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Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 170: Zhan Nan Tian is here

Zhan Bei Tian paused and looked at the black cross-country vehicle of the “Yuxiong” brand and stepped into the hall.

He heard Zhan Guo Xiong’s pleasant voice coming out of the hall: “How long has it been since you son came to accompany this grandfather and your parents? Why didn’t you come frequently?”

Then a gentle voice sounded: “We have something to do.  I will come back with uncles and aunts to have dinner with grandpa in the evening.”

Zhan Guo Xiong was very happy when he heard that everyone was coming back for dinner. “Okay, I want Old Cai to prepare dinner tonight.”

Cai Yuan, who had just entered the door, laughed and said, “Second Young Master, you are willing to come back to see him at last.”

“Uncle Cai.” Cried the gentleman sitting on the sofa.

“Old Cai, you’re back from exercising. After having breakfast later, you’ll prepare more meals for tonight. We haven’t had a party for a long time.”

“Well, I’ll go and see if the little young master woke up first.” Cai Yuan walked up to the second floor with a laugh.

Zhan Nan Tian looked at Zhan Guo Xiong doubtfully: “Little Young Master?”

Zhan Guo Xiong laughed happily: “It’s your eldest uncle’s son. That kid has a baby all this time. Now that kid is going to be three years old. In the evening, when everyone comes back, we will let them see this kid.”

Zhan Nan Tian looked surprised: “Big cousin has a son?”

“Great Grandpa, h.e.l.lo.” A deep voice fell between them.

Zhan Guo Xiong laughed and said, “Bei Tian, speaking of you, you’re back.”

Zhan Nan Tian looked quickly at the entrance of the hall. When he saw the tall and awesome figure, his gentle smile paused slightly. Then he stood up with a smile and opened his hands and walked towards Zhan Bei Tian. “Brother, long time no see.”

Zhan Bei Tian also spread out his hands, clasped with Zhan Nan Tian on each other’s back and shoulder, to express the intimate greetings between brothers: “Long time no see.”

Quickly he released Zhan Nan Tian and said, “I just got back from exercising. I’m sweating all over. I’ll talk to you when I get dressed.”


Zhan Bei Tian turned and walked up the stairs.

Zhan Nan Tian stood in place until he could not see Zhan Bei Tian’s figure before he went back to the sofa to do a good job and chatted with Zhan Guo Xiong.

Zhan Bei Tian went back to his room and saw Mu Yi Fan still asleep in bed. He walked over and took a picture of him.

Mu Yi Fan slowly woke up, saw Zhan Bei Tian’s instant, immediately embraces Zhan Bei Tian like an octopus: “I don’t want to get up, you must accompany me to sleep for a while again.”

Then he asked a faint sweat, “Did you exercise?”

“Yeah.” Zhan Bei Tian rubbed his hair and said, “Get up, don’t let Grandpa wait too long.”

“But I haven’t exercised in the morning yet.” Mu Yi Fan’s restless hand reached into Zhan Bei Tian’s trousers and said, “How about you accompany me to exercise this morning?”

Zhan Bei Tian hooked his lips, patted the octopus and turned to the bathroom.

Mu Yi Fan laughed happily, jumped up quickly, pulled apart his clothes, ran into the bathroom, and put his hands on the man taking off his clothes and bathing.

Soon, the bathroom was full of spring, and moans and gasps came out of the bathroom with the sound of water.

It took about fifteen minutes for the sound to fade away.

Mu Yi Fan came out of the bathroom in a spring and refreshing way, surrounded by a bath towel, a small sample of a full meal, almost without pulling out a toothpick to pick the teeth.

He took out a suit of laundry from his backpack and put it on.

Zhan Bei Tian, who came out from behind, went to the cupboard to pick up his clothes and said, “Nan Tian is here.”

“What?” Mu Yi Fan quickly pulled up his clothes and asked, “Zhan Nan Tian is back? Shall I go down for breakfast? If he sees me here, maybe he’ll tell your grandpa that I’m a zombie.”

