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Monday, continued …

After Pippa quietened down, and everyone else was comfortable Hannah continued, “Pippa’s right. We had a ball with Uncle James, Aunty Rosemary, Aunty Rachael, Aunty Xi, Nanna AnLing, Poppy Jang, Granny Hou and Poppy Hou.”

Hou Yi looked at Anna, and leaned over and whispered, “It already looks like my parents, grandparents and Aunt have wormed their way into their hearts.”

Anna turned and whispered back “That could be dangerous, they will want to spoilt them, and then spoil our child even more.”

Hou Yi gave her a quick kiss before saying quietly back “As it we will let them.”

James watching what was going on, loudly said “Break it up you two, that to the two of you are alone in your room, the children do not need to see that.”

Pippa, being smart, and ready to stir her Uncle James, called out “See what Uncle James. Mum and Dad can be worse that that when they think we are not watching.”

Anna realising that this conversation was about to go even further down hill said “Pippa leave Uncle James along, you know he likes to cause trouble, and you are letting him.”

In a sweet voice, Pippa responded, “Yes Aunty Anna and Uncle Yi,” and that drew a round of laughter from the adults in the room.

Hannah continued “Poppy Jang, Poppy Hou and Aunty Xi, were so much fun, they came on most rides with us, particularly when Uncle James, Aunty Rosemary and Aunty Rachael would not. Granny Hou, could not believe Poppy Hou going on the rides. The funny thing he said was that he would do it with his great-grandchildren, so why not with us.”

“He told us that and then grabbed us and we went back on the Railway Carriage rollercoaster at Disneyland [Big Grizley Mountain Runaway Mine Cars], which scared Granny Hou, as it went forward and backwards.”

As Hannah was talking in walked Hou Yi’s parents, grandparents and Aunt. He turned to them before they could even sit down and asked “Grandfather, what is this I hear about you going on a rollercoaster?”

“Yi, it was fun, and everyone, well maybe not your grandmother, enjoyed seeing me having fun, and I have to learn what is good and what is not so that when you and Anna have children I can take them on the good rides when they are old enough.” Hou Jang and Du AnLing knowing the secret were struggling not to say anything about Anna’s pregnancy.

When everyone was seated, Pippa, decided that she had to move, and ran over to where Du AnLing was seated, and climbed on her lap. Anna went to say something, and Du AnLing shook her head and said “It is fine. Leave her be.”

Hannah decided to continue “We had lots of Fun. Friday, all us girls went to a market for a couple of hours, and Aunty Xi helped us buy some pretty things, dresses, tee-s.h.i.+rts, scarfs. All sorts of things. I think the boys stayed at the hotel and went swimming. We went out looking around, to somewhere, I think the lady called it Victoria Peak we had tea in a restaurant that gave us a view over all the lights.”

“After tea, rather than being driven back down we went down on something called the Peak Tram. That was fun, as we had to go down backwards, and all the seats were at different heights.”

“Where we stayed Friday Night was right next to Ocean Park where we went on They even had an Australian exhibit where we saw a White Wallaby, plus other things like we have at home. The Koalas did not make the grunting noises like we hear out on the farms where Aunty Rosemary, Aunty Rachael, Uncle Adam and Uncle Ben live.”

“We went up the top on a cable car, in a number of cars. That was scary as it was so high! When we got up there, we went on a water rapids ride [the Rapids], then on a wirly ride [whirly bird], a one that went in circles getting quicker [Rev Boster], b.u.mper cars [b.u.mper Blaster] and a roller coaster like ride [Artic Blaster].”

“We were all too scared to go on one ride that looked like it was totally off the side of the cliff [Hair Raiser]. We then went into an exhibit and saw penguins, and other creatures that live in the icy environments. The penguins looked cute, and we wanted to bring a couple back. Poppy Jang and Poppy Hou brought us toy penguins though, and Granny Hou and Nanna AnLing brought us an number of other toys during the day.”


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