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Chapter 780: 780

Long Chen felt piercing pain in his head as though it was about to explode . As for the beast hide and brush in his hands, they both exploded . Strange energy was blocking Long Chen from remembering the diagram, and it also refused to allow Long Chen to record it .

“There’s definitely something wrong here . Whatever this diagram is, its origin must be extraordinary . ” Long Chen held his head in pain . Looking at the diagram, his gaze became even more fiery .

Although he didn’t know what this diagram could be used for, his intuition told him that anything that could be carved at this location was definitely not some random picture . There had to be some secret behind this .

“I must think of some way to get it . ” Long Chen clenched his fists . This kind of mysterious diagram was something he had to obtain . But he couldn’t copy it with a brush or record it with a photographic jade . His memory of it also disappeared in the blink of an eye . What was he supposed to do?

His head was still hurting intensely . He hadn’t yet recovered . And this was him . If it was someone with weaker Spiritual Strength, their soul would probably have instantly dissipated .

“Let’s try it . ”

Long Chen suddenly had a thought . With his gaze on the diagram, his mind entered the primal chaos s.p.a.ce . He gathered a few medicinal ingredients . According to the diagram in front of him, he began to plant their seeds .


Incomparable pain wracked his head while a terrifying kind of energy charged into the primal chaos s.p.a.ce through some unknown means . Long Chen turned pale . If the primal chaos bead was destroyed, he really would be screwed .


Suddenly, the primal chaos bead trembled and an incomparably powerful pressure descended . The encroaching energy was instantly blown apart .

Not only that, but the pain in Long Chen’s head also disappeared . Long Chen was delighted . The primal chaos bead had actually suppressed it . He hastily used seeds to replicate the diagram . Because he was using his Spiritual Strength, he finished replicating it in just an instant .

Suddenly, a heaven-shaking explosion erupted . Long Chen was startled to see that the huge diagram on the corner of the gate actually exploded . A supreme power sent Long Chen flying .

It was with great effort that Long Chen managed to stabilize his body . He saw that the corner of the gate had disappeared . It was like it hadn’t been able to endure the primal chaos bead’s force .

Long Chen’s heart pounded wildly . Just what was the primal chaos bead? Not only had it been able to resist the diagram’s power, but it had even caused it to explode .

Just now, he had been too nervous, but now that he thought back to what had just happened, it seemed as if the primal chaos bead had been provoked and so it had automatically released its own power .

He hastily looked inside the primal chaos s.p.a.ce and saw that everything was calm . That made him relax . The diagram he had made of the seeds was still present .

In order to make it more dependable, Long Chen tried to draw the diagram . This time, everything was normal . No outside force tried to stop him .

Once he had drawn the diagram, he carefully looked at it . It was an irregular octagon . Eight paths converged toward the center, and at the center, there was a small spot . It looked as if eight things were converging at the center .

“Is this an image of a woman’s breast?” Long Chen looked at the dot and was a bit bewildered . But the outer edge was octagonal, not circular, so that probability was low . The main thing was that Long Chen was now too sensitive to this kind of thing after obtaining the blouse before .

He found that even without the diagram in front of him, he could remember it . It was extremely curious .

Putting the diagram away, he decided not to try investigating it further since he couldn’t understand it . He suddenly found that more and more people were appearing where he was .

There were five people here now, and they were all rank two Celestials .

Two of them came from the Corrupt path, while two came from the ancient races . One had a horn on their head and was clearly from the Fullmoon race, while the other had red scales on one arm, so Long Chen didn’t know what race he was from .

There was also another one who was just wearing ordinary human robes . When that person saw Long Chen, he was a bit surprised, but he still amicably nodded toward him .

Obviously, since they were the only two ordinary humans, he wanted to maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with the two ancient race experts and two Corrupt experts .

Long Chen also nodded back to him . Looking at the two Corrupt experts, he hesitated a moment and decided not to attack them . Instead, he continued onward .

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to kill them, but that he didn’t want to fight while others were watching . In any case, he had endless enemies waiting for him . There was no need for him to get anxious just because of two rank two Celestials .

Those two Celestials were clearly a bit nervous . They were tense and on guard as they stared closely at Long Chen .

They only relaxed when they saw Long Chen turn and leave . That caused the Righteous disciple and the two ancient race experts to be startled . They hadn’t expected that they would be so afraid of Long Chen .

What they didn’t know was that Long Chen had already become the pinnacle figure of the Corrupt path’s must-kill list . The Corrupt path had long since sent down orders that rank two Celestials and below were not to attack Long Chen, because there was no chance of them winning .

