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Chapter 874: 874

Just as Yu Changhao was spinning through the air, he had an extremely bad feeling . He instantly spread his wings and shot forward . At the same time, his golden armor completely covered his body .

Regretfully, Yu Changhao still wasn’t as fast as Long Chen . Long Chen’s broadsword stabbed right into Yu Changhao’s b.u.t.t . The cringing sound of bones breaking rang out .

“AHH!” A heart-rending cry resounded throughout the air . Through that miserable shriek, it was possible for everyone to feel the unbearable pain the person must be going through .

Although Yu Changhao had activated his golden armor to protect himself, he had only just put it on for an instant . It hadn’t been able to fully release its power, and so it had only blocked a portion of Long Chen’s attack .

Long Chen’s attack had stabbed right into Yu Changhao’s tailbone . There was a dense gathering of nerves there .

Yu Changhao was a peak expert . Even if he died, he wouldn’t let out such a miserable shriek . It was too embarra.s.sing . But now he was just in too much pain to hold back . It was instinct .

Following his shriek, everyone felt a chill in their bones . They didn’t have any thoughts of laughing . Instead, they felt profound sympathy for him . These people were all experts, and they were aware of what parts of the body could elicit the most pain . They felt a chill in their own tailbones . All their hair stood on end .

Due to trying to avoid Long Chen’s attack and failing, Yu Changhao shot into the mountain like a cannonball . The ground crumbled as a huge hole appeared .

“It failed? But that’s also good . If this broadsword ended up contaminated with c.r.a.p, it would be irritating to use,” muttered Long Chen to himself .

Suddenly, the ground began to quiver . The ground exploded and a figure soared into the sky . That figure was Yu Changhao .

His eyes were completely red now, looking like they might spit flames . His fury had reached a peak . He even felt like he might explode .

Pain, humiliation, and fury! All those negative emotions resounded within his mind . Just now, he had been in enough pain to want to die . Although his injury had recovered, that pain seemed to linger .

“Heaven Splitting Wings!”

Yu Changhao roared and his wings opened . A vast aura erupted, one that caused the world to shake .

Blinding golden light erupted . A pair of heaven-splitting wings appeared in the sky . Those wings were several miles long and seemed like two flying blades .

But those flying blades were formed of golden runes . Divine light circulated . As soon as those wings appeared, the world became filled with the aura of death .

“Die!” Yu Changhao formed hand seals, controlling the huge wings to attack Long Chen . They slashed toward him, and small black lines appeared in the sky where they pa.s.sed .

“Heavens, the void is being torn apart!” cried people . They finally understood how terrifying Yu Changhao was .

Previously, Yu Changhao had been slapped an unknown number of times in the face by Long Chen . In the end, his b.u.t.t had almost been completely destroyed . His status as a peak expert had greatly fallen in their hearts .

But now that he released this attack, they realized just how terrifying he was . They also admired his restraint . He had held back such a trump card for this moment .

“This attack will determine the victor . It’s one of the Feather race’s inherited divine abilities . Up until now, no one in the same realm had been able to receive this attack . Long Chen’s definitely dead!” said an ancient race expert .

In truth, Yu Changhao hadn’t been planning on using this kind of divine ability to kill Long Chen . This divine ability came at a price . It would exhaust the core runes in his blood .

Right now, he was at the peak of Xiantian . He had to maintain the purity of his blood so that he could advance perfectly to Sea Expansion .

If he used too much of the energy of his core runes because he unleashed such huge moves, it would cause his bloodline quality to drop . If he couldn’t restore it by the time the spiritual qi eruption occurred, he would miss that incredibly rare opportunity . That was unacceptable .

So even though he had been humiliated before, he hadn’t used this move . But now, he was truly unable to suppress his fury . All he wanted to do was kill Long Chen . To kill Long Chen, he didn’t care what he had to do .

Seeing those two huge golden wings slas.h.i.+ng toward him like two divine blades, Long Chen’s hair stood on end . This attack was definitely terrifying . If he wasn’t careful, he could be killed .

Long Chen took a deep breath . Four stars appeared in his eyes, and he raised his broadsword .

A huge sword-image soared into the sky, and it possessed an imposing aura . It was like a G.o.d’s blade that was filled with a will that desired to shatter the world .

“Split the Heavens 2!” Long Chen shouted inside . His broadsword slashed toward the wings .


The two forces crashed together . In that instant, the world seemed to become still . It was silent . But in the next instant, a huge explosive sound erupted . Heaven and earth trembled, and the coffins on the mountain were sent flying .

