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Chapter 1003: Never Forgive (2)

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Little Yichen at the side coldly chuckled as he balled up his hands and eased his muscles. “Uncle, we don’t have much time. We must return in two hours tops, so let’s not dawdle here.”

The corners of Li Hanlin’s lips twitched harshly. Thereafter, he stepped on the gas pedal and the car sped off.

The moment the car was parked by the bar entrance, the agent received a fright at the intimidating line-up in front of him.

Not far from the bar entrance were a few local thugs, looking every bit of this society’s dregs.

At first glance, about ten or so people seemed to have rather imposing looks!


He was still feeling bewildered when he saw his boss opening the door and getting off with Little Yichen.

“Sir, where are you going?”

“Wait in the car. Don’t follow us,” instructed Youyou.

Even though he was filled with doubts, he could only obediently wait in the car.

The twins walked over. The moment Li Dongqiang saw the two, he welcomed them with a smile.

“Little boy, you’re here!”

“Why are there so many people?” The younger boy knitted his brows, seemingly a little flabbergasted.

He pouted and smiled. “We’re afraid that there’s not enough manpower! Never mind; they’re all my brothers. It doesn’t matter if there are more people! We can only be stronger!”

He paused and wriggled his eyebrows inquiringly. “Boy, you came to find me; is it because you need me to teach someone a lesson?”

The kid expressionlessly dipped his head and absentmindedly took out a Givenchy wallet.

This mob leader was too astonished for words.

The wallet had such exquisite workmans.h.i.+p, and it seemed to be branded. It must cost a hefty sum!

He almost salivated when he caught a glimpse of the thick wad of cash as the boy opened his wallet.

This little guy was not someone simple!

He was carrying so much cash on himself.

The greed could not help but show in his eyes.

Yun Tianyou glanced at him coldly, causing the man to retract his eyes guiltily.

The man saw the boy take out a cheque, which had been filled out except for the signature. He took it from him and was stunned at the huge sum stated.

He was salivating with greed.

“So much?”

“Are you complaining that it’s too much?” The boy’s brows twitched.

“Oh, no! One will only ever complain when there’s too little; who’ll ever complain when there’s too much?!” smilingly said the man as he secretly tried to inspect the cheque’s authenticity.

“You need not look so hard. Will I ever give you a fake cheque?” The kid saw through his suspicions and calmly told him this.

“Why is the cheque not signed?”

“Once you get this job done, we’ll have a clean transaction,” was the boy’s reply.

“Okay! What are your instructions?” He rubbed his hands.

The boy suddenly took out a Sony DV 1 from his bag and threw it to him.

Li Dongqiang caught the DV and took a look at it, unable to comprehend the situation.

“This is…”

“Let’s cut to nonsense. Listen to my plan,” said the little lad.

The gangster did not dare say another word.

It was late at night.

A few youths walked out of the bar one after another, swinging unsteadily from side to side.

The unrestrained nightlife had finally ended.

It was now the time to ‘return to one’s nest’.

When Lu Jingtian was carried out of a nightclub, she was practically wasted.

Her mood was especially bad tonight. After her appearance on ‘Up Close with a Starlight’ with Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ last time, the public opinion on Weibo of how she had been scheming in crowding out that woman had reached a boiling point.


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