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Chapter 472: You made mommy angry, lousy!

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She let out a sneer. “You said I’m not qualified. Let me ask you, then; who am I to you, and what position do I have in your life? Who am I to you if I don’t even have the rights to check? Am I someone whom you can call and dismiss when you want? Am I somebody whom you look for when you are happy and insult when you are in a bad mood? Is that so?!”

He coldly commanded, “Shut up!”

He pierced her with his sharp and piercing glare at her presumptuous accusations.

Why was there a need for her to speculate his feelings toward her?!

Her heart grew numb at his bellow.

“I thought you were cold and unfeeling toward everyone, but…”

She recalled his earlier loving look at that woman now, and something inside her seemed to collapse.

She suddenly felt ashamed of liking this man.

This was good as well. She could end this with a dead heart.

“I’m sorry. I’ve wasted my affections!”

Just then, the elevator doors parted open to the intended floor.

She walked off without looking back.

Once she was back into the hospital ward, she started to pack their things.

Looking at her forlorn figure, Youyou just had to ask her. “Mommy, what happened? What took you so long?”

She continued packing their stuff with her back on the two kids to prevent them from seeing her distraught look.

Her heart was beating painfully.

The two kids exchanged looks, wondering what had gotten into her.

Youyou was not carrying lots of stuff with him. Besides a small haversack, there were only a few essentials; thus, she managed to pack everything quickly.

Standing by his bed, she said, “Youyou, we are going home!”

Her son nodded. The older one panicked upon hearing that. He sat up, looked at her, and asked uneasily, “Are you… leaving?”

He could not bear to see her go!

He was supposed to call his father when he was admitted to the hospital, but he was reluctant to do so for several reasons.

/ ReadReadNovelFull. com / One was that he was still upset with him; another was that he wanted to spend more time with his mother!

He lost his composure once he realized that she was indeed leaving. “What… What about me?”

His father walked into the ward just as he finished asking that. When the man saw his two sons with their respective injuries, his brows furrowed in shock and anger.


Yichen was startled to see his father walk into the ward first before he a.s.sumed that his mother must have informed the man. He was about to call out to him when he stopped himself petulantly.

He could not forgive the man even now.

A blissful day had turned into a fiasco; thus, still angry, he decided to ignore him.

“What happened?!” His father was alarmed.

n.o.body, not even Little Yichen, answered him in the room.

Youyou studied his mother’s face and then his father’s. Easily deducing that the man had offended her again, he all the more ignored him.

His impression of his father was a big negative now.

Whoever made his mommy angry was lousy and could not be forgiven!

The younger twin only suffered minor injuries as the older twin protected him well. As for the latter, he would need to stay in the hospital for further observation.

Although she was firm on leaving with Youyou, she found it difficult to part with Yichen.


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