had endured all this time and stealthily stolen the manifestations of s.h.i.+ Lingfeng and Kun Pengzi. He had fused them perfectly and thought that he would be able to easily crush Long Chen.

He had not expected that even as his power rose crazily, Long Chen’s power would also have followed.

“This is the power of the Stone Emperor? How disappointing. I don’t know if the Stone Emperor himself was always so weak, or if you only inherited a hair of his power. Did you think this bit of power would be enough to carry out your vendetta against me? Aren’t you too naive? Your stone energy is lacking by more than just a bit compared to Zhao Ritian’s metal energy. If this is all you have, I’m afraid you’re going to die here,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Long Chen, don’t get! This is just the start, a warm-up!” sneered Dongfang Yuyang.

Dongfang Yuyang formed hand seals, and stone giants came out of the ground, attacking Long Chen.

“No, he’s not trying to kill us. He’s stalling. Mo Nian, what’s going on?” Long Chen suddenly sensed something off.

These stone giants might be powerful, but they were unable to cause him any fatal injuries. Dongfang Yuyang should be well aware of this by now.

“I don’t know either. I only got out one step before you. As soon as I came out, I encountered these two guarding this place. Dongfang Yuyang’s sneak attack injured me. Before I could land a blow back, you arrived,” said Mo Nian.

“You didn’t see Yun Tian and the others?” asked Long Chen, his heart sinking.


“Then that’s bad. Yun Tian is in danger. Zhao Ritian, Feng Fei, Yu Qingxuan, and Ye Ming are definitely after him,” said Long Chen.

“Just who is Yun Tian? Why do they want him dead?” asked Mo Nian. He had been holding back this question for a long time now.

“He is Sovereign Yun Shang’s son. He is a true Sovereign sprout,” said Long Chen. There was no longer any need to keep this a secret. Yun Tian’s ident.i.ty would quickly be exposed.

“So that’s why!” Mo Nian suddenly realized why. Zhao Ritian and Feng Fei were Sovereign sprouts, while Yun Tian was a Sovereign’s son. He definitely had a high chance of becoming a Sovereign in the future.

There could only be one Sovereign born on the Martial Heaven Continent in any generation. If Yun Tian became a Sovereign, they would never have a chance. So they were targeting him.

“Prepare yourself. Make sure to follow me. We’ll get rid of him right now.” Long Chen sent a message to Mo Nian and began to blast the stone giants apart.

As expected, they weren’t strong enough to stop him. However, after being destroyed, they quickly reformed, being a constant hindrance.

With a cold snort, Long Chen stamped down on the ground. Thunder boomed as he shot out like a bolt of lightning, arriving in front of Dongfang Yuyang in an instant despite the stone giants.

A lightning spear unleashed blinding light as it stabbed toward Dongfang Yuyang.


A blood-colored runic sword appeared in Dongfang Yuyang’s hand. This sword contained Di Feng’s aura in it, so this was an attack containing the Blood Emperor’s power. His sword slashed into the lightning spear, and both weapons exploded.

Dongfang Yuyang once more retreated, however, just at this moment, his expression changed. When the blinding lightning was gone, he found himself within a giant raging flame prison.

Dongfang Yuyang let out a roar, causing two figures within his manifestation to attack at the same time. As he formed hand seals, two rays of divine light shot out of his manifestation.

The flame prison instantly exploded, having yet to grow fully stabilized. Dongfang Yuyang was well aware of how tough Long Chen’s flame prison was, so he shattered it in an instant before it could fully seal him.

As the flame prison exploded, a black saber slashed down like a black river of stars.

Dongfang Yuyang was startled, realizing that the lightning spear was bait to make him think that the flame prison was the killing move, when in reality, the killing move was coming now.

“Split the Heavens 8!”

“Stone Emperor s.h.i.+eld! Peng Void Barrier!”

Lightning wings appeared on Dongfang Yuyang’s back. He rapidly retreated. A thick stone s.h.i.+eld also appeared in front of him like a tortoise sh.e.l.l that was covered with blood-colored runes.

At the same time, he was wrapped by a thick layer of runes. Those runes had the shape of feathers and layered themselves in front of him. In less than a tenth of a blink of an eye, Dongfang Yuyang succeeded in summoning two powerful defenses. It went without saying that his reaction speed was incredible.

Long Chen’s saber fell, slicing through the stone s.h.i.+eld easily as if it was tofu.

A large cut was also made in the feather barrier, and Evilmoon landed on Dongfang Yuyang’s body.

Dongfang Yuyang didn’t even have a chance to take out his divine weapon before Long Chen’s blow created a long cut on his body. His blood sprayed out.

At the same time, a silent arrow struck him in the back of the head and pierced straight through. This was Mo Nian’s fatal killing blow.

However, curiously, while Long Chen managed to get a spray of blood with his saber, Mo Nian’s arrow pa.s.sed through his head without any blood.

Dongfang Yuyang’s wings flapped, and he shot away while crus.h.i.+ng something in his hand.

“Not good.” Long Chen raised his hand, unleas.h.i.+ng a bolt of lightning at Dongfang Yuyang. However, his attack pa.s.sed right through him. Dongfang Yuyang’s body slowly faded.

“f.u.c.k, how did he get away?!” raged Mo Nian. He was extremely unwilling to let Dongfang Yuyang off just like this.

“He’s very difficult to deal with. Although he summoned three Emperors in his manifestation, in reality, he was only able to fully control the power of the Stone Emperor and the Peng Emperor. He only just absorbed the energy of the Blood Emperor and has yet to fully merge with it. He’s only able to control a fraction of its power. Just now, he used a bit of the Blood Emperor’s ability to escape us,” said Long Chen.

Although he greatly detested Dongfang Yuyang, he had no choice but to admit that a Heaven-Seizer was truly difficult to deal with. This ability to steal other people’s inheritances was heaven-defying. How could there be such a person in this world?

Dongfang Yuyang was already powerful, but once he merged with the Blood Emperor’s inheritance, he would be unstoppable.

Perhaps this was why he was no longer worried about being exposed. Perhaps he even had the confidence to ignore the Martial Heaven Continent’s hunt.

“How regretful. Just now, I could have…”

“It’s fine. There won’t be just one chance. He’ll come out again. Let’s go save Yun Tian,” said Long Chen.

“How are we supposed to find him?”

“They probably got off the s.h.i.+p before us. We’ll follow the direction the Ghost s.h.i.+p came from. There definitely should be a trail if so many of them are attacking him.” Long Chen pointed, and the two of them flew off in the direction that the Ghost s.h.i.+p had come from.


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