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Chapter 1547: My son is so capable!

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“Hmph! You’re a stupid, little pig! What else do you know besides eating, drinking, and sleeping?!”

He picked up another bra, and this time, it was one with laces. “I’m afraid mommy may not like certain designs, so I bought plenty of undergarments, and all of them have different designs. This way, she can take her pick on what she wants to wear!”

Little Yichen suddenly scratched his head, whispering, “I think mommy will feel shy with you having purchased so many undergarments for her, though!”

Behind them stood their petrified mother.

She was beyond shy; she practically felt ashamed…

“Hush. Who will know if you keep quiet about this?”

Casting his brother a disdainful look, Youyou then organized the pile of bras. “I’ll just stuff these in her closet secretly. She will just a.s.sume that her a.s.sistant bought them for her and surely won’t suspect me.”

Acting under Qin Zhou’s orders, Mu Xi was responsible for the procurement of her charge’s clothes and would weekly prepare all her needed outfits from inner to outerwear.

The older twin picked up a bra and took a gander at it. The material felt soft to the touch.

“Is there any basis with regard to the design you mentioned?”

With knitted brows, his brother answered in disdain, “Of course, there is!”

“Oh, do explain it.”

He propped his cheeks in his palms, showing a deep thirst for knowledge.

“Mommy’s current bra.s.sieres are all wired. According to my research, it’s best for her to wear the wireless types, instead, or else, she’ll feel very uncomfortable wearing them. It’s also bad for her health, so I secretly threw away those wired bras.”

The corners of Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+’s eyes twitched hard at what she had just heard.

How was this little guy so capable? He even knew such stuff!

It was true, though. The bras she recently wore were all wired, which would help to squeeze out some cleavage out of her. It was why her a.s.sistant had bulk-purchased those wired bras.

The ones beneficial to health, though, were the wireless sort; the wearer would not feel stifled in them.

Wired bras were very uncomfortable to wear. Sometimes, the curved wires would even lose their shape and pressed against the b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

This little guy is actually so thoughtful?!

He even thought so far?

How am I going to accept this fact?!

What’s with this situation? My son actually bought bras for me.

In her daze, her older son grabbed another parcel, which seemed to be quite heavy.

“What’s this?”

Curious about the parcel in his hand, he turned to his brother.

The latter gave him a wicked smile after glancing at its label.

“My dearest brother, that’s my present for you!”

1The former’s eyes immediately lit up with joy!

He finally received a present from his sibling after waiting for a long time!


His little brother secretly bought him a gift!

What would it be?

His excitement and curiosity were all shown on his face, but he was somewhat reluctant to open it.

Seeing that his brother treasured his gift so much, a deep loving smile appeared on the younger boy’s face as he patted his twin’s head.

“Do you like it?”

“I like anything Youyou gives me!”


Satisfied with his answer, he immediately requested, “Open it, then!”


The eager kid then tore apart his gift’s packaging. As a newbie at buying online, it was inevitable that his movements were a little clumsy. His twin kindly handed over a tool to aid him in his task. Little Yichen expectantly opened his parcel—


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