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Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 316: We don’t believe you!

In such a case, the chance of people surviving in the dark air is very small. Mu Yi Fan’s face looked happy, but thinking that Zhan Nan Tian can’t be finished so easily, he quickly put away his smile.

Sure enough, after the black mist dissipated, there was nothing but air.

Is anyone there?

Mu Yi Fan was stunned.

Still, there is no one in the black mist, because they mistakenly think that Zhan Nan Tian was in it.

After the black mist breaks up, it quickly disperse around, and the plants or animals it touches will quickly wither, even corrode, and become a pile of black ash.

Mu Yi Fan quickly used the light power to purify the black mist.

Zhan Bei Tian glanced, didn’t know what to think of, suddenly frowned, and returned to his camp as soon as possible.

They can see that Zhan Nan Tian was rising in the air, wantonly shooting black mist to the people in the camp.

When the survivors in the camp saw that there were senior zombie in the sky, they suddenly became a mess. Especially when they saw that some of the survivors were stained with black mist, they were either scared and suffering or eroded. They were even more scared to the extreme, and they screamed and rushed to the escape way desperately.

Zhan Nan Tian saw everyone’s pain, he was especially excited, and his mouth kept laughing.

As soon as Zhan Bei Tian got there his face turned cold, and released the different s.p.a.ce immediately.

Zhan Nan Tian detected the danger, and quickly hid in the black mist.

He looked at the Zhan Bei Tian not far away and sneered: “It’s so fast for you coming back, you let these survivors escape from you, and you wouldn’t want to send them to the Shui city?”

Zhan Bei Tian doesn’t talk nonsense, but attacked directly.

The first he tried to freeze the whole person with ice power. When Zhan Nan Tian breaks the ice with light power, he attacked him with a powerful s.p.a.ce blade.

If it wasn’t for Zhan Nan Tian’s quick reaction and using black mist to counteract part of the power of the s.p.a.ce blade, otherwise, there would have only been one less zombie left now.

This time, Zhan Bei Tian has no worries. The attack speed and power were faster, fiercer and more powerful than before. It’s just like fighting Zhan Nan Tian and trying to finish him one in one move.

He no longer used different s.p.a.ces frequently, because before he tried to use different s.p.a.ces constant that was because he just wanted to catch people. Now he only used s.p.a.ce blade, the ability of thunder and fire, and the ability of ice to kill Zhan Nan Tian.

Zhan Nan Tian also paid attention to the fact that Zhan Bei Tian was shooting to kill him. He put away the sneer on his face, hostility came all over his whole face, and gave a reply in attacking.

At present, the whole camp was thumping with attacks. From time to time, powerful powers. .h.i.t the ground and blew up a huge pit, scaring the survivors to flee.

Sun Zi Hao and the team speed up and arranged for survivors to leave through tunnel quickly.

When Mu Yi Fan arrived, the camp was in chaos, full of sorrow, black mist everywhere, and huge craters that had been blown out. Many survivors fell into a pool of blood.

With Mao Yu’s lead, the water system powers who first withdrew from the B City healed the survivors.

Mu Yi Fan has also joined the healing team, unleashing powerful light powers, cleansing the black mist and allowing survivors’ wounds to heal faster.

Under the cover of white light, the black mist was purified, and the survivors controlled by the black mist quickly regain consciousness, no longer feeling deep fear, and they quickly got on the car arranged by the soldiers to leave.

The survivors who are not seriously injured can barely stand up and walk towards the car while being cured with the white light.

Even those who had been injured in the first line of defense were treated, and the wound healed faster as the naked eye could see it.

Everyone is surprised and happy, but sad, because white light cannot revive the dead survivors.

Zhan Lei Gang, who helped in the channel, heard the loud noise from the channel, just like thunder. He hurried out to see what happened or if there was anything they needed to help.

When they saw that the person who was fighting with Zhan Bei Tian was Zhan Nan Tian, the Zhan Family’s faces sank.

Especially Zhan Lei Ping, his face was especially very ugly.

After Tian Nan saw Zhan Nan Tian, his gentle eyes flashed the fierce light of anger.

Zhan Nan Tian in the sky seemed to sense the existence of Tian Nan. After avoiding Zhan Bei Tian’s attack, he looked down and saw Tian Nan in the crowd of the Zhan Family people standing in front of the channel.

Zhan Nan Tian’s eyes narrowed and he waved. The dazzling white light shot out of his hand and hit the Zhan Family directly.

