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Chapter 469: 469
Wednesday, continued …

CEO Yang having observed all events to date, knew who would win the game that Hou Yi and Anna started . CEO Lu was deluding himself is he would win . He decided that he needed to bring things to a head soon, as he had a lot to get through that was no complicated by the actions of that idiot of a cousin of his wife that would taint the company .

He was struggling to even think about how the Yang Group would address her being caught in an illegal brothel engaged in illegal s*xual activities . At least with Yang Lin they were able to publicly deal with the situation, through focusing on her being pregnant, stressed out and feeling threatened causing her reaction and then Lu Jinhu’s additional reactions . They had no real excuse that they could focus on this time .

In an a.s.sertive voice, he said “Enough . We have an issue to address here, and despite me hating to say this we need to vote on how we will address it . I propose a motion be put to the meeting and voted on . CEO Lu, what should be the motion?”

“There does not need to be a motion . I am the CEO and there is nothing that needs to be addressed . “

Hou Yi knew that now CEO Lu was irrational . He was in denial that there was an issue, and this was the in he needed . CEO Yang had to him confirmed that he would abide by the deal he previously proposed . For all the animosity between the Lu and Yang families on one hand and the Hou and Feng families on the other, the one thing Hou Yi knew for certain is when he had business dealings with the Yang Group he could trust CEO Yang’s word .

“CEO Lu, I agree with CEO Yang . My proposal is that the meeting require the CEO of Lu Corporation by the end of the day to produce a report that confirms whether or not the warehouse raised by the police was leased, produce the original of that lease for forensic a.n.a.lysis, and investigate the involvement of members of Lu Corporation’s Entertainment division . “

CEO Yang, “Actually I agree with CEO Hou . We need that report done . Lu Corporation needs to be protected . However the report should provide a detailed timeline for the detailed investigation of the involvement of the Entertainment Division and when all the evidence gathered will be made available to the police . An initial quick investigation as to general company involvement is needed but a honest more detailed investigation is needed to prevent any allegations of a cover-up and longer term harm to Lu Corporation . “

CEO Lu, was ready to blow his top, CEO Yang was siding with that b*stard Hou Yi . Where was his loyalty supporting the enemy . “No d.a.m.n way . CEO Yang how could you support that trash when you and the Yang family have supported the Lu family . “

“This is not about loyalty, it is Lu Corporation and protecting it . Yang Group is an investor and unlike CEO and Madam Hou who have invested through companies not connected to Hou Enterprises we have to ensure our investments are protected . “

Seeing where his cousin was going, Mr Yang, realised that he needed, at least on this point agree with the position . If Lu Corporation did not address it, it would hurt Yang Group and then hurt him . “I hate to also agree, to some point . Lu Corporation needs to investigate what happened . It is the owner of the warehouse and distancing the company, despite my wife, your wife” pointing at CEO Lu “and Rong Jingye and his wife were all found there, it is necessary . It can be said that what was happening was personal, not related to the company . “

CEO Lu realised that everyone was against him on this point . He spat out “Fine, I will get started on an investigation but it will be in depth and appropriate . It will take the time that it takes and I am not rus.h.i.+ng an investigation to satisfy the shareholders . I know what is necessary and what is the best for the company . “

Anna elbowed Hou Yi, and he knew that now was the time to go in for a kill . “That is totally unacceptable . You have had fifty-seven percent of the voting power of the company tell you something that needed to be dealt with quickly, and you want to drag it on . “

“I am CEO of the company and I know what the company needs . “

“Well about that …”


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