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Chapter 442

Due to a.s.saulting the Vice-Master of the White Specter Clan, Lucy was sent to the harshest place in the clan; The Winter Prison . It’s a place where criminals of the sect are sent to . It’s a freezing cold cell that will kill whoever is in there in a week or less .

There was close to no Nether Energy in that place and special chains are binding the prisoner, making him or her unable to use their energy . Basically, anyone sent there will most likely spend the rest of their short life there .

Thordan showed no sympathy to his daughter and stated that Lucy will remain there for three months . Not only that but she’ll be sent to the Five Lakes Sect and receive punishment from them too . However, it’s clear that he’ll be sending her to her death .

Both Angelina and Hobson objected to these decisions but the three Peak Elders who witnessed everything were on Thordan’s side . They didn’t belong to his faction but they couldn’t tolerate a clear breach of rules . No one is allowed to attack an elder, much less the Vice-Master of the clan, even if it was his own daughter .

Thus, Lucy was sent to the Winter Prison and locked there with no way out . Her high-stats and infinite Stamina allowed her to easily resist the coldness, which was different from the Yin power . This coldness seemed to be born from something else, something dangerous .

With no one here but her, Arthur didn’t bother hiding inside of her body, he appeared next to his wife and wrapped his arm around her back while saying

“It’s a much better place than that room, don’t you think?”

In response, the woman snorted and retorted:

“Hmpf! So you can do whatever you want?”

He innocently waved his hand and added:

“I haven’t done a thing…”

Then he grinned and continued “… yet . “

Unfortunately, their conversation was cut short when a first visitor came, at last . It wasn’t her sister or the butler but a young looking timid boy who was actually much older than he looked .

Teit’s worried expression lessened when he saw that Lucy was unscathed . Though, he wasn’t able to notice Arthur, who was still next to Lucy but in [Stealth] .

“M-miss Lucy, please forgive me! I couldn’t defend you . “

The boy bowed toward her and remained like that, waiting to be forgiven .

“It has nothing to do with you so you don’t need to apologize . “

Lucy thought for a moment before asking

“How’s the situation out there?”

As if he knew she’d ask that, Teit replied instantaneously:

“The Five Lakes Sect is pressuring the Vice-Master, demanding that he hands you to them . Fortunately, many Peak elders and almost all of the Regular Elders are against this, saying that it’ll be demeaning to listen to the Five Lakes Sect and that they should wait for the Matriarch to leave seclusion . “

Lucy nodded her head but didn’t say speak . Teit remained standing there, resisting the freezing cold and waiting for instructions . Although she was imprisoned, he’s still her servant and it’s one of the unwritten laws that if someone becomes a servant, they should follow their master to death, even if it means betraying the clan .



Saly gawked at the sight of the tower in front of her . To dizzying heights it rises, the gleaming spire, its tip threatening to pierce the blinding canopy . The tower was red and had four large symbols on it, each taking a big part of the humongous tower . From the lowest to the highest it went like this : ♥=>♣=>=>♦=>♠ .

The girl stared at the tower before her eyes with a half-open mouth, unable to believe that such a thing existed .

“Amazing, isn’t it? I, your uncle, and your father joined hands to build this beauty . It’s by far the most advanced thing in the multiverse . It has its own System and is composed of 52 floors . Each floor is a world of its own . “

The Joker smirked as he saw the speechless little girl . He paused for a second before continuing .

“There’s nothing, dead or alive, that can destroy it . Even your uncle is unable to do that . Soon, there will be a compet.i.tion and I want you to come here and watch it . By the way, your parents will partic.i.p.ate too so it’ll be a good show . “


In the main hall where ceremonies are usually held, four Peak Elders and four Regular Elders were present . Thordan, whose complexion became much better after a few days pa.s.sed, was glaring at Lucy, who was a distance away from him .

Since she behaves so ruthlessly then it must because of her past . He hired a Shaman who’s adept at sealing memories to force his daughter to forget everything .