The Zhan Family people were shocked and were about to dodge when a figure suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking the laser beam.

After the laser beam hit him, it disappeared as if nothing had happened.

Everyone was stunned.

“It’s the Young Master Mu.” Said a younger boy from the Zhan Family.

Zhan Lei Ping picked up the megaphone and said angrily, “Zhan Nan Tian, if you still recognize me as your father, please stop as soon as possible. Otherwise, our father-child relationship will end here. From now on, you will no longer be the Zhan Family’s person.”

“Lei Ping…”

Zhan Lei Gang looked at Zhan Lei Ping with a complicated face. He did not know how determined he had made to say this. Moreover, as a father, he knew how painful it was for his brother when he said this.

Zhan Nan Tian sneered at his father, but he didn’t attack. Instead, he shouted out anxiously, “Dad, the man with long hair standing behind you is a zombie. Stay away from him. This zombie wave was actually brought by him.”


Everyone was shocked.

With the exception of Zhan Lei Ping and Zhan Lei Gang, everyone else jumped five meters at the fastest speed and got ready. As long as Tian Nan move a finger, they will attack Tian Nan.

Tian Nan saw the Zhan Family’s faces on alert, and there was a flash of emotional hurt in his eyes.

Zhan Lei Ping was awkwardly impatient.

In his intuition, Tian Nan, even a zombie, would not do anything harmful to human beings.

Zhan Lei Gang didn’t move because he believed in his son that if there was something wrong with Tian Nan, he would not put him beside them.

What’s more, now Zhan Nan Tian has become no longer like the Zhan Nan Tian they know. Even if his temperament is repeated faked, sometimes gentle, sometimes gloomy and cruel. His words now have been included in the range of ‘we don’t freaking believe you’.

Zhan Lei Gang raised his hand and motioned to others to put the powers away: “He is a friend of Bei Tian, I believe him.”

As soon as others heard it, they were less wary and slowly put down their powers.

Tian Nan nodded gratefully at him.

When Zhan Nan Tian saw the Zhan Family didn’t attack Tian Nan. His eyes flashed through the dark, and he attacked Tian Nan with light power again.

Mu Yi Fan once again quickly blocked Zhan Nan Tian’s attack, and at the same time, built a defense shield in the camp to avoid such things.

When Zhan Nan Tian saw that his attack was stopped again, he said coldly: “Mu Yi Fan, you are helping human beings now, do you think human beings will appreciate you? When they don’t need you, you will end up like the zombies outside the city, either driven out of the city or they will dig out your crystal core to improve their ability. “

Mu Yi Fan said, “I just need to do my duty and do what I want to do according to my heart. I don’t need them to thank me.”

Zhan Nan Tian saw Mu Yi Fan was against him again and again, and he was no longer too polite to him. He used his power to throw attacks at Mu Yi Fan.

Then, the black and red fire was like waves rushing towards Mu Yi Fan.

Mu Yi Fan saw that there is black mist in the fire, so he tried to use the shield to see if it can block the fire.

After all, black mist has the effect of nullifying powers, so when it encounter a shield, it immediately make the shield invalid.

Mu Yi Fan can only slow down the speed of the mutated fire.

When he saw that the border could not block the mutated fire, he was not stupid enough to stand still, he turned around quickly, and used the light system ability to get rid of the mutated fire.

However, mutated fire is like a tracker. No matter where Mu Yi Fan goes, the mutated fire will go.

What’s more, the things. .h.i.t or touched by the black fire will disappear in the next moment without leaving any trace. It seemed that the fire will devour everything, making people feel particularly terrible.

However, no matter how fast Mu Yi Fan accelerates the speed of light system, he can’t throw off the mutated fire. In a short period of more than ten seconds, the mutated fire engulfed the houses, flowers and trees around the camp.

Zhan Bei Tian seeing, used teleport with Mu Yi Fan to avoid fire.

And used the ice power to freeze the fire, delay its speed, and then use the s.p.a.ce to cover it and press it to the ground.

All of a sudden, the whole ground made a loud bang and shook violently, as if it was going to collapse. The shaking was very severe.

The mud and stones on the top of the pa.s.sage were shaken like rain and kept falling.

The survivors in the cars screamed and hugged each other in fear.

Fortunately, Zhan Bei Tian had arranged for a large group of soil power people to guard in the pa.s.sage, so that the pa.s.sage did not collapse when they used their powers to make sure it held together.

The earthquake did not end with a crash, but rumbled out of the camp.

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