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Chapter 643: 643

Long Chen’s aura, which had originally been at the sixth Heavenstage of Meridian Opening, began rapidly climbing, and consecutive explosive sounds rang out from his body .


Seventh Heavenstage .


Eighth Heavenstage .

As Long Chen’s aura grew, the five Sea Expansion experts were shocked . Long Chen had actually concealed his true aura .

The Celestials were especially stupefied . Just what kind of monster was Long Chen? In that intense battle just now, he had still been holding back his power .

More explosive sounds came from his body as his aura grew stronger and stronger . It was like a volcano was erupting within his body .

“What a powerful aura! How could someone at Meridian Opening possess such an aura?!”

“Let him do as he pleases . No matter how strong his aura grows, he’ll still be an ant to us . I actually really want to see what kind of trick he has . ”

In the Sea Expansion experts’ eyes, Long Chen was just deliberately trying to be mysterious . This was just a deathbed struggle, the scene they enjoyed seeing the most . Looks of despair were truly amazing .

“Wait, something’s wrong . How are there so many explosions coming from his body?” Gui Zong was the first to realize something was wrong .

According to reason, each advancement would cause an explosive sound from one’s body . But Long Chen had long since surpa.s.sed nine Heavenstages .

Furthermore, with each further advancement past the ninth Heavenstage, his aura would multiply . That simply was not in accordance with common sense .

Finally, a loud rumbling rang out . Everyone’s expressions changed as they looked up to see that black clouds had completely filled the sky .

Due to the battle with the Celestials, the wrath of the heavens had caused the sky to already be filled with black clouds, so no one had noticed the change . Now that they saw the endless tribulation clouds, whether it was the Sea Expansion experts, the Celestials, or the remaining Corrupt experts, their faces all turned purple .

“He… he’s undergoing tribulation!”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he’s bringing us all into his tribulation?!”

“But why is this tribulation so terrifying?!”

The Corrupt experts were completely horrified . How was this lightning tribulation? This was clearly an annihilation tribulation, one that seemed like it could destroy the entire world .

“All disciples gather! Celestials, activate your Cry of the Heavenly Daos! Heavenly tribulation won’t attack people within the Cry of the Heavenly Daos,” ordered one of the Corrupt Sea Expansion experts .

The Celestials hastily activated their manifestations, covering all the disciples within the range of their Heavenly Dao runes .

It was fortunate they had enough Celestials, as there would be no way for one Celestial to envelop all these people .

“What? There was actually such a thing?” Long Chen was startled . Heavenly tribulation wouldn’t attack Celestials?

The five Sea Expansion experts were also within the range of the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, icily looking at Long Chen . “You’re wasting your time . ”

“Is that so?”


Endless lightning arrows suddenly rained down from the sky . Each one of them was a foot thick and three meters long .

Miserable screams rang out . The lightning arrows went straight through the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, killing any Xiantian experts they encountered . Many people’s bodies directly turned to dust .

“What’s going on?! The Heavenly Daos no longer care about Celestials?!” cried one of the Sea Expansion experts in panic .

“This heavenly tribulation is different from other tribulations! It’s ignoring our Heavenly Dao runes . We can still endure, but those ordinary disciples will all die! Long Chen needs to be killed!” cried one of the Celestials .

They were horrified to see that their Heavenly Dao manifestations, which had never failed before, now had no more effect . Heavenly tribulation was part of the Heavenly Daos, and Celestials were the favorites of the heavens . Within their manifestations, they wouldn’t be attacked by heavenly tribulation . This was common knowledge .

But that common knowledge was completely overturned today . This lightning not only ignored their manifestations, but it also easily killed Xiantian experts .

Even the comparatively stronger Corrupt disciples were only able to endure being struck a few times . In the face of heavenly tribulation, all people were terrified .

Long Chen watched these panicking disciples with a cold smile . In order to kill me, the heavens don’t even mind killing their b.a.s.t.a.r.ds .

Originally, Long Chen really had thought that Heavenly Dao runes could resist the heavenly tribulation . He had even been planning on charging into their midst to see what effect that would cause . But now he found his tribulation didn’t show mercy to anyone .


Suddenly, a large hand pa.s.sed through s.p.a.ce and slammed toward Long Chen . This was not a true hand, but it was no different from a solid hand .

This was an attack from a Sea Expansion expert formed from natural energy . Its power was truly immense .

