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Chapter 523: 523

“Junior master, is Long Chen a Celestial?”

Once they left the Xuantian Supermonastery, Yin Qing respectfully asked Yin Wushang . Even she, a Xiantian expert, had to be respectful to her family’s number one junior generation .

“He’s not . When he fights, there is no resonance with the Heavenly Daos or manifestation . He’s definitely not a Celestial . ” Yin Wushang shook his head .

“But then how is he so strong? Once he activated the Departed Ghost Devour Art, Han Tianyu had power equal to Xiantian experts, but he was still defeated so miserably . ” Yin Qing couldn’t help feeling slightly worried when she recalled their fight . Long Chen’s potential was too terrifying .

“That part really is odd . He’s not a Celestial, but he has such power . Perhaps it has to do with his Battle Skill .

“That divine ring behind him is extremely bizarre . The opposite rotation of the two colors absorbs spiritual qi for him to use so he won’t run out of energy, and when he activates the divine ring, his strength instantly multiplies by several times . This is my first time seeing such an odd Battle Skill . ” Yin Wushang nodded .

He had no choice but to admit that Long Chen truly was powerful once he activated his divine ring . In comparison, Han Tianyu was far too lacking . Even with the Departed Ghost Devour Art, he still hadn’t been a match for him . In fact, he hadn’t even been able to pose a threat .

“Then what would happen if you fought him?” asked Yin Qing carefully .

“If Long Chen’s power is limited to what he revealed, then I can take his life in three blows . ”

“Junior master really is an unrivaled hero, the glory of our Yin family!” exclaimed Yin Qing fervently .

“However, it’s clear Long Chen didn’t use his full strength . But so what? No matter how strong he is, he definitely can’t last more than ten exchanges with me .

“Hmph, if it weren’t for Shui Wuhen, I would have killed him right there and then . He really is hateful . ” Yin Wushang clenched his teeth . Just thinking of how Long Chen had looked at him made him furious .

“Then what should we do now? We’re just going to leave like this? All we did was end up losing a Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit . ” Yin Qing was a bit distressed about that .

Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruits were extremely precious . The Yin family was only able to produce less than twenty of them a year . Each one of them was invaluable, and she really was unwilling to have sent one to Long Chen just like that .

Most hateful of all, Long Chen had acted like that was their filial duty, and then treated them like beggars asking for food, infuriating them .

“Hmph, that Long Chen really is stupid . That Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit was completely defective . Over ninety percent of its essence had already expired . It’s extremely difficult to refine it into a Meridian Opening Pill .

“And even if he could refine it, at best, it would only be low grade . If it could increase a person’s chance of advancing by ten percent, it would already be impressive . What difference would there be compared to ordinary Meridian Opening Pills?

“As an alchemist, he wasn’t even able to see through that . He really is stupid enough . All those other baits I prepared ended up being useless,” said Yin Wushang disdainfully .

He didn’t know that Long Chen had long since seen through that . However, Long Chen wasn’t using the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit to refine pills, but to plant its seeds .

Although those seeds had already withered and died, with the primal chaos s.p.a.ce, he could revive those seeds . In the future, it wouldn’t only be the Yin family who could produce Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruits . It was unknown whether or not Yin Wushang would end up dying from fury if he learned of this .

“Young master really is brilliant . So what should we do now?” Yin Qing intimately wrapped her arms around Yin Wushang’s elbow with a fawning expression .

Yin Qing looked to be in her thirties, and although that was a bit old in comparison, her figure really was not bad . She had some good looks .

“Let’s wait around for a while and see if there’s a chance to quietly catch Long Chen . I need to know his secrets . Other than that goal, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d really p.i.s.sed me off, and I’ll definitely have to torment him a bit . ” Yin Wushang clenched his teeth .

“Young master, since you have so much fire within you, how about you let big sister Qing release some of it?”

Yin Qing had already wrapped her arms around him from behind, her hands gently rubbing his chest .

She continued, “I know young master has it very hard . Although those few girls in the family aren’t so bad, they still haven’t stepped into the Xiantian realm . Let big sister help you out . ” Yin Qing pressed her body against Yin Wushang, and he immediately began to breathe more hurriedly .

“Young master, don’t hold back . I naturally know I can’t compare to you, and I don’t have any extravagant requests . I just hope that once young master succeeds the family master position, he won’t forget about Yin Qing . ” Yin Qing’s hands became even fiercer .

“Hahaha, good, then I’ll have to thank big sister . ” Yin Wushang suddenly lifted Yin Qing and began to rush into the distance .

“You brat, how are you so brazen? How could you threaten Yin Wushang and even say you’ll exterminate the Yin family? Do you know how powerful the ancient families are? Their inheritance stretches back tens of thousands of years, and even after so many experiences and hards.h.i.+ps, they still haven’t declined . You want to exterminate their family? Why not just say you’ll exterminate the very heavens?!” Within a private room, Shui Wuhen was resentfully rebuking Long Chen .

