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No one ever said that to Crocodile, because of that, he wasn’t happy, such a vicious fellow as Crocodile, his eyes were shaking, and it seemed that he’ll burst at any moment.

“Suna Suna no Mi, it’s very powerful fruit, and your development…”

Rogen said while he was shaking his head and pointed at Crocodile.

“It’s very bad!” 

“What did you say?”

Crocodile couldn’t bear it, he shouted loudly, and the sand behind him got shook.

As the sand trembled, Rogen’s eyes flashed, and the wind swayed around.


Crocodile was shaking all over and almost fainted.

“This is the same as last night!”

Fear flashed through his eyes, Crocodile straightened up and stared at Rogen while he was gasping.

He didn’t know what that was, but this made him unable to move.

“See, you can’t even look at my eyes, so listen to me very well!”

Rogen smirked.

Looking at the shaky body of Crocodile, he smiled and said.

“If you can’t hold on, just sit down and listen!”

“d.a.m.n it!”

Crocodile bit his lips, after all, he was unable to move, so he listened to Rogen and sat down.

“Devil fruit is inherently powerful, and any Devil Fruit can make a certain degree of immunity. Of course, this is not absolute, for example, you are weak against water!”

“In addition, as far as I know, there are two ways to damage and even destroy those type of Devil Fruit users!”

Rogen’s word attracted directly to Crocodile’s attention.

He is just a newcomer to the Grand Line and didn’t have enough information.

“What are these two?”

Crocodile was in full concentration.

“First, the Kairōseki (Sea stones), it can directly make you unable to transform!”

“Don’t think that this kind of weapon does not exist, the marines made great progress on it. And they even created bullets from Kairōseki, and they use it if it’s necessary!”

Sitting on the ground, Crocodile’s eyes flashed in shock.

He knows very well that such a weapon is very harmful to him.

“Second, there’s Haki!”

“Haki!! What is that?”

Crocodile wondered.

“Haoshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki, these are the strongest in the second half of the Grand Line, the power to control!”

“Busoshoku Haki, (Armament Haki) This can cover your body and enhance attack and defense, and its power can destroy the ability of the devil fruit!”

There was a trace of embarra.s.sment in Crocodile’s eyes.

In his eyes, there was nothing to do against this powerful fellow, Rogen.

“So, in the first half of the Grand Line, you are invincible, but once you enter the New World, you’ll be very weak!”


Rogen paused.

“There’s no doubt that failure and death await you!”

Looking at Crocodile who fell in frustration, Rogen smiled.

“Crocodile, do you want to be stronger?”

“Of course, I DO!”

Crocodile scratched his head and stared at Rogen. 

“Would you like to teach me?”

He asked, incredulously.

The people around him know very well his shortcomings, so even if he had a powerful Devil Fruit, that would be a very big weakness, if he loses the ability of his fruit, it can be said that he has nothing. His body skills were strong against ordinary pirates, but against people like Jason and Rogen, he would be crushed.

Just know, he clearly saw the scene in which the teenager taught Jason Martial Arts.

“Do you think so? Crocodile.”

Rogen smiled and turned around.

“We became partners since yesterday, aren’t we?”

When he heard Rogen’s words, Crocodile’s body trembled, and then he stared at the back of Rogen’s departure and smiled.

“Interesting, partner!”

He stood up and strode toward Rogen.

“Aren’t you afraid to teach me? maybe one day, I’ll surpa.s.s you and take away your place as captain!”

Rogen’s face showed a smile, and he whispered back.

“Do your best, then!”

This sentence shocked Crocodile, it was very strange.

“You are different from yesterday.”

“Thanks to you!”

The two kept talking on the way toward the camel trailer, and then they entered it.

The camel started moving, leaving a shallow trace in the desert, and the group disappeared from there.

Inside the trailer, all the people were sitting in silence. Trensu was holding the necklace tightly, his eyes were fascinating, and he seemed to be imagining the scene when he gives it to his G.o.ddess, there would appear smirk on his face from time to time. 

Looking at the people in front of him, Crocodile smiled, it was interesting to hear the word “Partner” From Rogen.

‘Partner! Is this word means that I’m trustworthy?’

No one said anything along the way, and after day and a half, when everyone closed their eyes and tried to rest, the uncle shouted.

“Everyone, wake up! We finally made it to our destination!”

Jason woke up, and then he jumped out the camel trailer followed by Trensu.

Inside the trailer, Rogen opened his eyes and looked at Crocodile.

“Come on, let’s take a break, and then I’ll help you to improve your skills with the Suna-Suna No Mi!”

“Also, I’ll teach you how to use your fists and feet!”

Crocodile glimpsed and then laughed.

“I just want to say, thank you, Captain!” 

When Rogen heard the guy in front of him, he smiled and jumped out of the trailer, he called him captain for the very first time. 

The temperament of Crocodile changed, and he seemed to be more friendly.

After all, human beings are still emotional creatures, if you treat them well, they’ll naturally remember that.

Everyone entered the city and began to turn around.

“Finally, I’m here, I’ll see her very soon!”

Trensu was very excited.

“Hey, kid, you need to be careful!”

Jason patted on Trensu’s shoulders and looked at him with the look of the big brother.


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