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Chapter 132: An Intense Battle!

“Puny mortal, you have intruded into the territory of the dragons!”

The dragon, Walter, had a weak voice, but he was not like the other dragons, who would attack the intruders in a frenzy.

It slowly raised its huge head and looked at Lorne in surprise, “I did not expect to sense such a thick dark aura on you. It seems that you are also a fallen human. In that case, mortal, are you willing to follow the great dragon leader, Walter?”


“Game Announcement: Dragon Commander Walter has invited you to be his servant and is willing to give you a large amount of rewards. Do you agree?”

“Game Announcement: Dragon Commander Walter has been demonized. If you agree to the invitation, you will automatically become a player of the Dark faction! Please make a careful decision.”


‘I’m here to kill you, but you want to take me as your underling?’

Lorne rejected him directly, “Dragon Walter, I will obey the will of the Dragon of Light to free you fallen dragon souls. If you want to leave this d.a.m.ned place, you’d better cooperate.”

At this moment, Walter still had some self-awareness. Of course, Lorne wanted to antagonize this demonized body. Only then would he have a chance to kill this powerful demonized dragon.

“Small mortal, do you think you can defeat the dragon? Hahahaha, how laughable!”

Walter no longer pretended. Due to the corrosion of a thousand years, this undead body had already given birth to a new intelligence. What controlled the body now was the demonized dragon!

As soon as he finished speaking, terrifying flames spewed out of the huge dragon mouth.

[Dragon’s Breath]

Due to the huge size of the dragon, the range of this skill was also astonishingly large. Almost a hundred yards were covered by the surging flames.

Fortunately, Lorne kept his distance from the other party. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for him to block this skill alone.

“Aisha, Small Artillery, attack!”

“Rimuru, Venom, and Long Tongue Bat will resist and interfere!”

Lorne quickly gave the order to fight. All the pets had their own missions, but Little Spider ran beside him.

It could not be helped. Its level was too low to join such a battlefield.

On the battlefield, Small Artillery relied on the advantage of long-range attacks to attack the Boss first.

Its attack power was not low. Coupled with its level reaching 27, the level suppression effect was smaller than others, so the damage dealt was also very impressive.

As for Aisha, she had already arrived beside the Boss. The sharp blade in her hand quickly turned.

[Phantom Backstab]!

[Phantom Combo+]!

She quickly activated her skills, and a net of blades instantly appeared in the air. Under the cold light, the sharp blades quickly cut through the dragon’s body.


-5500! (Critical)




Under the barrage of Aisha who had 5500 Attack, the dragon’s health points decreased very quickly.

From the damage numbers floating above the boss’s head, Lorne could tell that its level was not high, only around Level 30.

However, its defense should not be low. According to the data on the combat panel, the dragon’s defense should be around 2000 points.

This was a very high defense.

If it were other players, they might not even be able to deal damage to this Boss.

Unfortunately, in Aisha’s hands, these defenses were useless.

“Mortal, you are infuriating the great dragon!”

The demonized dragon roared and flapped its wings, but because it had not flown for too long, and with the interference of Walter, its flying ability was greatly limited.

The huge wings that were flapping did not allow the demonized dragon to fly. It only gave it faster speed.

At this moment, Aisha’s [Slow Dagger] skill displayed its might.

The slowed dragon could not cross a few hundred yards with its wings alone, so Lorne did not have to worry about his safety.

Even if the other party charged at him while enduring the attacks, Lorne still had a way to escape.

[Angel’s Descent]

Lorne’s three times flying speed gave him the ability to quickly pull away.

At the same time, he controlled Rimuru to interfere, causing the Boss to tire out between the two.

[Dragon’s Breath]!

[Dragon Stomp]!

[Dragon’s Tail]!

The demonized dragon circled the cave, chasing after the enemies that attacked it.

Unfortunately, in its weakened state, its movements were too slow. It could not deal a fatal blow to the enemy.

After all, Aisha was an elf herself, so she was born with an Agility bonus. Coupled with the fact that Lorne had always added points to Agility, it was obvious how fast she was now with the boost of her master’s movement speed.

Almost every time, she would dodge before the dragon’s attack landed.

On the other hand, due to its size, the dragon could not move freely in this slightly narrow cave. It could not even sprint at full speed.


-5800! (Critical)




Aisha’s dagger slashed crazily on the dragon. She was the main damage dealer on the battlefield. With a high attack of 5500+, she was the only way to deal a huge blow to the Boss.

Under her attacks, the demonized dragon’s health kept decreasing crazily. Almost every minute, it lost 5% of its health.

-10,000! (Critical)

The dragon’s stomp hit Aisha, who was dealing damage. Immediately, terrifying damage appeared above her head.

Lorne was shocked. Who knew how powerful the dragon’s attack was? It dealt 10,000 critical damage!

If it were him, this would be enough to send him back to Iron Skull City.

Fortunately, Aisha had 60,000 health points. Such damage could not make her lose her combat strength.

[Phantom Stealth]!

She disappeared into the darkness again and continued fighting the dragon after the skill cooldown was over.

The demonized dragon that had not found its target opened its mouth and bit at the nearest Rimuru.


In two bites, he dealt nearly 10,000 damage.

Fortunately, such damage was useless against Rimuru. With 300,000 health points, it could even stand on the spot and fight the dragon for half a minute.


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