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Chapter 235: Hiding from Him

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“What are you looking at?” She looked displeased.

He answered matter-of-factly, “Looking at you.”

She pouted and tried to pry her body out of his sight, but his eyes followed her lasciviously; he swept his gaze on her smooth and glossy body teasingly.

She was antagonized. “Stop looking!”

“Why? Have you turned shy?” he asked with a cheeky smile.

Bearing his teasing no longer, she walked up to him, shoved him out of the door, and said, “Get out!”!

He was locked out of the bathroom. The man smiled and chuckled.

She was clearly shy!

He decided not to tease her further and, wearing his bathrobe, walked away in high spirits. With a gla.s.s of red wine in hand, he sat on the couch and started flipping through the newspaper the servant had brought in.

When he saw the newspaper’s headline, his eyes turned contemplative; he took a sip of the red wine as his face displayed a trace of self-satisfaction.

When she walked out of the bathroom, she saw him flipping through the newspaper with one hand propping his head. She suddenly felt awkward in this situation.

He was so comfortable, while she was tensed.

He turned to look at her, his playful eyes studying her; his mouth eventually showed his interest with a twitch.

Fresh from the bath, her body had a lingering aromatic scent, her raven hair wetly cascaded on her shoulders, and her clear, translucent cheeks were ruddy on her fair, little face!

With her hands covering her chest defensively, her expressive, big eyes stared timidly at him. She seemed shy and scared. The innocent and earnest eyes she used to look at him were guarded, as if he would devour her any time!

It was this kind of look that got him hooked, though.

If it were not for this little vixen’s frail health, he would likely grab her into his arms, viciously bite her lips, and squash her under his body as he ravaged her hard and fast.

He suppressed his inner beast just as quickly. He knew he should not be too greedy. Although she tasted good, an excellent hunter needed to know when to exercise restraint. It would be a big loss if he scared away this prey!

There would be a future for that.

“Come over here!”

Startled, she cautiously asked, “What do you want?”

She cowered back as she spoke!

It looked like she was really afraid of him.

“Your tongue is still as sharp as earlier.” He laughed as he twirled the wine in his gla.s.s, asking mockingly, “Why? Are you afraid that I’m going to eat you up?”

She was really afraid of that!

This man was just too strong and energetic; she feared she might be unable to withstand his needs!

Pouting, she slowly inched closer and sat her b.u.t.t on a corner of the couch far away from him.

This scene would look strange to anyone. Many women would jump at this chance to get close to him, yet she, who was so guarded, was the opposite.

He took another sip of the wine, patted the empty s.p.a.ce beside him, and commanded in a deep voice, “Sit over here!”


“Why are you sitting so far away from me?”

“Then, you… don’t want that anymore…” she stammered as she tried to put the words across.


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