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Translator: THIS BROEditor: Mimishijie from dummytranslations ?Chapter 57 – The alluring scent of humans ——The next time Mu Yifan woke up was because he smelled something extremely delicious. It was like catching the scent of fragrant dishes when on the brink of starvation, making him unconsciously swallow his saliva.

He opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was a pair of lightly pursed thin lips, following that, was a gust of air blowing on his face. It was slightly itchy, like it was tempting him to quickly do something.

Mu Yifan’s gaze became more and more heated, his tongue peeked out to lick his dry lips and he couldn’t help but lean towards that beautiful mouth.

Just when he’d made contact with a pair of slightly cold lips, his whole body was suddenly awake. He clumsily stood up and hurriedly ran out of the room.

The person on the bed slowly opened his eyes, his calm and dark eyes flashed with surprise before he frowned. He raised his hand towards the place that person had just kissed.

Mu Yifan ran straight for the washroom, closed the door, and disbelievingly looked to the person reflected in the mirror, unable to focus.

Just then, he actually kissed the male lead, he kissed a man!

Mu Yifan recalled the previous atmosphere and hurriedly shook his head.


He was tempted by the fragrance on the male lead’s body, that’s why he unconsciously leaned in to kiss him.

However, he had never smelled anything like this from the male lead’s body before. Even up until last night, he hadn’t smelled anything. Why did he suddenly smell it this morning?

Also, that scent clearly wasn’t the fragrance of perfume, but it caused him to feel inexplicably thirsty. It was really strange.

Mu Yifan didn’t go back to their room, after freshening up in the washroom, he directly went downstairs in his pajamas.

Having just woken up, Chen Dong saw Mu Yifan coming down from the second floor and paused before smiling, “Little Mu, this is my first time seeing you up so early. What’s wrong, you can’t sleep?”

Mu Yifan just stared at Chen Dong and swallowed his saliva.

He found that Chen Dong also had a distinctive fragrance, though it wasn’t as pure as the male lead’s. However, it was enough to make him want to take a bite.

Mu Yifan was suddenly shocked.

Just then, why did he suddenly want to take a bite?

Mu Yifan immediate controlled himself, covering his nose and mouth as he quickly left Chen Dong’s house.

He found that something was very wrong with him.

If it were only the male lead that smelled nice, he could say that it was the male lead’s problem or perfume, but even Chen Dong had an alluring scent, which clearly means that it’s him that had a problem.

Why was it like this?

It couldn’t be that his nose had developed an issue?

At this moment, more than ten different fragrances a.s.saulted Mu Yifan’s nose.

He raised his head and saw tens of people walking along the road.

Stunned, Mu Yifan slowly lowering the hand covering his nose. He stared in disbelief at the people 20 meters away from him.

They were clearly separated by such a long distance, but he could actually smell the fragrance coming off of them.

This… this…..

Mu Yifan became more and more unsettled. Then, his expression turned cold as he walked towards a pond with no people.

End of Chapter 57


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