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Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 334: Realization speech power

Zhan Nan Tian saw Mu Yi Fan rushing over towards him, his face shone with a cruel smile on the corner of his mouth, and a fleshy face with only blood and mangled flesh left made the smile particularly ferocious. At the next moment, he waved the devouring force that he had already gathered in the palm of his hand and hit Mu Yi Fan hard.

Mu Yi Fan has a long history of knowing how to defend himself. At the moment of leaving Zhan Bei Tian, he first made a transparent shield with the variant gold power, then condensed the light power on the shield, and finally wrapped the two powers both the light and the gold with the defense barrier to form a shield made of three powers.

And when Zhan Nan Tian’s powers. .h.i.t, Mu Yi Fan shouted: “The power of the attack decreases.”

The power of swallowing power suddenly decreases by two levels, even the speed seemed to be slowing down.

Zhan Nan Tian was stunned. Thinking that Mu Yi Fan had just touched Zhuang Zi Yue’s body, he must have copied Zhuang Zi Yue’s realization speech and the wind power at that time, so his power would be weakened by a word from Mu Yi Fan’s mouth, so Zhan Nan Tian didn’t know if he had copied the power of prophecy and foresight.

His eyes became heavy, he used the devouring power to attack Mu Yi Fan, and these attacks came in quick succession, because he did not want to give Mu Yi Fan a chance to respond.

Mu Yi Fan saw this, and he quickly used the light power to retreat back, at the same time, he gathered the shield again, and then, stop retreating, instead of rushing forward to stop the attack, he released the wind fine blade cleaving to Zhan Nan Tian.

Zhan Nan Tian immediately devoured the wind fine blade with the dark power. At present, it’s hard for them to distinguish the winner and the loser. In the middle of the air, the powers made a loud noise when it hit.

Zhan Bei Tian looked at the two white lights that are hard to give up, furrowed his brow, and thought about what to do next. Suddenly, someone shouts: “Yi Fan.”

Mu Yi Fan heard the voice of Mu Yue Cheng, and left the fight in time, and retreated to Zhan Bei Tian’s side. He saw two people standing at the door of the tomb, one of them was Mu Yue Cheng who called him, and the other was w.a.n.g Bing.

w.a.n.g Bing saw Mu Yi Fan and waved excitedly: “Mommy, Mommy, I have separated.”

“…” Mu Yi Fan looked from w.a.n.g Bing to Mu Yue Cheng and said anxiously, “Dad, how are you here?”

Mu Yue Cheng didn’t seem to hear Mu Yi Fan talking. He went to Zhan Nan Tian and shouted: “Yi Fan.”

When Mu Yi Fan saw Mu Yue Cheng calling Zhan Nan Tian Yi Fan, he was stunned, he opened his lips and said something, but finally he closed his mouth.

Zhan Bei Tian also made no action, he was watching Mu Yue Cheng quietly.

Zhan Nan Tian eyes were on alert for this sudden Mu Yue Cheng.

Mu Yue Cheng saw Zhan Nan Tian’s defensive face. When he was still three meters away, Mu Yue Cheng stopped and said, “When you first told me you were Yi Fan on the phone, I really didn’t believe what you said. After all, you always wanted to kill Yi Hang, and appeared in front of me as someone else, so trying to make me believe that it’s impossible. However, your words deeply touched me as a father, and made me realize how much I ignored the eldest son before, and that I didn’t fulfill my responsibilities as a father.”

Speaking of this, his face revealed sadness and excitement: “However, some time ago, after a long talk with you, I secretly observed you, and your every move and your eyes made me more and more believe that you are my son and my eldest son Mu Yi Fan, because only you clearly know the things between you and me. I’m sorry for you. It’s me your father who ignored you, made you grow up in an unstable environment, and made you suffer a lot of grievances and torments. It’s my fault. “

Mu Yue Cheng’s voice changed from excited to choked. At last, he raised his hand and rubbed the moist corner of his eyes. He continued: “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have been so gloomy, and they wouldn’t have the chance to poison you and inject virus into you. So blame me. If you have any anger or resentment in your heart, revenge them on me I hope this will make up for my previous mistakes. “

Hearing these words, Zhan Nan Tian’s vigilance was much less, but a little more complicated. He lived two lives, and this is the first time saw Mu Yue Cheng face sad and bow his head to admit his mistake.

“At the same time, I hope you can stop this. Don’t hurt people anymore. They haven’t done anything to hurt you. It’s Zhao Yi Xuan and Yi Hang that hurt you. Now they are also punished. They will never appear in front of you again. I’m willing to be punished for what I did wrong before.”

This made Zhan Nan Tian think of the death of Zhao Yi Xuan and Mu Yi Hang, and he scoffed.

On the same day, when he learned that Mu Yi Hang and Zhao Yi Xuan were expelled from the B City, he rushed to the B City and saw Mu Yi Hang being bullied.