In order to kill Long Chen, the Corrupt path had sent out two exceedingly powerful figures . So the other Corrupt experts would all retreat in front of Long Chen .

Although the Corrupt experts were famed for their cruelty and viciousness, they followed the higher-ups’ orders without the slightest hesitation .

It could be said that while Long Chen’s fame wasn’t so high in the Righteous path, he had long since become the most dangerous threat to the Corrupt path .

That was because the danger that came from Long Chen didn’t just come from his combat strength . The most dangerous thing about him was his scheming ability . This was something that had started back in the Jiuli secret realm .

The Corrupt path had suffered many times under Long Chen’s hands, and they had lost more geniuses to him than they had in the past hundred years of the Righteous and Corrupt battles .

Furthermore, four of their Foundation Forging experts had been slaughtered . That careless loss had shaken the entire Corrupt path .

At the same time, they finally realized that they had fallen for the Righteous path’s scheming . They linked together the loss in the chaos region with the loss of four Foundation Forging experts . It was too obvious .

In truth, they were wrong . It wasn’t that the Righteous path had tricked them . Nor had they tried to trick them . They really had wanted to cooperate with them to get rid of Long Chen . It was just that the Corrupt path was already infuriated and refused to listen to a word from the Righteous path any longer . No matter who tried to communicate with them, they would all be slaughtered without exception .

Long Chen had used his own efforts to completely destroy any diplomatic ties between the Righteous and Corrupt paths . Even Long Chen hadn’t realized that he had such a great ability .

Following the large, broken path, Long Chen continued forward . Ancient ruins appeared, ruins that were battered and crushed . It was unknown how many years had pa.s.sed for it to be so full of such desolate air . But considering how huge the ruins were, it should be the first place that ancient disciples had stopped to adjust themselves to the Immemorial Path . Perhaps this place had been used to get disciples adapted to the environment .

Pa.s.sing through the ruins, a smooth path appeared before him, but after several miles, the path ahead was severed by an abyss . Long Chen decided to give up on this path and just continue forward .

This place was just the entrance of the Immemorial Path . Other than the gate, he hadn’t found anything of value . If he wanted to understand the Immemorial Path, if he wanted to find opportunities, he would need to go deeper .

“Oh?” An abyss suddenly appeared before Long Chen . But this abyss was different from the one before . It was over a hundred miles long, and s.p.a.ce was constantly twisting . Long Chen sensed great danger from that distorted s.p.a.ce .

He randomly flung in a low grade Enchanted sword . When it struck that distorted s.p.a.ce, it directly exploded .

“I can’t pa.s.s here . I’ll have to go around . ” Long Chen shook his head . Although his physical body was strong, he had no intention of trying to barge through here . He would rather find another path .

The Immemorial Path was like a broken jigsaw puzzle . If he couldn’t advance from ahead, he could just go around . It was just that he didn’t know how far he would have to detour . But even if it was far, it was better than taking this risk .

That was especially true since there was nothing to entice him to take this risk . It was definitely not worth it . Long Chen began to travel along the edge of his current block . He found another spot where the abyss was much narrower and he didn’t feel that sensation of danger .

Long Chen felt like he was traveling through a maze . It was extremely infuriating, but he was also helpless to do anything about it .

After a while, a large mountain range appeared in front of him . It was mostly covered in shrubbery instead of trees, and the land had plenty of small mounds on it that made it look like a cemetery .

“These mounds are placed according to a set pattern . They aren’t natural . Is this place a trial?” Long Chen hastily looked at his map .

As expected, he saw a faint color here . If he hadn’t looked carefully, he wouldn’t have noticed . It seemed the Corrupt path’s disciples were extremely crafty and didn’t want people to notice this spot even if they managed to steal their maps .

The Immemorial Path was huge, and it was unknown how many trials and ancient secrets it was hiding . Some places had been found, but the majority were still secrets waiting for someone to find them .

Even if a trial region had been found, there were only a few people that were capable of finding the secrets within it . This place was filled with unknowns and dangers .

Stepping onto this land, a desolate air of death a.s.saulted him . It was extremely uncomfortable . After just a few steps, he noticed that there were already footprints here .

He followed these footprints to a certain hill where he could see a large cave around thirty meters high . There were two large fangs at its entrance that made it look like a mouth .

There were three large words written above the entrance . They should be immortal characters, but Long Chen didn’t recognize what they meant .

Although he didn’t know the meaning of them, he knew this place should be a trial region . He carefully walked into the cave . Before he could get used to the dark, a sword stabbed toward Long Chen’s back out of nowhere .

Blood splashed!


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