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Chapter 1247: Where is the other child?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the hospital, Mu Yazhe received a call from Li Hanlin. According to the a.s.sistant, his older son was now back to safety but his younger son was missing temporarily. More teams had been sent to search for him at the moment.

Fright appeared on the man’s face. “What happened?”

“We lost contact with the two kids. We presently can’t ascertain what has happened during the process! What we can do now is wait for the young master to regain consciousness before we find out the details. I’m sorry, sir!”

He hung up, turned around, and saw Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ looking at him with her hopeful and inquiring eyes.

“Have the children returned?”

“Yes!” He nodded. Creasing his brows, he decided to hide the truth from her for the time being. “They are safe now. Rest a.s.sured!”

“They’re back? Where are they?”

Colors returned to her pale-looking face finally. With eyes brightening, she wanted to get down the bed agitatedly.

The man stopped her. “I’ll bring you over when you get better!”

“No!” Her face froze in suspicion. “Mu Yazhe, did you tell me a white lie? The children aren’t safe and sound yet, are they?”

She looked at him askance.

He answered, “Be good! I didn’t lie to you. The children are hurt and have been sent to a hospital. They’ll get heartache if they see you looking so frail now!”

Startled, she glanced down and had to agree that she was rather haggard-looking.

“Take some porridge and have a rest first. Once you look better, I’ll bring you to them, okay?” he coaxed gently.

She looked at him suspiciously for a while, and only when she could not find signs of deception on his face did she return to bed sullenly.

“My mind can’t rest if I don’t get to see the two kids!”

“Take some porridge first, all right?”

He scooped the porridge beside him and looked at her with gentle indulgence.

Since he returned overseas, he had kept her company for two days and nights without sleep.

By now, a slight stubble had appeared on his chin, and his beautiful face had grown thinner and more angular.

The woman looked at him deeply and felt a sense of heartache suddenly!

She seemed to realize, with a start, that she might have gone overboard.

If she had been too worried to sleep well, then so was he.

She was their mother while he was their father. Why would he not be anxious, too?

As for her, she could always rely on him when she was scared and worried.

How about him?

He had no one to turn to.

He must be more exhausted than her!

Her eyes brimmed with tears without warning.

He opened the thermal flask to prepare the porridge when he turned around and happened to see her guilty expression. Frowning, he asked, “What’s up?”

“Mu Yazhe… I’ve made you worried…” she muttered meekly. Looking up and staring deep into his eyes, she said, “From now on, I’ll listen to you. I’ll be good and stop making wild guesses!”

He was flabbergasted and could not resist reaching out to pinch her nose. “Silly.”

Holding up the spoon, he said gently, “Let me feed you, eh?”

“Mm.” She nodded.

He had his servant prepare this porridge beforehand and send it over in a thermal flask. As such, it was still boiling hot.

He checked the temperature carefully with his lips first. If it was hot, he would blow on it lightly to ensure that it was lukewarm enough for her to consume before pa.s.sing it to her.


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