Just how strong was the Yin family? Even the Xuantian Dao Sect wouldn’t dare to easily say they would exterminate an ancient family . Long Chen really was too brazen .

“Sister, I’m your brother, so you can’t call me brat . That sounds off,” laughed Long Chen .

“Stop being flippant . Ah, why can’t you just not cause trouble . Why on earth would you anger Yin Wushang . Even I wouldn’t dare do such a thing to the Yin family’s junior master,” said Shui Wuhen .

“He’s angry? He actually has the face to be angry? That woman from the Yin family caused so much trouble, causing Lu Fang-er to die, causing us to not know if Ye Zhiqiu is alive or dead, implicating so many of my brothers . What is he so mad about?

“Their ancient family really must be a bunch of spoiled idiots . My words today weren’t to intimidate them . If they dare cause any more trouble for me, I will definitely exterminate the Yin family . It’s not like I don’t have experience,” raged Long Chen .

“Experience…? You mean… the Wind Spirit Pavilion…?” Shui Wuhen looked at him with disbelief .

Long Chen had an urge to slap himself . How did he end up slipping up here? But it was already too late to take it back . “Don’t ask . In any case, I won’t admit to it . ”

Shui Wuhen was completely astonished . The Wind Spirit Pavilion’s disappearance had shaken all the nearby sects, and even she had personally gone over to examine the scene .

When she had seen that everything within a thousand miles of the Wind Spirit Pavilion had been turned into barren land, she had been completely dumbfounded .

The ground still retained a boundless destructive aura that chilled her heart . Ordinary experts weren’t even able to get close to it, or that destructive aura would exterminate their souls .

In fact, when she had seen that, she had felt a burst of fear, because that had happened the day after she had accompanied Long Chen to demand they hand over Meng Qi . Afterwards, she had had her suspicions .

But that extermination of the Wind Spirit Pavilion was simply not something a human could do . The only thing that could cause something like that was heavenly punishment .

But heavenly punishment was only something used to scare people . Whose tribulation would cause such terrifying wreckage? Furthermore, who would undergo tribulation in their own homes? That was just asking for trouble .

This matter had ended up being an unresolved case . The Wind Spirit Pavilion, with its lengthy inheritance, had been exterminated overnight, disappearing from the cultivation world .

Because this matter was related to the Heavenly Daos, many people decided to just drop it after they got a look . They didn’t bring it up again, afraid of being contaminated by karma .

Shui Wuhen hadn’t even connected the Wind Spirit Pavilion’s destruction to Long Chen due to how shocking the scale was . But now that he said this, she suddenly recalled that when she had brought him to the pavilion, he had only been in the Tendon Transformation realm . Then, after an unknown amount of time, he had reached the Bone Forging realm .

Long Chen’s slip of the tongue, made her think of a terrifying possibility, one that made her bewildered . She looked at Long Chen like he was a monster .

“Was it really done by you?” She was filled with disbelief .

“Sister, it couldn’t be that you’d kill me to remove a scourge from the Righteous path, right?” asked Long Chen .

Looking at Long Chen’s wily and slippery expression, Shui Wuhen suddenly chuckled, and then rebuked, “Don’t be so wacky . How is it that you are never serious? You’re like a scoundrel without any air of an expert .

“Ah, aren’t you trying to make things hard on me? How could, a Bone Forging rookie, display the air of an expert in the face of a Sea Expansion expert? I still want to live for a few more years . ” Long Chen shook his head .

There really is no saving this child . Shui Wuhen sighed . When he fought, he was like a divine G.o.d that had descended upon the world, arrogantly looking down on all, and yet normally, he was like a shameless scoundrel, making all kinds of jokes . She even suspected he had a split personality .

She suddenly took out a black stone tablet three meters tall . There were many decorative designs on it, several of which were flower designs .

“Sister, it couldn’t be that you really are planning on crus.h.i.+ng me for the sake of righteousness, right?!” Long Chen couldn’t help being startled upon seeing that huge stone .

“If you’re flippant one more time, then I really will crush you,” rebuked Shui Wuhen . “This is a Celestial Stone, something I just borrowed from my family . I want to test whether or not you are a Celestial .

“Although there’s no resonance with the Heavenly Daos and no manifestation when you fight, there are some legends of variant Celestials that don’t have any obvious manifestations, so I just want to test it . ”

“What’s a Celestial?” Long chen was startled .

“Celestials are… aiya, stop wasting time! Just take the test first . Place your hand on the center of the stone and circulate your energy within the designs,” urged Shui Wuhen expectantly .

Long Chen saw there was a special design specifically for his hand, and placing it on it, his spiritual qi surged out .


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