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Monday, continued …

Stepping off the stage Hou YI and Yao Tan headed back to his office to await Anna and Amanda’s arrival. Yao Tan informed his a.s.sistant to ensure that they were shown straight in, and requested tea be brought in for the while they waited.

As the tea was brought in, Hou YI’s mobile started to ring. He did not recognise the number but suspected it would be CEO Lu. He answered in and immediately placed it on speaker phone.

“Hou Yi here.”

“You b*stard, what are you doing.”

“CEO Lu, I could say that it is a pleasure to hear from you, but we both know I would be lying. What do you want? I am not going to play games with you as I have important business to see to.” Hou Yi’s voice was immediately firm and hard, which was contrary to the grin Yao Tan could see on his face. Yao Tan realised his friend wanted to play a game with CEO Lu and he knew it would be fun to watch.

“What gives you the right to try to destroy my company and take away staff.”

“All is fair in business, and I have not acted illegally. We just made a better offer to your artists. Does anyone complain when your entertainment division does the same?”

“Who cares what other companies do. We are the premier entertainment company in the country, and I will be insisting on compensation.”

“It is debatable if you have the premier entertainment division…”

CEO Lu screamed in response “It is not, you b*stard. We have and always will have the premier entertainment division. Everyone knows that.”

“As I said, it is debatable. Plus it is within the purview of Hou Enterprises to enter into a joint venture, and between the areas that we cover and …”

Screaming even louder CEO Lu interrupted “No it is not.”

Yan Tan was struggling not to laugh. However noticing the signal from Hou Yi, it quickly alerted XF International and Hou Enterprises IT departments to prepare for a cyber attack from Lu Corporation, as well as notifying the police of the potential problem. Tan knew Yi had antic.i.p.ated this as being what would occur, d.a.m.n it he is psychic on this.

“Temper, Temper, your inability to control yourself is showing.”

“You, You …”

“Come on, what do you want?”

“For you to drop this joint venture immediately, hand over your company to me, pay me the compensation I told you last week, and then just maybe I will not publish the images that I told you last week I would do, and would only seek to have that b*tch of a wife of yours jailed for thirty years.”

“Did you not learn last week?”

“The police already view that my son is at fault, so what there is nothing that you can do to touch me, because if you try I will ruin your wife socially. She will be someone no one will a.s.sociate with, and that will destroy your company.”

“As I have told you, I will show that what you intend to use are fake or is in breach of the order of protection in favour of my wife. I know your son admitted to not properly telling you last week with the police that you should delete any images you have involving my wife, plus not to use them. Do you think he will take responsibility a second time for you?”

“If he knows what is good for him he will, as otherwise he will have a nice long jail sentence.”

Hou Yi could not believe CEO Lu. He was willing to throw his son to the police to save himself, but at the same time it indicated that he must have to have some blackmail material on him to be so sure.

“We are getting sidetracked. As to the artists that have left Lu Corporation’s Entertainment Division, my trusted member within my legal department has reviewed their contracts. Yes Lu Corporation is ent.i.tled to compensation for their early contract termination. We will pay that. But …”

“No buts, that money will be lovely.”

“Hou Enterprises, and I can be confident XF International will seek that Lu Corporation pay the compensation they owe for artists they have signed in the last six months under the contracts they had with us. Hou Enterprises, will be nice and waive the penalties for the non-competing clauses for contracts terminated without agreement. We will adjust all of that and send you the compensation we owe you within the hour.”


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