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Chapter 2088: Unexpected Mus.h.i.+ness

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The sales a.s.sistants immediately flocked to him and led him to a dressing mirror.

Youyou could not help widening his eyes when he looked over.

Likewise, his twin was practically gaping in wonder. “Wow!”

The older boy hopped off the sofa and ran to his father’s side before circling around him. Amazement shone from the depths of his glistening eyes. “Daddy looks so suave in that ensemble!”

“Isn’t that so?! He does look really handsome and smart-looking in that trench coat. In fact, he won’t lose out to the good-looking celebs you see on TV! Your mother has quite an eye for fas.h.i.+on! She’s picked out a piece that really suits your father! I’ve never seen any other customers who are able to carry this trench coat as well as he does!”

The staff was neither trying to stroke the man’s ego nor b.u.t.tering up to him; those were heartfelt words, and that trench coat had indeed complemented his disposition quite well.

Was there not a saying that went: ‘Clothes make the man’?

One’s good looks could be further enhanced when they wear a nicely matched outfit which suited them.

Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+, meanwhile, could not help feeling relatively smug with herself and was up on cloud nine when she heard the retail staff singing praises about her good taste.

Her husband, too, seemed to be satisfied with her choice when he took a gander at himself in the dressing mirror.

“Not bad.”

Despite the succinct, two-word reply, it revealed his immense satisfaction for the trench coat.

Being an extremely introverted person, it was tough for him to express his joy upon coming across something that he was particularly satisfied with. Considering that he would only say “It’s okay” most of the time for the average things, “Not bad” was enough to prove that he was truly satisfied.

A bright and dazzling smile appeared on his wife’s face as she wrapped her arms around his. “Don’t I have good taste?”


“Why aren’t you giving me a reward, then?” asked the woman deliberately.

“A reward?” With a slight arch of his brow and a devilish smirk on his lips, Mu Yazhe lazily turned his handsome face over to his wife. “What sort of reward do you want?”

She did not explicitly state what she wanted, though, and merely retorted, “He he! It’ll depend on your performance.”

Without warning, he put his hands on her face and leaned in to give a light peck on her ruddy lips. Even though it was just a chaste kiss, it was full of love and indulgence.

The shop a.s.sistants, who were caught off guard by this unexpected display of mus.h.i.+ness, could only silently suffer behind them.


Sheesh. How could they openly show their affections for each other right here in front of a bunch of single ladies? Have they spared a thought for us at all?!

They were all unattached without boyfriends, so they were dealt with quite a blow upon seeing the lovey-dovey couple in action.

Moments later, Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ turned around, asking, “How much is this trench coat?”

“Are you sure you want this piece, miss?”


“This piece is currently on discount. It was originally priced at 2999 yuan, but it’s now 2199 yuan!”


She could not help but crease her brows in surprise.

That’s a steal!

The lavish interior of this shop had misled her into thinking that the clothes they sold cost tens of thousands per piece.

It turned out that there were still some brick-and-mortar stores around here with a conscience, selling their goods at such reasonable prices!

Upon noting the expression on her face, though, the shop a.s.sistants mistakenly thought that she had found the piece to be expensive; hence, they quickly added, “Don’t just look at the price. Not all cheap clothes are well-made. Look at its material and quality. You can feel it for yourself. This is a hand-st.i.tched piece that’s made of real wool…”

“No, it’s not that… I don’t find it expensive at all!” she explained immediately.

Do I look so poor that I can’t even afford a piece of clothing which is only worth 2199 yuan?

“Can I pay by card?”


One of the a.s.sistants immediately brought the credit card machine over to her, and she handed a card over for payment and signed on the receipt thereafter. The staff then ironed the trench coat, packaged it neatly, and pa.s.sed her a shopping bag which contained her purchase.

“You and your husband really are a loving couple! I’m so envious of you!”

“Is that so?”


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