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Chapter 392: A Surprise Gift for the Little Lad 3

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Yichen’s lips slightly came apart. He was somewhat taken by surprise, but he was more astonished and curious than anything.

“Daddy, what is this?”

Mu Yazhe explained, “This is a watch – a smart.w.a.tch. You can make a call and use it to navigate around. It has GPS positioning, too. Erm… look; press on this and you can alert the police right away.”

The man’s magnetic voice was deep but sweet.

Little Yichen leaned comfortably on his chest, letting himself fully enjoying his gentle explanation.

Warmth spread across the study room.

Yichen quickly familiarized himself with all the smart.w.a.tch’s functions. It had an unusual design. Not only did it include the aforesaid functions, it even had a few hidden applications. For children his age, this watch was very practical.

If Mu Yazhe knew that it was one of Yun Tianyou’s many inventions, how would he think?

“It’s fun! He he…”

Yichen wrapped the watch around his wrist and shook it in front of his father, seemingly in an attempt to show it off. He said, treading on air, “Does this watch look nicer than all those that daddy wears?”

“Mm.” His father chuckled softly.

The little boy showed such a precious smile, which radiated innocence and love. Seeing that his son was happy, the corner of his lips creased upward unknowingly. He was overjoyed.

“Darling, happy birthday.” He stroked his head and lightly planted a kiss on his forehead.

Yichen’s cheeks blushed. He held on to his father’s shoulders and kissed him on the face too. “Thank you, daddy!”

“How do you want to spend your birthday tomorrow?”

Yichen thought about it for a moment in silence before he answered in a soft voice, “I want to go to the amus.e.m.e.nt park to play.”

“Amus.e.m.e.nt park?”

“Yeah! Fairy Tale Valley Amus.e.m.e.nt Park! I heard that it’s really fun there! Daddy, are you free then?”

He went into a momentary silence. He sifted through his appointments for tomorrow and then replied helplessly, “Tomorrow, my schedule is full.”

Yichen frowned, feeling a bit desolate.

“Let mommy accompany you tomorrow, okay?”

“No.” Looking distressed, he continued, “I only want daddy to play with me…”

“Be good. Daddy is not free. Next time, okay?” He tried to coax his son patiently. From his voice, one could tell that he was racked with guilt and self-blame.

There was a project meeting of much significance tomorrow; he had to attend it.

Yichen glanced at him glumly. Ultimately, he nodded and gave in.

He was not a willful child.

However, nodding and giving in did not imply that he was not disappointed.

This was not his first time spending his birthday alone.

He really wanted to visit the amus.e.m.e.nt park with his daddy.

He wanted to ride the viking and the merry-go-round. In his eyes, these attractions might not hold much appeal, but if daddy were around, they would surely be interesting and fun!

He understood that his daddy was busy, though.

A large-scale company was under his management. He did not always have the free time to accompany him.

He was not greedy; he only wanted him to spend a bit of time with him on his birthday for once. Such a thought even became a luxury to him!

Yichen was a little disappointed. Despite feeling so, he did not show it on his face.

As a father, his thoughts were not as sensitive and gentle as that of a mother’s.

From a certain perspective, Yun Tianyou was perhaps happier than him.

At least, every year, Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ was there to play out the most important role on his birthday.


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