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Chapter 419
Monday, continued …

As Anna was about to enter through the door she turned and noticed that Yao Tan was not worried . He seemed to know what was going on and signaled to Anna that it would be OK . He then entered after her . Anna realised in addition to Snake there were five other men in the building, all of a similar build with tattoos like Snake . A couple of chairs were brought out for Anna and Yao Tan to sit on . The room was dark, and full of shadows, that simply reminded Anna of a gang den often seen in movies .

Once they were seated Anna observed that Yao Tan was relaxed . He then spoke “OK Snake, why have you, Lizard, Shark, Croc, Tiger and Lion all called me here . “

“Who is that?” Spat out one .

“Settle Tiger, this is Anna, Alecia’s sister-in-law . “

“What, our princess married?”

“Shark as I told Snake, she blackmailed me . Either I let her marry Anna’s brother or she would wait twelve months and have nothing to do with me . What do you think I did?”

“Like an idiot you caved to your daughter’s blackmail . I thought we taught you better than that . At least she has learnt the lessons that we taught her . “

“Lizard so I have you to blame for her being a brilliant blackmailer . I should have known who she learnt the skills from . You were always brilliant at it . Now, come on you idiots, you did not call me here to discuss the triplets . You were all present on for part of the day . “

Anna looked at Yao Tan, shocked at what he was saying . She did not recall seeing any of these men at the party on .

“And let me be realistic, you want to play the evil gangsters, which by the way you never were . You were hoodlums when we were younger and you still have your ears to the ground here . But you are successful property investors now, that the older families ensure are invited to events as the few of you nor married will be great husbands for their daughters . “

This brought out laughter from the six men in front of them . “And by the way I am not being distracted, I know the King is missing so where is he?”

From the shadows came another voice “You remember what we taught you about safety, and knowing who should be there . “

“King, turn on the lights . I do not have the time to waste today, so can you stop messing around . “

With that the lights were turned up, and Anna was amazed . It was obvious that she was in an private lounge attached to an business area and other than Snake who was in the disreputable clothes that he met them in, the other six men were in business suits, all that looked similar to what Yao Tan was wearing . Three of the faces in the light now were quite familiar to Anna, she remembered meeting them on . Snake, stood up and exited through a door .

“Come on guys, I know you love your games to mess with people . Other that Hou Yi, and by the way this is his wife, you scare the other businessmen who you do business with when you play them . Why are we here?”

“Tan, we saw the press conference this morning about your new joint venture with Hou Enterprises . What prompted our interest was four of the women you announced as signing with the joint venture . You know of the warehouses in the dark area of the neighbourhood that are rumoured to be used for prost.i.tution services…”

“Yes, we have tried to get rid of them from the neighbourhood . “

“Yeah, two of the buildings are owned by Lu Corporation…”

“I did not know that . “

“I thought you would be interested . “

“About eight weeks ago, we were able to finally get people inside both warehouses . At the time, none of us thought much about the reports …”

The Door that Snake had exited through reopened and in walked someone in dressed in a business suit . “Snake, have you got that information . “

“Here are the copies King . I have the originals ready to send to the police on everyone’s say so . ” With that eight folders were handed out, with Snake keeping one, before he sat down on the folder .

Snake then spoke “What was interesting, as I was one of the people we got into one of the warehouses . Three faces I immediately remembered, and hence we dragged this all out . “

“Come on, you need to tell us what is going on . ”


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