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Wednesday, continued …

Rosemary was clearly shaking her head, and Anna figured she better say something, or Rebecca would make it her mission to ensure that she was drunk very quickly.

“Rebecca, I’ve been told that I cannot drink at least until I have the cast off, but I’m still happy for you to do what you want.” Anna pause, and then with a wicked undertone “And more importantly it means that I can get the photos to show my brothers that you two lead me astray, not the other way around.”

Rebecca squealed “No d.a.m.n way sister. No photos, no sending anything to my husband. He told me the last time after we went out and got so drunk that if we did it again, I would be banned from going out with you two, unless he was along. We still have your hen’s party to get through, and there is no way I want him tagging along on that.”

“Can you let me in, so I can not only go and do my exercises and get ready. It takes me so much longer than you to do so. The plan is to leave around 6pm, or it may be 6:30pm.”

Rosemary grabbed the bag from the bodyguards and said “Come on. I need to get that leg covered so you can have a quick shower, and I can go and get ready, unless you what your baby brother to do it.”

“Rosemary,” squealed Anna.

“Anna be reasonable, he is not far off finis.h.i.+ng his nursing degree and he has to deal with it.”

“Fine, if he is comfortable but, and I mean it is a real big but, he has to secure the covering and let me shower, before he comes back in. There is no way that I could …”

James had walked up, out of Anna’s sight “Come on Sister. If you feel that bad, you can borrow a bathing suit, and wear that while you shower. I have seen it all before.”

“James” squealed Anna.

“Well it is true. That nudie run the four of you did when you lost that bet over the AFL grand final a couple of years ago, made sure I saw things that I really did not need to.”

“Fine, I am sick of arguing. I cannot wait until get out tonight and have some fun. I do not care who is going to do this, but I just need to shower and get ready.”

James however was worried about his sister, and called out “I will be there in a few minutes,” as she hobbled away on the crutches.

Rebecca saw the look that pa.s.sed between Rosemary and James and had to ask “What is going on. You know something, and you need to tell me now.”

Even without thinking James immediate response was “Privileged information Rebecca. I would not even tell you if you tortured me for it.”

“Come on, who am I going to tell.”

“Rebecca, do we have to call Adam …”

“James you just wait.”

“Rebecca, you just have to wait, and that is the best that either of us can say. Anna has been through a lot in the last few weeks, and sometime we just have to let things relax.”

“When did you become so calm James.”

“Rebecca, nursing teaches you that, and I am determined to make a good career of it.”

James decided that if he did not move, he would tell Rebecca the secret that he knew he had to keep until Anna was three months into her pregnancy. They last thing he wanted to do is say something and she loose the baby, disappointing everyone. He walked along the corridors until he reached Hou Yi and Anna’s Room, and found Anna on the bed doing her exercises.

He took one look and realised that she was so annoyed. “Anna, are you OK? I can get Rosemary if you want?”

Anna was off in a world of her own, and did not hear her brother talk. She was so annoyed with Yi at the moment. He seemed to dismiss what happened, but she was so worried that he put in himself in danger, what for, hurting Lu Jinhu and his family? That did not matter anymore.

Yes, revenge had become a motivating factor for them getting married, but it was the last thing that was important in her marriage. The only things relevant to their marriage was how they felt for each other, and fingers crossed there was no trouble, this baby, and any children to come in the future.

James, touched Anna on the shoulder and she turned her head to him, and that is when he noticed that she was crying. James sat his sister up, and gathered her in his arms before asking “Anna, tell me what is wrong? Let me see what I can do to help you.”


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