Three stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, and Blooddrinker released a blood-red glow as it slashed at the hand .

“Split the Heavens!”


The huge attack erupted into dazzling light . Heaven and earth lost all their color . Even the lightning arrows in the sky were blown apart .

Long Chen was sent flying back, his arms numb . Blooddrinker had almost blown out of his hand .

“As expected, without the green dragon energy, I’m not a match for these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds . I can’t fight with them head-on . ” Long Chen wiped off a trace of blood from his mouth and retreated .

“What, he actually blocked it?!” The Sea Expansion expert was startled . He had thought Long Chen would definitely die from his attack .

“The heavenly tribulation is getting stronger! Kill him quickly!” Gui Zong’s expression suddenly changed, because he found that the lightning arrows were growing even stronger and more numerous .

It was still no problem for the Celestials, but the ordinary disciples were dying faster and faster .

These were the Corrupt path’s elite disciples . Each one of their deaths caused him pain . If they still didn’t kill Long Chen, then all these disciples would die .

“Elimination Cloud Palm!”

“Overflowing Rain Slas.h.!.+”

The five Sea Expansion experts all attacked, and huge images attacked Long Chen .

Explosions rang out . Long Chen didn’t dare take them head-on . He flashed left and right, doing his best to get away . But the scope of their attacks was too large, and he had no choice but to block a portion of them .

Blocking one attack, Long Chen’s shoulder broke and his entire arm almost shattered, causing him to clench his teeth in pain .

“d.a.m.nit, how miserable . If I could still use the green dragon energy, I could directly kill these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds . ”

Long Chen cursed inside . But the green dragon energy was something he no longer had . He had to rely on himself .

At the same time, Long Chen was woken by an alarm . He couldn’t depend too much on outer force, or it would become a habit . He had to rely on himself .

However, right now, the difference was too great . He had no way to fight Sea Expansion experts head-on .

Originally, his trump card had been Shui Wuhen . But who would have expected the Corrupt path to actually send nine Celestials and five Sea Expansion experts to kill him, a rookie in the Meridian Opening realm? This was absolutely bullying .

“f.u.c.k, how is the power still so weak? Are you going to wait forever?!” Long Chen suddenly cursed at the sky .

He was cursing these d.a.m.n heavens, but the five Sea Expansion experts thought it was a curse at them, and they turned green with rage .

“You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

“If you have any guts, don’t dodge this one!”

“Don’t get caught by this old man, or I’ll definitely make you live a life worse than death!”

The five Sea Expansion experts furiously attacked . Long Chen could only dodge as best as he could, appearing extremely miserable .

Long Chen was so furious he wanted to curse their mothers . He had an urge to explain that he hadn’t been cursing them, but then he felt such an explanation was something even he wouldn’t believe .

Suddenly, the sky rumbled . Countless lightning pythons appeared in the black clouds .


The Sea Expansion experts immediately became flabbergasted . They saw those countless lightning pythons charge straight down upon them .

“Everyone, gather together! Experts on the outside, protect the disciples within!” Their expressions completely changed, and they no longer even bothered with Long Chen anymore . They hurriedly went to protect their disciples .

Before the tribulation, they had been less than forty thousand disciples left . But the lightning arrows decimated them down to twenty thousand .

The five Sea Expansion experts and six Celestials were going all-out to protect these disciples, hoping to help them endure the heavenly tribulation .

As for Long Chen? Long Chen was the main target of the tribulation, and there was no way he could run . They directly ignored him . Saving their people was more important .

These lightning pythons were too terrifying . Each of them was dozens of meters long, and their thunderforce could easily kill Xiantian disciples .

If they didn’t protect them, then other than the Celestials, not one of their disciples would remain .

If eighty thousand disciples were all killed, it would be an extremely terrifying blow to the Eastern Wasteland’s Corrupt path .

The five Sea Expansion experts had been in the midst of helping everyone block these lightning pythons when they looked over at Long Chen, wanting to see how he was handling the tribulation .

After all, this tribulation had already surpa.s.sed the scope of their understanding . Although it wasn’t as strong as their Sea Expansion tribulation, its scope had been hundreds of times greater . Even after living this many years, they had never seen such tribulation . Let alone seeing it, they hadn’t even heard of such a thing .

When they saw Long Chen, they almost coughed up blood . This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was definitely doing this on purpose .


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