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Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Beast Image Merges With the Body


A golden saber heavily slashed onto Jiang Yifan’s spear, releasing a heaven-shaking explosion .

The ground shattered, and dust filled the air . A figure flew back, tumbling across the ground, only stabilizing hundreds of meters away .

When they saw that figure, the thirty-sixth monastery’s disciples’ jaws dropped to the ground .

That miserable figure was the one who had just used the Beast Merging Art, the one whose combat strength had just explosively grown, Jiang Yifan!

Jiang Yifan was also completely shocked . He was staring at a figure that was slowly walking out of the dust .

As that figure grew clearer, people managed to see a large golden saber resting on Long Chen’s shoulder . Long Chen appeared disdainful, his arrogant will spreading out in all directions .

All the thirty-sixth monastery’s disciples swallowed a mouthful of saliva . They were practically unable to believe their own eyes .

As for Tu Fang, he wasn’t that shocked . He was extremely clear about Long Chen’s strength . That previous lightning spear was just a warm-up .

Now that he had used Devil Decapitator, it meant his warm-up had ended . This was the true fight .

“Boss is mighty and domineering!” Guo Ran raised his fists, looking at Long Chen wors.h.i.+pfully . In his heart, Long Chen was an undefeatable G.o.d of war .

Each time he saw Long Chen attack, he felt his blood boiling, and he would feel a desire to slaughter all his enemies .

“You really disappoint me . Previously you acted so strong and mighty for so long, farting your nonsense all day, but you only have this little ability? Just this is enough to become a Chosen? Don’t tell me that your Chosen position was bought, and not earned?” said Long Chen disdainfully .

The reason he hadn’t used his full strength before was that he was wary, as this was his first time fighting alone against a Chosen . He had to careful, as he couldn’t lose .

He had been hoping to figure out his opponent’s abilities and skills through battling in order to find a good opportunity to strike . That would give him the steadiest chance of victory .

But then he realized this fellow really was an idiot . He had almost no combat experience . All he knew how to do was to blindly strike .

Just now he had even said he was only using a portion of his strength . Long Chen had thought he had something to back up his words, but as a result, he had struck out with his saber so hard that he had sent him flying . Now Long Chen felt as if he had been humiliated .

If he had known this idiot was so weak, why would he have fought so carefully? He would have killed him with just a few strokes of his saber .

At the same time, Long Chen realized that these so-called Chosen also had large differences between them . Not all of them were on the same level as Mo Nian and Yin Luo .

“Impossible, how are you so strong?!” Jiang Yifan couldn’t help being shocked and angered .

“Does your face hurt?”

“You!” Jiang Yifan’s shock was instantly overwhelmed by his fury, and his staff once more smashed into Long Chen .

“Scram . ” Long Chen swung out Devil Decapitator in a profound arc that smashed into Jiang Yifan’s staff .

A huge, irresistible force smashed into Jiang Yifan, and he was sent tumbling . This time he flew back for over a mile, landing with a mouthful of dirt .


“Just what kind of monster is this Long Chen?!”

The thirty-sixth monastery’s disciples finally couldn’t hold back from exclaiming in disbelief . Long Chen was too abnormal .

Luo Bing was also looking at Long Chen with shock . But the instant she clearly saw his saber, she finally realized Long Chen was incredibly physically powerful . She was able to tell that his saber was definitely shockingly heavy .

Most importantly, Long Chen’s thin figure had tricked all of them . No one would have expected such a thin body to possess such terrifying strength . He was practically a Magical Beast in human form .

Jiang Yifan cut a ditch into the ground, his face like an iron plow . As soon as got up, he realized his mouth was full, and he spat out a mouthful of dirt . After spitting out the dirt, he could still taste blood . He turned to glare at Long Chen .

At this moment, Long Chen looked at him ‘with great concern’ . “Does your face hurt?”

Jiang Yifan slowly stood up and pointed at Long Chen . “I admit that I underestimated you . But if you think that you’ll be able to survive this day, then you are incredibly wrong . Congratulations on infuriating me . I’ve decided I’ll tear your body apart piece by piece . Not only that, I’ll also investigate your family, hehe…”

Long Chen narrowed his eyes . This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was actually trying to use his family to threaten him . Furthermore, Long Chen could sense this b.a.s.t.a.r.d really was narrow-minded and would actually do something like that .

Long Chen couldn’t help sighing . The heavens really were blind to allow such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d to become a Chosen .

“Looks like I can’t let you leave here alive . ” Long Chen icily looked at him, slowly walking over .

The entire martial stage had already exploded, and a huge crater had formed for miles . There were no longer any boundaries to speak of .

“Hahaha, you want to kill me? Are you trying to make me laugh myself to death? I’ll let you see a divine technique that you wouldn’t be able to comprehend even if you tried for a thousand years!”