Zhan Bei Tian twisted his eyebrows. “You’re worried that he will tell Grandpa about your zombie, he’s also worried about us telling about his zombie, so don’t worry about that.”

Mu Yi Fan was right when he thought about it.

“Also, my parents and aunts came back for dinner tonight. The child need Liu to meet other relatives in The Zhan Family.”


When Zhan Bei Tian changed his clothes and they left the room together and came downstairs, Zhan Guo Xiong said, “Mu Tian, this is your cousin, please call him uncle.”

Zhan Nan Tian also coaxed, “Mu Tian, come here and let your uncle hold you.”

Mu Qing Tian looked at Zhan Nan Tian and silently turned his head to Zhan Guo Xiong.

Zhan Guo Xiong, who has been with child for a period of time, understands that child’s temperament is bright, and their mouths are sweet. When they see people, they will call them, even if they see soldiers, they will also be sweet and barking uncle.

But today he did not speak out, which made him very worried.

He looked at Cai Yuan and said, “Is the child not feeling well?”

“I don’t think so.” Cai Yuan said uncertainly.

Before, when he dressed his child, they talked to him chirpily. It was not like being ill at all. How could people get sick for as soon as they came to the hall?

Zhan Guo Xiong was not confident: “Find a doctor to check the child.”

At this time, the child in his arms moved a little, got up quickly, and shouted happily to the people who came down the stairs, “Dad.”

Zhan Nan Tian, Zhan Guo Xiong and Cai Yuan looked at the stairway entrance.

Zhan Nan Tian looked incredible when he saw Mu Yi Fan coming downstairs with Zhan Bei Tian.

Quickly, however, the calmness returned, as if there had been no other emotion.

“The child was thinking of his father.” Zhan Guo Xiong smirked good.

Mu Yi Fan looked at Zhan Nan Tian, smiled, walked forward, hugged the child, kissed the child’s face and said, “Did you sleep well last night?”

Mu Qing Tian nodded, covered his stomach and said, “Dad, I’m hungry.”

“Dad?” Zhan Nan Tian couldn’t help being shocked again and asked Zhan Guo Xiong, “Child are not… Isn’t it brother’s son?”

Zhan Guo Xiong explained, “Mu-Mu is the father of the child.”

“Mu-Mu? Daddy?” Zhan Nan Tian heard Zhan Guo Xiong calling Mu Yi Fan intimately. His eyes were a little deep, and there was a feeling that everyone could not understand.

“Mu-Mu is the man of the Mu Family, the eldest brother of Mu Yi Hang, called Mu Yi Fan. Okay, let’s have breakfast first. What can we do after breakfast?” Zhan Guo Xiong doesn’t want to say much because Mu Yi Fan is here.

Zhan Nan Tian took a deep look at Mu Yi Fan and got up to help Zhan Guo Xiong eat in the restaurant.

Mu Yi Fan breathed a sigh of relief.

Judging from Zhan Nan Tian’s performance, he didn’t want to expose that he was a zombie, and he seemed to want to pretend that he didn’t know each other. In that case, he thought he didn’t know him.

Zhan Bei Tian, who had never spoken out, said, “Go to breakfast first.”

During breakfast, Zhan Nan Tian and Zhan Guo Xiong chatted, and from time to time my Mu Yi Fan took a look.

Mu Yi Fan pretended not to see his eyes and chatted casually with Zhan Bei Tian while feeding the child noodles.

After breakfast, he can’t stay in The Zhan Family very often. After all, his relationship with Zhan Bei Tian has not been identified to the Zhan Family, and it’s not convenient for him to stay in The Zhan Family.

When Zhan Bei Tian heard that Mu Yi Fan was leaving, he got up to take him out and handed Mu Yi Fan the car key. “I have something to do today, so I won’t send you back. The car will be driven for you.”

