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Wednesday, continued …

“It is not what you really want?” completed Yao Tan. “You want the certainty of being at home rather than nursing s.h.i.+ft work?”

James responded looking between his wife and father-in-law. “True. I knew when I started studying; s.h.i.+ft work would be part of my career, so it was never an issue for me.  Now I have wife I have to consider, plus I am in a new country where English is not the first language.  Yes, I have been undergoing a language crash course, and I can communicate better than even I expected, I still have a long way to go.  Let alone dealing with the technical side of nursing in a language that no one would claim that I am fluent in.  That could be critical in a hospital situation when I may have to deal with people who do not speak English or in an emergency.  That could be a disaster for the patient. 

“So, you are looking at Uncle Yi’s offer?” quietly questioned Alecia.

“If neither of you object. It appears to be the right job for me at this exact point in time, and it would mean that I would generally have normal working hours, with the occasional late night or weekend.”

Yao Tan, frustrated, looked at James and remarked “You know I find it concerning that he has my wife working for Yi as she is worried about what my father-in-law would do if she worked within our legal department, and now it looks like my son-in-law working for him.”

“Daddy, that is unfair,” responded Alecia in a somewhat whining tone.  Both Yao Tan and James looked at her and burst out laughing given the look on her face.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

James leant over and gave her a brief kiss on the cheek before whispering “It will be alright.  He is only stating the obvious.”

Alecia, blus.h.i.+ng at the affection James was demonstrating in front of her father, cleared her throats and said “Daddy, I already know from talking to people since I have started here that you are looking to emulate the idea that Uncle Yi has for a medical treatment system for staff of the company.  Ask him how long it has taken him and Hou Enterprises to get to the point that they are now recruiting staff.  That is the time you would need to start the same thing here.  And think about it in the future, James would have the experience in working for Uncle Yi and could in the future come here as a senior staff member when you do have it running.”

Yao Tan knew Alecia was right.  He knew that Hou Enterprises started preliminary planning for the medical facility for staff over eight years ago, firstly having to sell the idea to staff before the serious regulatory planning steps were taken.  It was not only coming to fruition under Hou Yi’s direction.  If he did the same here at XF International, it would take at least five or six years to reach the same point.

After pausing Yao Tan said, “It is your career James, but I want your promise that you will consider when we get our similar facility up and running properly here that you will come and work at XF International. I would prefer my son-in-law working for me rather than his brother-in-law in the long term.”

James looked at Alecia who nodded and said, “I can promise you that.” After another short pause he asked, “What is this about some pre-Christmas charity function tonight?”

Yao Tan knew more about this than Alecia, so quickly jumped in. “The various local children’s charities have picked up on the Western idea of Christmas and over the last few years have held a joint fundraising auction prior to Christmas.  They auction various gifts, experiences and services that have been donated.  Last year we arranged for a walk on role for the successful bidder in a show that our entertainment division was producing.  Like everything donated, despite not being hugely valuable in and of itself, but everyone bids like anything for the items making the night a big success.  In addition to the auction, everyone who attends is asked to bring small gifts for boys and girls in the age ranges for babies; up to three-year-old; four to six-year-old; six to nine-year-old; ten to thirteen year old and fourteen to eighteen. Nothing expensive, as they are usually children in dire financial situations but something to make them feel special at this time of year. So, are you going to come? ”


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