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Chapter 2535 Also a Sovereign Sprout?

“Long Chen, are you feeling better?” asked Meng Qi concernedly.

“I’m essentially better. There are still some hidden wounds throughout my body that even Ling Xi wasn’t able to deal with, so I’ll probably need to rely on myself to heal those,” said Long Chen.

Ling Xi had helped Long Chen heal the majority of his wounds. But a portion simply would not recover.

According to Ling Xi, those wounds were not wounds within the realm of the Heavenly Daos. They were wounds from another set of laws that did not belong to heaven and earth. She could not do anything for those.

Long Chen could only guess that those wounds were from the Six Star Battle Armor. He hadn’t met the requirements to activate the Six Star Battle Armor but had forcefully done so anyway. This was the backlash.

However, as a nine star heir, this kind of wound shouldn’t be permanent. It should slowly go away over time.

“Zither Fairy, many thanks for your help this time.” Long Chen cupped his fists toward Zi Yan. She had truly saved them.

If it weren’t for her and Dong Mingyu blocking Feng Fei, it was unknown if they could have even won. Even if they did, they definitely would have taken heavier losses.

Zi Yan smiled. Her smile was like a pear blossom blooming, gentle and dignified. “I was only standing on the side of righteousness. The Illusive Music Immortal Palace is a protector of the Martial Heaven Continent. We don’t just protect the safety of all life on the continent, we also protect proper convictions.”

“Fortunately, we managed to walk along the same path. I remember back when I was hunted down all over by you,” sighed Long Chen.

Back then, Zi Yan had firmly concluded that he was her devil star and was fated to become a homicidal devil. She had spent all day trying to convert him. At that time, their relations.h.i.+p had been extremely icy, and they had fought multiple times.

At some point, Zi Yan seemed to suddenly change, and even the att.i.tude of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace had changed. Although Long Chen had yet to run into the higher-ups of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace, from Zi Yan’s display, it seemed that they didn’t have any hostility toward him.

“Do you even know how to converse? Why bring up something so ancient that has nothing to do with anything anymore?” Tang Wan-er glared at Long Chen.

Zi Yan was currently getting along quite happily with Meng Qi and the others. Tang Wan-er had even started to view her as being on the same side.

Long Chen awkwardly laughed. He then suddenly noticed that Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang were gone. Before he could ask, Meng Qi said, “The two of them already left. They entrusted you to look after their disciples for now. They can cultivate here while the two of them go in search of their own opportunities.”

There was still quite some time until they could return to the Martial Heaven Continent. Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang wanted to see if they could test their luck.

With the two of them together, their safety was without question. As for their disciples, they didn’t want them to continue taking the risk, so they stayed here.

After such a terrifying battle, cultivators gained a much deeper comprehension into life and death. They could immerse themselves in those gains in preparation for breaking through to the realm above Netherpa.s.sage.

“Big brother Long Chen, I’m going to bring these big sisters to the top of the mother tree to look at our home. Do you want to come?” asked Qi Li.

Qi Li was in charge of receiving guests. She had been preparing to bring Meng Qi and the others to the top of the mother tree, and it just so happened that Long Chen was by himself at that moment, so he came along.

They all walked over to the main trunk of the mother tree. The Luo Spirit race’s warriors were gone from the ground. But looking up, they could be seen bustling all over the mother tree.

Air streams were rising out of the ground. Without them needing to do anything, they rose through the air.

The closer they got to the mother tree, the more boundless they felt its life energy to be. Long Chen knew that all he had done was help the mother tree’s injuries. It seemed that the mother tree was absorbing the entire Star Field Divine World’s energy for itself.

As they rose through the air, they quickly reached the mother tree’s branches. From here, they could see far into the distance. They could gaze toward the majority of the Star Field Divine World.

“You can see so far from here?” Tang Wan-er exclaimed in delight. They saw various islands and terrifying walls of fractured s.p.a.ce. The further they looked, the greater their sense of awe.

“This place is connected to the mother G.o.d’s spiritual senses, so as long as it is within the range of the mother G.o.d’s Spiritual Strength, you can see it. It is said that when the mother tree was in its peak state, the mother G.o.d’s Spiritual Strength could envelop the entire Star Field Divine World,” explained Qi Li.

“Qi Li, why do you sometimes say the mother tree and sometimes the mother G.o.d? Are there two names?” asked Long Chen. At first, he thought it was just a slip of the tongue.