Mu Yi Fan took the key.

When he got to the garage, he took Zhan Bei Tian in his arms, kissed him on the lips, and said, “When you go back to the camp, I’ll go to see you, and you know my status now, it’s not convenient to run to the Zhan Family every day.”

“Tomorrow, I’ll go back to camp, but at night, I’ll come back with Grandpa.”

Mu Yi Fan loosened him and laughed, “Okay, I’ll go to the camp to find you tomorrow, and when I leave, remember to think of me.”


Mu Yi Fan got into the car, rolled down the window, and pointed to Zhan Bei Tian in the face.

Zhan Bei Tian stepped forward and kissed him on the face. “Drive carefully.”

“I will. I’ll preserve my life to exercise with you all my life.”

Mu Yi Fan laughed happily and then started the car and left.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at the departing car and let out a gentle smile. He didn’t return to the hall until he couldn’t see it.

Seeing Zhan Guo Xiong chatting happily with Zhan Nan Tian, his eyes moved slightly, he turned to the kitchen, took advantage of no one in the kitchen, took out a cup, and put the spring water of the spirit spring from the s.p.a.ce in the cup.

Then, walking out of the hall, he handed Zhan Guo Xiong the cup. “Grandpa, it’s time for you to take medicine.”

Cai Yuan beside him took Zhan Guo Xiong’s usual medicine from his pocket, poured out the drug and handed it to Zhan Guo Xiong.

Zhan Guo Xiong took the medicine and wanted to talk more with Zhan Nan Tian. Suddenly, he felt a pain in his stomach. He quickly got up and said, “My stomach is a little uncomfortable. You talk, I’ll go upstairs.”

Cai Yuan was not confident about Zhan Guo Xiong going alone. He got up and went back to his room with Zhan Guo Xiong.

Mu Qing Tian knew that Zhan Bei Tian and Zhan Nan Tian had something to say and went to Zhan Guo Xiong’s room with Cai Yuan.

Finally, only Zhan Bei Tian and Zhan Nan Tian were left alone in the hall.

Number One Zombie 171: Thank you for your concern for me!

Zhan Bei Tian sat opposite Zhan Nan Tian and brewed them two cups of tea before sitting back and saying, “I heard from Grandpa that you went to the mountains to explore before the end of the world and got sick for it. Are you better now?”

Zhan Nan Tian picked up his cup and sipped his tea lightly before he said, “How long ago was it, I’m okay now. I say, elder brother, you are too unkind, and have given birth to a child with other woman outside and you have waited until now to bring the child back to let us meet, right and where is the sister-in-law? “

“I just wanted to tell you about your sister-in-law.” Zhan Bei Tian laid his hands on his legs and looked at Zhan Nan Tian and said, “Your sister-in-law is from the Mu Family. Now, because the two families have been in friction she has been afraid to come to see Grandpa, I want to ask you what happened between you and Mu Yi Hang.”

“Sister-in-law is from the Mu Family?” Zhan Nan Tian was shocked and somewhat incredible: “How could it be from the Mu Family?”

Zhan Bei Tian asked him, “Is it strange that it’s from the Mu Family?”

“No, just… How is it possible to…?” Zhan Nan Tian seemed very unacceptable and tightly twisted his eyebrows.

Then, thinking of something, he said, “Brother, as far as I know, the Mu Family’s people are already married when they reach the age of marriage. The one who can be marriage seem to be very young. How can a sister-in-law be from the Mu Family?”

“Let’s not get into this problem first, I’ll ask you what happened between you and Mu Yi Hang.”

Zhan Nan Tian’s gentle face sank, and his eyes were a little shady: “Brother, you shouldn’t mind my affairs with Mu Yi Hang, and you can’t solve my problems with him even if I talk about them.”

Zhan Bei Tian saw that he was reluctant to say it, and half-stared at him.