When he saw the appearance of Mu Yi Hang’s head, and when Zhao Yi Xuan was insulted, he felt very happy. Later, because he thought that Mu Yi Hang might be useful, he could bear to not kill him and went to save the man.

As for Zhao Yi Xuan, in fact, she didn’t bite her tongue and commit suicide. How could a woman like her who is so greedy for life be able to commit suicide? So he killed Zhao Yi Xuan himself.

At that time, when Zhao Yi Xuan died, he didn’t know how scared she was. Especially after he said why he killed Mu Yi Hang, she was so scared that she was shaking all over.

He used black mist and poured it into Zhao Yi Xuan’s stomach and killed her slowly.

Later, he lied to Mu Yi Hang that Zhao Yi Xuan could not bear to change of status from an Admiral’s wife who could bully anyone to a n.o.body who was bullied herself. She committed suicide under the double blows, which made Mu Yi Hang hate Mu Yi Fan even more. Zhan Nan Tian thought he could also kill Mu Yi Fan by Mu Yi Hang’s hand.

Unfortunately, Mu Yi Hang did not succeed.

Mu Yue Cheng took a step forward and excitedly grabbed Zhan Nan Tian’s b.l.o.o.d.y arm: “Yi Fan, stop fighting, OK?”

On that day, Zhan Nan Tian saw Mu Yue Cheng, the man also persuade him to stop. He quickly put away the complicated emotions and looked at Mu Yue Cheng coldly: “Let me let go of those human beings. Of course, it doesn’t matter whether I kill them or not, but you have to ask these two people…”

He raised his hand and pointed to Zhan Bei Tian and Mu Yi Fan: “Would they likely to let me go? Even if I stopped, they would kill me, so I can’t let them go. Only when they die, can I live in this world safely.”

At present, Mu Yue Cheng was deeply shocked by the hatred in Zhan Nan Tian’s eyes.

“You…” He looked at Zhan Bei Tian and said, “You…”

Mu Yi Fan frowned, while Zhan Bei Tian’s eyes were extremely cold, and there was no emotion when he was looking at Zhan Nan Tian’s eyes.

Zhan Nan Tian pulled back his hand and said in a low voice, “Admiral Mu, for the sake that you were my father in your last life, I will not kill you. I hope you can leave here in five seconds and I hope I won’t see you again. Otherwise, I’m just going to attack you like you’re another human.”

Stinky words, Mu Yi Fan’s heart immediately became alert, he was ready to save him.

Mu Yue Cheng stared at him: “You dare kill me?”

“Do you think I would dare not? When I informed you that you have to get ready and gather supplies that is me doing my best for you.”

Mu Yue Cheng said sadly, “I’m not afraid that you will kill me. If you kill me, if you can eliminate your hatred for everyone then you can kill me.”

Zhan Nan Tian glared at him.

Zhan Bei Tian saw Zhan Nan Tian’s attention on Mu Yue Cheng, he suddenly disappeared in place, appeared in front of Zhan Nan Tian, pushed Mu Yue Cheng back, and attacked Zhan Nan Tian.

Zhan Nan Tian was shocked and retreated in time.

Mu Yi Fan quickly came to Mu Yue Cheng’s side, and quickly helped to stabilize Mu Yue Cheng, who almost fell to the ground.

He turned and said, “w.a.n.g Bing, take my dad out of here.”

Mu Yue Cheng looked at Mu Yi Fan: “Yi Fan, you…”

Mu Yi Fan knew what he said, so he interrupted: “Dad, we must get rid of Zhan Nan Tian, because as long as he lives, the world will not be peaceful.”

Mu Yue Cheng was silent.

Naturally, he also saw Zhan Nan Tian’s actions. Moreover, Zhan Nan Tian’s actions have reached an unforgivable level. Therefore, he did not stop the real Mu Yi Fan, and sincerely hoped that Zhan Nan Tian would not continue to fight and human beings would not be hurt again.

After w.a.n.g Bing supported Mu Yue Cheng, Mu Yi Fan also rushed to Zhan Nan Tian.

w.a.n.g Bing said, “Grandpa, let’s go.”

Mu Yue Cheng didn’t move and asked, “It seemed that I can’t persuade him. w.a.n.g Bing, do you think my son really would disown me as his father?”

w.a.n.g Bing scratched his head. He didn’t seem to know what Mu Yue Cheng was talking about. He said, “Grandpa, let’s go.”

Mu Yue Cheng didn’t seem to hear what he said. He just said to himself, “Shall I try?”

w.a.n.g Bing crooked his head: “Grandpa, what do you want to try?”

“Try to see if he doesn’t recognize me as his father?” Mu Yue Cheng looked at the group: “Try if he will stop for his father.”

This time, w.a.n.g Bing didn’t know if he really understood what he said. He nodded hard: “Yes.”

Mu Yue Cheng smiled bitterly, didn’t speak again, but he didn’t leave with w.a.n.g Bing.

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