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Chapter 733 – 677: Thunderbolt

The battle was reaching its climax as both opponents were going all out. Bora was performing rapid and impressive leaps from one spot to the other while shooting high-velocity arrows that whistled in the air. Meanwhile, Sansal was maintaining the use of his strong Wind and Magma Magic, fusing the spells to hinder the archer and possibly immobilize him.

In contrast to his relatively unscathed opponent, the young Genesis Imoogi was bleeding profusely. The wound he had sustained in his c.h.e.s.t was serious enough to stiffen his movements and slow him down.

This final trial did not prohibit flight when fighting an opponent, however, most partic.i.p.ants would remain in the ground for many reasons. Firstly, their bodies are more stabilized, especially in Bora’s case as he was an archer. Secondly, while in mid-air, one would be an easy-target, easier than when you’re sticking to the ground. Last but not least, flying in this arena, which was decently big, was limited, rendering the partic.i.p.ants unwilling to rise in the air.

“The kid has an impressive control over Wind Magic.”

Isadore Malfront nodded his head continuously, seemingly approving of Sansal. He cast a cursory glance at the parasite, silently seeking his opinion, but the answer he received was nothing but silence, at least for an indeterminate while.

“It’s nothing special.”

Unexpectedly, it was Lucy who commented on Isadore’s remark. She stared at Sansal for a couple of seconds before redirecting her gaze toward the rapidly-moving Bora.

“By the way, who do you think will win? Or will you side with your student?”

“The winner of the battle is obvious, don’t you think, Your Majesty?”

“I don’t know about that. Sansal might be injured but he’s still a Genesis Imoogi and he has yet to trans-”

The young king could not even finish his sentence, he just sat there, gawking at the large screen. The battle came to an abrupt end as Sansal raised his hand and forfeited, much to everyone’s surprise.

“Isn’t this too soon?”

Isadore frantically turned his head, trying to see someone who might agree with him. He was the only one who genuinely thought that Sansal stood a chance after sustaining such grave wounds.

Gutcha appeared in-between the two partic.i.p.ants and loudly declared the winner before he transported them outside the arena.

Excluding Arthur, Lucy, a few other people, the rest were shocked to see the brief battle and its astonis.h.i.+ng result. While it could not be denied that Bora was a talented youngster who excels at archery, none could predict that he’d be able to defeat his opponent with ease.

Actually, by the time the fight ended, he still had Nether Energy to spare and his body was but slightly injured.

The third battle of the last Trial had begun not long after Bora’s victory. Holand from the Dark Blaze Team versus Cosima From the Demon Team.

Unlike the previous fight, this one lasted no less than forty minutes, and by its end, both partic.i.p.ants were too exhausted to remain standing.

“I like him.”


Isadore turned and looked at the parasite, confused by his words.

“That kid… Holand. He’s a hidden gem.”

“Does that mean you want to recruit him?”


Arthur did not give an immediate reply, he cast his gaze toward Rasnod and his group. The Dark Blaze Sect was still aiming for Bora and Cristina so a clash was inevitable. Apart from the eccentric and weirdly-dressed Grand Elder, no one else was threatening to Arthur or the MoonStar Sect as a whole.

After spectating the fight between Holand and Cosima, Arthur was truly surprised. He didn’t expect the silent and gloomy black-haired youth to reach the last Trial, much less defeat the demon girl.

He suffered a grievous wound to both his hands but he won, and that’s what mattered. The spells and martial techniques he used were average but mastered to perfection. He wasn’t strong in terms of cultivation, purity of Nether Energy, or even the a.r.s.enal of techniques in his possession. No, what kept him going was sheer will and unmatched resolve to win, and, for Arthur, that was worthy of praise.

It’s a shame that he belonged to the Dark Blaze Sect and was even the son of its Patriarch. That made it difficult, if not impossible, to try and rope him into the MoonStar Sect.

Holand may not win the tournament but he was the black horse no one expected. His achievements over the course of the last couple of days will definitely make him famous throughout the Cloud Sea Universe. Subsequently, the Dark Blaze Sect will be positively affected too, but only if it isn’t destroyed before that happens.

Gutcha brought Holland’s aunt, who tended to him, providing him with healing elixirs and recovery pills. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to completely heal his hands, nevertheless, the young man vehemently refused to forfeit.

He stubbornly glared back at his pleading aunt and slowly stood up, scanning the two partic.i.p.ants that were about to battle.

The fourth battle was between Veia from the Holy Dominion Team and Rosea from the MoonStar Team.

The two girls walked to the center of the stage and faced each other, one wore light golden armor while the other had a pink-ish white attire that offered no defense.

Rosea stood confidently, a chilling aura revolving around her body. Meanwhile, Veia was serene and ‘holy’, her hands clutching a wrapped around her elbow and an unusually thin sword that looked like a needle or a spike.


Gutcha raised his hand, looked at the two girls, then with a swift motion, signaled the beginning of the fight.

Block of pink ice appeared all around Rosea, just in time to slow down Veia. The slim and tall girl had her long golden hair tied into a pony-tail, her whole demeanor dramatically changed as she shot toward her opponent like a bolt of lightning.

The princess took flight and fired dozens of icicles at Veia, however, all of them were destroyed in the blink of an eye.

All Veia did was elbow the air, sending an explosive shock wave which got rid of the projectiles and even blew Rosea higher in the air.

Before she could stabilize herself and retaliate, Rosea was suddenly hit by a thick golden thunderbolt.

Veia was clasping the sword close to her c.h.e.s.t, positioned vertically with its sharp tip pointing toward the ground. She was mumbling inaudible words, which resulted in that unstoppable thunderbolt.

The crowd cheered loudly as Rosea’s figure fell on the ground, almost the entirety of her attire was charred.

She laid on the ground, unmoving for a couple of seconds. Veia charged at her again but before she could reach her, a ma.s.s of darkness surged from thin air and locked her in place.

The pigolo host appeared close to Rosea, looked shocked with a deep frown on his face. After a long couple of seconds in total silence, he turned to Veia and said,

“Rosea from the MoonStar team is unconscious. You win.”

Veia silently nodded her head and sheathed her sword, though her body was still immobilized by Dark Magic.


Isadore nervously looked at Arthur, expecting to see him angry or shocked, but it didn’t seem to be the case. Both he and his wife sat on their respective seats, looking unperturbed as if they expected such an outcome.


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