Zhan Nan Tian saw Zhan Bei Tian watching him silent, quickly he schooled his gloomy face and restoring his gentleness: “Brother, I just want to solve it by myself. As for the matter of the Young Master, I can only say sorry.”

Zhan Bei Tian looked at him, still silent.

Zhan Nan Tian was not afraid to be looked at by Zhan Bei Tian, and he faced Zhan Bei Tian with a calm face.

At that moment, Cai Yuan rushed downstairs from upstairs and said, “My goodness… Young Master, it’s no good, about the old Master, I do not know what’s going on. He has been suffering from diarrhea all the time since he went upstairs. What’s more, his body is overflowing with a strange black and lacquer dirt. Come up and see what’s going on. Now I’m sending someone to take Dr. w.a.n.g over and check him.”

Zhan Bei Tian got up and ran to the second floor.

Zhan Nan Tian followed.

As soon as they arrived on the second floor, they smelled a foul odor.

“Why is it so stinky here?”

Zhan Bei Tian went into the room and immediately asked Zhan Guo Xiong in the toilet, “Grandpa, are you all right?”

Zhan Guo Xiong in the toilet felt his stomach ache and diarrhea all the time. However, he felt more and more energetic. He returned in a neutral voice: “No problem, I just kept venting all the time. Don’t stay in the room, either. Go out at once.”

In fact, it makes him feel embarra.s.sed that his grandchildren can smell the smelly things he shat.

Zhan Bei Tian heard Zhan Guo Xiong’s loud and powerful voice. He calmed down and opened all the windows in the room.

Half an hour later, Dr. w.a.n.g was brought in by soldiers by the Zhan Family and asked to examine Old Zhan’s body. He found that Old Zhan’s body was even healthier than before.

In order to know more about Zhan Guo Xiong’s health, Dr. w.a.n.g urged Zhan Guo Xiong to go to his small clinic for some examinations.

Just as Zhan Guo Xiong took a car to Dr. w.a.n.g’s clinic, Mu Yi Fan returned to Mu’s Building.

He went up to the 80th floor and the soldier at the elevator door immediately said, “How many days, Admiral Mu asked you to come to his office.”

Mu Yi Fan nodded and came to Mu Yue Cheng’s office.

The door of the office is open. There are six people, Mu Yue Bin, Mu Yue Cheng, Mu Yue Fang and Liu Ling Hong, Li Cai Yu and Zhao Yi Xuan. No one knows what they are talking about. The atmosphere was somewhat dull.

“Dad, are you looking for me?” After Mu Yi Fan entered the door, everyone except Zhao Yi Xuan greeted him one by one.

Mu Yue Cheng lowered his face and said, “Where did you go yesterday? If you don’t come back and don’t know to tell us, you know we’ll be worried about you.

Mu Yue Fang then said, “Yi Fan, I heard the soldier say that you left Zhan Bei Tian with him. Is there such a thing?”

Mu Yi Fan nodded: “Yes.”

“What did he come to you for? You wouldn’t be in trouble, would you?

Mu Yi Fan casually made an excuse: “No, he just took me to meet some friends.”

Mu Yue Fang was relieved: “No, you don’t know how worried we are about the Zhan Family’s troubles.”

At this time, Li Cai Yu noticed that Mu Yi Fan was not accompanied by the child, and quickly asked, “Where is the child?”

Mu Yi Fan thought of excuses before he came back, so when Li Cai Yu asked, he said, “The child is at his mother’s place. I’ll pick him up in a few days.”

Six elders immediately knew that Mu Yi Fan had spent the night at his mother’s house last night.

Men always have to find someone to solve their physiological needs, so they didn’t ask Mu Yi Fan where he stayed last night.

“Yue Cheng, Yi Fan should not have had a good sleep last night. You should let him go back to his room and have a good rest. Don’t let him get tired. Whatever that’s wrong? Wait till he wakes up. “Zhao Yi Xuan suddenly said aloud.

Mu Yi Fan raised his eyebrows.