“Not good!”



Miserable screams rang out along with the sound of bodies exploding . There were too many coffins at the peak of the mountain . They shot out like cannonb.a.l.l.s, and many people were unable to dodge them . They were blown to bits .

Half of this huge mountain collapsed from this attack . Even the formation here hadn’t been able to stop it .

Just as everyone was feeling appalled, a majestic aura erupted . That aura was full of evil .

“Hahahaha! The Corrupt Dragon Bone Claw is mine! Long Chen, hand over your life!”

Xue You had been trying to subdue the Corrupt Dragon Bone Claw this entire time . He now laughed, his voice full of delight . His gaze landed on Long Chen in the air .

At this time, Long Chen and Yu Changhao’s hair was in disarray, and their auras were a bit unsteady . That exchange had been too intense . It had not only exhausted a great deal of their energy, but it had also caused a backlash that had injured them .

Long Chen was shocked . He had underestimated Yu Changhao before . Just now, he had used his strongest move but had still gone even with him . It was obvious that if he had fought him when the Immemorial Path had just opened, he would have been killed .

Now Xue You was holding a three-foot-long bone claw and smiling sinisterly at him . He knew he was about to join in .

“Hahaha, if you want to fight, then come . When have I ever been afraid of anyone?” Long Chen suddenly let out a burst of heaven-shaking laughter .

The Righteous experts, Corrupt experts, and ancient race experts were all shocked . Now two peak experts were about to attack him, but he still didn’t have the slightest intention of running? To fight one versus two against them, he was incredibly domineering .

But there were also quite a few people who thought he was an idiot . He knew how to show off, but showing off now would come at a price . And that would be an extremely miserable price .

“Haha, I’ll let you taste the power of my new weapon!”

Xue You laughed, and the bone claw in his hand shot straight toward Long Chen . On the way, it suddenly grew larger, becoming three hundred meters long .

Long Chen held his broadsword with both hands and slashed it on the bone claw . He also wanted to see just how strong this bone claw was .

BOOM! Long Chen’s attack didn’t even leave a mark on the bone claw .

“How hard!” The bone claw was fine, but Long Chen felt a burst of pain in both of his arms .

The bone claw was stopped by Long Chen . But then it suddenly began to close, wanting to crush Long Chen in its grasp . Its nimbleness was comparable to a human hand, startling Long Chen .

The bone claw snapped shut . But Long Chen had already used the Lightning Body Blink to escape . Although he had escaped, the ear-piercing sound from when the bone claw had snapped shut caused Long Chen to jump in fright . If he had been caught, then even if he didn’t immediately die, his bones would have definitely been crushed .

“Hahaha, Long Chen, let’s see just how you will run today! Once I put you away, I’ll then handle Leng Yueyan . With this Evil Dragon Bone Claw, I don’t need to worry about her!” Xue You was full of excitement . His laughter was also full of confidence .

“Brother Changhao, you don’t need to have any misgivings . This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is extremely slippery . If we’re not careful, he’ll get away . How about we work together to kill him?” asked Xue You .

Xue You knew Yu Changhao was powerful . With him present, Long Chen would find it difficult to flee . Xue You needed a helper like him, as his own speed wasn’t a match for Long Chen’s .

Now he could have Long Chen killed, and furthermore, it would count as cooperating . Perhaps in the future, they would be able to cooperate once more when he handled Leng Yueyan .

Although he had the Evil Dragon Bone Claw, in truth, Xue You was still traumatized by Leng Yueyan . Just the bone claw didn’t give him one hundred percent a.s.surance, and so he wanted to form an alliance with Yu Changhao . Then his confidence would increase a bit .

However, he had no thoughts of subduing Leng Yueyan . In his eyes, Leng Yueyan wasn’t a woman . No, she wasn’t even human . She was a fiend, a fiend that might take his life at any moment .

“Alright, let’s work together to slaughter this brute!” Yu Changhao no longer had any a.s.surance of being able to kill Long Chen now that his strongest move had been blocked by him . He was too powerful, and his chances of killing Long Chen on his own were too low . Cooperating with Xue You was his best option .

“Hahaha, good . All Corrupt experts, listen to my orders! Capture that woman! Once I kill Long Chen, I want to properly enjoy her!”

Xue You’s orders caused the Corrupt experts to smile wretchedly . They took out their weapons and charged toward the distant Yue Xiaoqian .


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