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Chapter 1636: Weak legs…

It pained him to see her in such a groggy and feeble state that she could not even muster up the energy to walk.

If the woman were to find out what he thought about her, she would surely roll her eyes in exasperation again!

Heavens! Just how precious was she to him?

The man could not even bear to let her walk those few steps!

Sometimes, it was truly no exaggeration.

With him around, her pair of legs seemed to be decorative pieces—merely for aesthetic purposes and had no practical use.

If possible, he would willingly carry her in his arms all day long!

How he wished her body could be joined with his!

Ha ha!

She would likely be dumbfounded if she knew what was on his mind right now!

He nonchalantly carried her out of the car as if he did not notice her embarra.s.sed look at all and strode toward the hotel.

Upon seeing him, the two rows of concierges bowed their heads low in greeting and dared not look up at all.

With the concierge leading the way, the man carried her into the lift and, under her relentless request, finally put her down on her two feet.

However, probably because of the long period of being pressed under his body earlier, but the moment her feet touched the ground, her legs gave way, and she nearly stumbled to the ground.

Good thing she held onto him for support and barely managed to stabilize herself.

The man’s eyes gleamed mischievously at that. Stretching out his long, strong arm, he easily supported her slender waist and corrected her standing posture.

The lift gradually shut its doors. Now, only the two of them were left in this narrow, enclosed area.

The quiet s.p.a.ce only accentuated the clarity of the man’s panting, and from his successive, heavy and deep breathing, it was apparent that he had almost reached his limit.

Despite clinging only onto his arm, she could still feel his muscles tightening under his clothes. This somehow made her weak in the knees.

Her face reddened as she silently wondered what kind of storm would be awaiting her afterward for having the man suppressed his urges this long.

As such, she started feeling slightly jittery and at a loss!

The hotel was thirty stories’ high, and his suite was located on the twenty-eighth floor.

As the floor level on the panel jumped increasingly, the elevator continually ascended to their floor level. Rising along it was the temperature inside the lift.

Upon sensing the man’s body temperature soaring, Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ silently s.h.i.+fted away in an attempt to hide from him.

Alas, that small action of hers failed to escape his sharp eyes. He suddenly pulled her closer to him by the waist and chuckled. “What are you hiding for? I’m not going to eat you up!”

Not going to eat her up?!

She could not help questioning the truthfulness of his statement!

This man is truly a beast! The astonis.h.i.+ng amount of energy he has seems inexhaustible as he doesn’t seem to get tired at all!

Why was he so physically capable?

From what she had heard, the average man could only last one night at most and would be exhausted after all that intimate activity!

This man, however, could go at it for an entire night; he only required a short nap to recover his energy and a bath afterward to freshen himself. Once he put on his suit, he was again that elite leader of Disheng and could energetically put all his focus on his work!

Doesn’t he get tired at all?

Is he naturally this strong?!

Even then, from her observation, this was considered a conservative situation; he would always have spare energy left after their lovemaking sessions, whereas she could feel her bones on the verge of shattering!

What will happen if he unleashes all his strength?


Why am I secretly curious about that?!


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