Why is this ‘mom’ so kind to him all of a sudden? She afraid he’s tired.

Mu Yue Cheng, however, seemed to think of something. He got up and said, “Yi Xuan reminded me of one thing. Yi Fan, you have to wait for a physical examination before you go to sleep. Now you go with me to Dr. Ye to check your body.”

Mu Yi Fan wondered, “Check my body? I’m in good health. Why should I have a physical examination?”

“Are you in good health?” Mu Yue Cheng sneered: “Have you forgotten that you have bone cancer?”

Liu Ling Hong also added: “Yi Fan, your father is thinking for your good and wellbeing, you should listen to him.”

Mu Yi Fan was very embarra.s.sed when others came out to persuade him.

He’s a zombie now, so he can’t go for an examination, which will surely reveal his ident.i.ty as a zombie.

But how can he refuse it?

After all, Mu Yue Cheng was direct. He got up and pulled Mu Yi Fan out of the office. “Go, Second Uncle will accompany you personally for a check-up.”

The other five got up and followed them into the elevator.

“Second Uncle, my…”

Mu Yi Fan is trying to find an excuse not to go, but Mu Yue Cheng interrupted him: “Yi Fan, don’t worry, whatever the outcome, Second Uncle I will try my best to find the best doctor for you to heal you.”

Mu Yue Fang also said aloud, “Third Uncle will also find the best medicine for you.”

Mu Yi Fan was touched by everyone’s concern, and was taken to Dr. Ye in a dazed way.

Mu Yue Cheng pulled Dr. Ye to a side corner. “Dr. Ye, give Yi Fan a check to see if his bone cancer has worsened.”

Zhao Yi Xuan also went up and said, “Yue Cheng, since Yi Fan has come here for examination, take the opportunity to examine the whole body up and down to see if there are any other problems with the body.”

Mu Yue Cheng nodded: “OK.”

Li Cai Yu, who saw Zhao Yi Xuan talking to Dr. Ye, said, “There is a little conscience in Zhao Yi Xuan like she has just remembered that Yi Fan had bone cancer.”

When Mu Yi Fan heard this, he thought something was wrong and immediately asked, “What do you mean, Third Aunt?”

“I was thinking about Zhao Yi Xuan as stepmother behavior, and I’m sure she doesn’t care too much about you, but I don’t know what happened, and last night at dinner, she suddenly mentioned that you had bone cancer, and asked Mu Yue Chen to advise you to have a check-up so as not to delay the best time of diagnosis and treatment. If she hadn’t mentioned it, everyone would not want to give you a check-up. ” Li Cai Yu sighed, “Speaking of it, Yi Fan, don’t blame your father for not remembering it. He has been too busy recently to forget about your bone cancer.”

Mu Yi Fan frowned.

No wonder Zhao Yi Xuan suddenly became so kind to let him go back to his room to rest. She wanted to remind his father to make him do the medical checkup.

What’s more, she wants to check to see if he’s a zombie.

“Yi Fan, come here and Dr. Ye will give you a general examination.” Mu Yue Cheng called.

Mu Yi Fan looked back and went to Dr. Ye. Then, he said to Zhao Yi Xuan, “I just heard what my third aunt said. I just learned that stepmother has always remembered to remind me to care about my body. Thank you for your concern for me.”

When it comes to the word ‘stepmother’, the tone is deliberately heightened.

Zhao Yi Xuan seemed to have not heard the irony in his words and smiled slightly: “Auntie also wishes you well, and this is all for you, you would want for the white haired to send off the black haired do you?”  [1] White haired sending the black haired… the old burying the young generation instead of the young generation…. Like father burying his own child that’s doubly bad

Mu Yue Cheng patted Mu Yi Fan on the shoulder: “Good cooperation while you’re getting that checkup, you know?”

Mu Yi Fan looked at Zhao Yi Xuan and followed Dr. Ye into the medical room.

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