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Chapter 2358: It is her!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The older the wiser, indeed.

The moment the older man heard his nephew’s story, he easily linked it to the report from the sperm bank. “I heard that that la.s.s disappeared a while ago. All these things seem to have happened upon her return. I believe she may have done something improper behind our backs!”

This was when Mu Yancheng realized how it might have been possible for the woman to pull this stunt on him. That sperm bank was holding the lacuna in his DNA. “Don’t tell me… that she took my sperm to impregnate herself?”

“Yes, there is this possibility.”

“What should I do, then?” The young chap was at his wits’ end. “I don’t want to marry her!”

All men would shy away from a manipulative woman!

“Does it matter who you marry in the end? Since the incident has already happened, we’ll need to rethink our strategy. I’m just worried that the Songs will turn up at our doorstep and make a fuss. It won’t look good for either family!”

“Regardless, I’ll listen to your instruction.” The young man took this chance to affirm his allegiance.

His uncle nodded with much satisfaction. “You go back first. There are other issues I have to sort through now; I’ll leave this matter aside for the time being.”

“Alright.” Mu Yancheng stood up, gave a final nod, and retreated from the room.

During the charity event, Lu Jingtian approached a couple of producers and managed to secure a few deals. One of them was an audition in full swing for a blockbuster.

She saw this opportunity as a fresh start for her.

By the time she returned from the gala, it was already 11 PM in the night.

She pa.s.sed by a sober bar, stopped her car, and called a few of her good friends for a drink.

As she mindlessly sat inside a private booth on the second floor, listening to the live performance below, she caught sight of a figure emerging from a dark corner and creeping to her periphery.

Her heart jumped and she looked up warily to stare right into a pair of eerily dark orbs. A strong wave of malevolence hit her like a sharp blade!

This person was no stranger! It was the same stalker she had encountered the other night!

The stalker was dressed in the same hooded sweater with a cap on their head. As the figure was standing in the shadows, under the dim lighting, their features, much less their contours, were indistinguishable. However, the missy could seemingly make out hideous scar marks covering the other person’s face. The repulsive face, coupled with the vicious presence, told the missy that this was someone out to get her!


Lu Jingtian let loose a fearful scream, but it was soon halted when she felt something sharp poking on her waist.

She looked down and was dazed to see a razor-sharp dagger protruding from the sleeve of the stalker’s outstretched hand, pressing against her flank.

“No screaming.”

The person’s voice was extremely frigid and brash, was.h.i.+ng over the latter like icy-cold seawater at night.

Due to the a.s.sailant’s deterring warning, the actress stopped shouting as ordered.

“W-What… What… did you want…” The missy was scared out of her wits as she asked this through chattering teeth.

The person, dressed in all-black, merely smiled and sat down across the table from her. “I’m here to catch up with my old-time friend. Do you not welcome me?”

The missy swallowed a glob of saliva down her throat with some difficulty before asking in a begging fas.h.i.+on, “You… Who are you? What do you want from me?”

“He he… Lu Jingtian, are you unable to tell who I am?”


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