With one elder restricting her so she does nothing, the Shaman proceeded in sealing the memories . Unfortunately, the moment the Shaman began, weird flames that were half white and half grey enveloped his hands, causing him to amputate to freak out .

Fortunately… or not, the elders helped him by amputating his hand and saving his life . The Shaman was shouting from pain, the flames brought him an agony that almost made him go crazy .

He angrily left the hall after demanding a good compensation from the shocker Thordan . To begin with, tampering with someone’s memories required the user to grasp their soul and since Lucy fused the two beads, her soul is eternally protected .

Perhaps no OverG.o.d would be able to hurt her soul .

Arthur chose to remain in the Winter Prison as he could be discovered if he accompanied here . She’ll be sent back to the prison sooner or later so it was better to wait for her there than risk being exposed .

Enraged that he not only lost money but face, Thordan banged his fist on the throne but didn’t dare to slap his daughter again . The dark blade was still on her waist and no matter what they tried, they couldn’t separate it from her .

To think that not even OverG.o.ds were able to get rid of a single blade, it made them feel embarra.s.sed but also greedy . It only took them one look to ascertain that Makaze is a powerful weapon, the best, actually .

It was even able to act on its own and injure the Vice-Master so if it’s wielded by an OverG.o.d, the results will be unimaginable .

Due to his status as a butler, Hobson couldn’t do anything to support Lucy . Although he was one of the strongest people in the sect, he was in no position to object to Thordan’s decision . After all, Thordan was the Vice-Master and her father .

However, one thing is for sure, when the Matriarch appears, Thordan is definitely screwed . He’ll probably be kicked out of his position and that’ll be the least of his worries .

After hearing Thordan nonsensical rambling, Lucy was sent to the prison, where her husband was waiting . Although not feeling cold, Arthur forced her to wear a thick coat .

Countless miniature void mouths appeared and ate the chains binding her hands, allowing her to feel the flow of energy yet again . Then he conjured an illusion that’ll fool anyone’s eyes and make them think Lucy is still bound .

“When are you leaving?” She asked while staring at him .

“There’s one more thing to do before going . “

The ARK left his consciousness and glued itself on the prison bars, forming some kind of illusion that Lucy is alone . The image that the ARK showed would even fall OverG.o.ds but it’ll not last for long .

He signaled for Lucy to lay on a hospital bed that appeared out of nowhere then he retrieved a lot of medical tools . He possessed all those doctors on Earth just for this moment, to successfully complete this operation .

At first, Claud wondered what Arthur wanted to do but when it was explained to him, he showed no opposition . Sure, it’ll weaken Arthur but at least it’ll guarantee Lucy’s safety when he’s gone and that’s what’s important for him .

Using his gained medical expertise, Arthur heavily sedated to Lucy, who’s supposedly immune to sedatives . He used Dark Magic to weaken her body and told her to lower her stats to a mortal’s .

In three and a half hours, Arthur was able to pull out Lucy’s left eye and replace it with his own . Theoretically, Lucy should be able to gain [Eyes of Tranquility] and use it perfectly . As for him? He took her eye .

As he expected, he got a notification from the system telling him that he temporarily lost the skill but once he heals his scarred eye, he’ll get it back .

Basically, he switched his eye with Lucy to grant her his ability as she needed it more than he does . For what he’s about to do, the skill isn’t absolutely necessary and he can make do without it for a while . Furthermore, he planned to heal it before bringing the undead army here .

A wound from Primordial Energy required either a miraculous consumable that heals everything or someone who can control such energy .

After a few minutes, Lucy regained consciousness and immediately felt the changes . Just like Arthur, she’s now able to see other people’s stats and can slow-down time . To stop it, she needs practice .

Plus, her differently-colored eyes added more points to her exceptional beauty . One pupil was blood red while the other was sky-blue, in a way, it was perfectly suited for her as she was someone who can use Fire and Water Magic and fuse them together .


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