Jiang Yifan crazily laughed, and he bit down on his finger . He rubbed that blood atop the image on his forehead, and then formed an extremely complicated hand seal .

A loud rumbling rang out and the s.p.a.ce behind Jiang Yifan became unsteady, looking as if it might explode . An extremely savage aura shot out .

Long Chen couldn’t help being startled . The s.p.a.ce behind Jiang Yifan was constantly twisting, gradually forming a huge figure .

That figure seemed to be made of black mist and was over thirty meters tall .

The aura coming from it stifled everyone else . Jiang Yifan’s eyes turned blood-colored, looking like the eyes of a fiend .

Jiang Yifan swung out his staff, and s.p.a.ce immediately buzzed . With the support of this illusory figure, his power had completely erupted .

“This is my true form! Little brat, die!” Jiang Yifan roared and charged directly at Long Chen, smas.h.i.+ng his staff down at Long Chen viciously with both hands .

Long Chen blocked with his saber, and yet he still felt a huge impact and was forced back a dozen steps by a terrifying strength .

With each step he took, the ground beneath him was crushed . With just a dozen steps, Long Chen was hundreds of meters away .

“Not bad . Now it’ll be a bit interesting . ” Long Chen shook out his slightly numb hand . Now this seemed more like the power of a Chosen .

“DIE!” Jiang Yifan once more smashed out with his staff . Now that he had the support of this illusory figure, his physical energy had explosively grown .

Their weapons once more collided . But this time there was no loud explosion . Jiang Yifan’s staff seemed to have struck cotton, and all his force had nowhere to go, causing a backlash that made him cough up blood .

Violent Gale Saber really is worthy of being a high Earth cla.s.s Battle Skill . Its extremely exquisite . Now that I’ve used its defensive aspect, it’s time to test its explosive aspect .

“Scram!” Long Chen roared, his voice like thunder . Devil Decapitator suddenly released the power Jiang Yifan had used in his attack in addition to Long Chen’s power as well .

Jiang Yifan suddenly felt an earth-shattering power surge out of Long Chen’s saber . He was horrified to realize that it actually had two portions of power, and he was actually unable to completely block it .

When Luo Bing saw that Jiang Yifan was still unable to do anything even with this trump card, she turned pale . “How is this possible?”

Long Chen’s strength had far surpa.s.sed her expectations . Jiang Yifan was being repeatedly forced back Long Chen .

In truth, in terms of strength, Jiang Yifan surpa.s.sed Long Chen at the moment . Unfortunately, Long Chen had just managed to comprehend some of the profundities of saber arts from the Violent Gale Saber technique .

Jiang Yifan’s power was unable to do anything to Long Chen now . Long Chen’s saber repeatedly slashed out, golden light filling the air . Jiang Yifan could do nothing but retreat .

Under Long Chen’s berserk tempest of attacks, Jiang Yifan felt as if he had nowhere to release his power . Sometimes he would use a powerful attack, only to have Long Chen use some kind of profound technique to disperse its power and actually then return a portion of his own power at him .

“This is the Violent Gale Saber technique!” One of the monastery’s Elders had recognized this Battle Skill . “Long Chen really is a monster . I heard he only just went to the Xuantian pavilion to get a couple Battle Skills . But in this short amount of time, he’s already managed to grasp some of the essence of saber arts . That kind of talent, comprehension skill, and perseverance is terrifying!”

All these Elders were all over sixty years old . After living that long, their vision was extremely sharp .

They immediately saw that Long Chen was relying on his battle experience and skills to fight against Jiang Yifan . It was a different from his previous brute-force style .

Furthermore, Long Chen’s attacks were only becoming sharper as he became more and more familiar with his saber arts . In the end, his attacks flowed completely naturally without the slightest bit of unfamiliarity .

Those Elders couldn’t help sighing . As expected, the new generation surpa.s.sed the old . Long Chen was actually using a Chosen to practice and temper his saber arts .

Thinking back to when they were young and how they had carefully followed every single rule and restriction, they couldn’t help feeling as if they had lived for nothing when comparing themselves to Long Chen .

Even Tang Wan-er and the other more skilled disciples could tell what Long Chen was doing .

It was far too obvious . At the beginning, Long Chen’s saber arts had clearly been too stiff . But as time pa.s.sed, they began to flow easily and smoothly .

Tang Wan-er couldn’t help shaking her head . Even after knowing him for so long, Long Chen was still constantly challenging everyone’s imaginations .

To use a Chosen to experiment, what a luxurious sparring partner! Perhaps in this world, only Long Chen would dare think of doing such a thing .

Luo Bing’s expression was incredibly ugly . Occasionally she would raise her hand slightly before once more bringing it back down . At this time, she was already panicking and had no idea what she should do .

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d Long Chen, you’re really forcing me!”

Jiang Yifan suddenly roared . Clenching his teeth malevolently, he suddenly brought his hands together .

“Beast Image Merges With the Body!”


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