“The mother tree is the mother tree, the mother G.o.d is the mother G.o.d. They are two ent.i.ties with one body. The mother tree is life, the mother G.o.d is the soul. The mother tree has its own will, while the mother G.o.d is a consciousness that developed from the mother tree’s soul,” said Qi Li.

“Or you can say that I was born from the combined faith energy of the Luo Spirit race. I am the faith of the Luo Spirit race, as well as the one they go to for help.” Ling Xi suddenly appeared beside everyone.

“Mother G.o.d!” exclaimed Qi Li excitedly.

Ling Xi gently rubbed Qi Li’s head. “The mother tree was born at the same time as the Luo Spirit race. Whether the mother tree came first or the Luo Spirit race came first, not even the mother tree knows. But the mother tree and the Luo Spirit race were not the original inhabitants of this place. As for where we came from, the karma is too heavy to explain to you. We would not wish for the Heavenly Daos to lock onto it and unleash heavenly punishment.”

“Can I ask if knowing things that you shouldn’t know results in the Heavenly Daos locking onto you?” asked Tang Wan-er. The existence known as karma had always been a muddled existence to her.

“That depends on what you know. If it is something within the realm of the Heavenly Daos, it will not threaten the Heavenly Daos. To use the laws of your Martial Heaven Continent to explain it, it could be considered a nation with its own perfect laws. As long as you act within those laws, you can do anything you want. However, if what you are doing exceeds the scope of those laws, you will be punished. I am not within the same scope as you, so I will not be affected by karma by explaining things to you. But when you return to the Martial Heaven Continent, the karma will fall on you. It might harm you at that time,” said Ling Xi.

“The executor and the judge are both the Heavenly Daos? Then who controls the Heavenly Daos?” asked Tang Wan-er like a curious child who wanted to get the root.

Ling Xi simply smiled and didn’t speak. Long Chen was the one who said, “What’s important isn’t who controls it. The important thing is that the Heavenly Daos are bigger than us for now. If we want to win, we have to act according to their rules. Unless we can one day overthrow the Heavenly Daos, we have to make sure to stay within their laws. Ling Xi, am I right?”

Ling Xi shook her head. “My apologies, but I cannot answer you. That would be the same thing as telling you the truth and would still invoke karma.”

Alright, so it seemed that this kind of wordplay also wouldn’t work. Long Chen sighed inside. He had thought that going around the topic could get him an answer, but it seemed Ling Xi was quite sensitive to karma.

However, based on her words, it seemed that every world’s Heavenly Daos were different, just like every nation in the secular world.

Within one nation, one action might be against the laws, but it might be fine in another nation. There were different sets of Heavenly Daos. Didn’t that mean that certain cultivation techniques could be limited by different Heavenly Daos? For example… the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art?

Condensing the sixth star forcibly had resulted in a major backlash. But if he had condensed it in the Martial Heaven Continent, would the laws have been different, resulting in no backlash?

“Senior… cough, Ling Xi, have you met other nine star heirs?” asked Long Chen.

“I have.” Ling Xi nodded.

“Can you show me images of them, or maybe scenes of them fighting so I can study?” Long Chen started to grow excited.

“Sorry, but the nine star heirs are not within the scope of the Heavenly Daos. I cannot display them or their cultivation technique. I have seen them, but as time, my memories of them fade away. All I can remember is that I have met them. Not only them, you are the same. As time, my memory will gradually fade until I cannot even remember a name. I will only know that you existed,” said Ling Xi.

“What? Then what about my wives? If we separate for a year or two, will they not remember me?” asked Long Chen, appalled. Meng Qi and the others also jumped. They had never thought of such a thing.

Ling Xi smiled. “That will not happen. You come from the same world, so you won’t be limited like that. Even people from other worlds will not forget you so quickly. However… if you die, not even your name will be remembered by others. People will remember your divine ring and your ident.i.ty as a nine star heir, but that is all. As for why that is, in truth, neither I nor the mother tree knows.”

Meng Qi and the others looked at Long Chen in shock. Just what kind of existence was a nine star heir that it only allowed others to remember his status, but nothing about his history?

They suddenly thought of the Sovereigns. Weren’t the Sovereigns the same? People only remembered their names and that they had saved the continent. But as for what they had actually done, nothing was remembered.

“Long Chen, are you also a Sovereign sprout?” Meng Qi and the others came to a shocking conclusion.


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