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Chapter 329: Final Boss Kneeling and Begging for Mercy

His current attack power had already reached 6,600 points, and after entering the Angel state, all the damage he dealt would be increased by 100%, which was double the damage.

That was not the most important thing.

Most importantly, he dealt critical damage.

In the Angel state, Lorne would receive a 300% critical damage buff.

Coupled with his own critical strike effect, after entering the Angel state, Lorne could directly deal 800% critical damage.

Moreover, the critical hit effect could be effective at the same time as the increase in damage.

In other words, he finally dealt 16 times the damage!

The corners of Lorne’s mouth curled up slightly when he saw the number in front of him. The increase in strength brought by the Angel’s Wings was too great. It actually gave him the same powerful damage output as Black Weaver.

Of course, his level was higher than Black Weaver’s. Lorne was Level 40, and the level suppression effect only reduced damage by 20%. Black Weaver was now Level 33 and had to face a 40% reduction in damage. In this aspect, the difference between the two was slightly unreasonable.

But it did not matter. No matter who was stronger, the one benefiting was Lorne.



As Lorne marveled at his damage, the Forest Drake’s attack finally hit him.

This attack only cost Lorne half his health.

Rimuru, who was not attacked in the distance, lost nearly 8,000 health points at this moment.

This was because the [Damage Transfer] effect had taken effect.

As long as Lorne was injured, it would directly affect Rimuru, and he only needed to take 50% of the damage.

Coupled with the [Angel Form], Lorne had 50% damage reduction, so he only suffered a quarter of the damage in the end. It did not threaten his safety.

However, after entering the Angel state, every second consumed divine power. Lorne had to achieve his goal as soon as possible.

He had not partic.i.p.ated in the battle to help Black Weaver kill the other party head-on, but to use his partic.i.p.ation to disrupt the combat state of the Forest Drake. As long as he could suppress its movements, Black Weaver would be able to regain control of the battle and finally reach the goal of quickly ending the battle.


-65,000 (Critical)



About ten seconds later, Lorne stopped attacking. Black Weaver had already suppressed the other party again. The Forest Drake’s att.i.tude of fighting to the death was shattered, and it was even more hopeless to turn the situation around.

Just like a dam, once it could not hold on and a small crack appeared, then what happened next would definitely be a complete collapse.

This happened to the Forest Drake. Its resistance became weaker and weaker, not affecting Black Weaver at all.


“Despicable human, I’m going to burn you to death!”

The Forest Drake knew that Lorne was its only hope of winning the battle, so it wanted to kill him crazily. Every time it spat out flames, it would attack in Lorne’s direction.

Unfortunately, Lorne did not give him a chance. He wandered to the edge of the valley. To hit him, he had to move at least 400 yards.

Clearly, this was a wish that it could not be fulfilled. After all, the pressure that Black Weaver gave it was too great.

Lorne laughed crazily at its exasperated expression.

It ignored Black Weaver’s attack and wanted to kill him by force, only causing it to die faster. Its health points, which could have lasted for a few minutes, were depleted in just two minutes.

In another minute, it would die under Black Weaver’s attack. The Forest Drake finally knew fear.

“Adventurer, please don’t kill me!”

The drake prostrated on the ground, its head even touching the ground. It gave Lorne the greatest reverence, and its arrogant tone immediately fell to rock bottom. Now, all that was left was a humble request.


“Game Announcement: Due to fear of your powerful strength, the Forest Drake is afraid of you and has taken the initiative to surrender to you. You can choose to negotiate with it or directly kill it!”

The system notification sounded at the same time.

Lorne was speechless.

These dragon-like monsters were actually so shameless these days. They would actually beg for mercy so humbly.

Lorne had encountered this before.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, one could obtain benefits in this situation.

Just as he was thinking, the Forest Drake took the initiative to say, “Lord Adventurer, as long as you spare my life, I can give you all the treasures I have stored. What do you think?”

If it wanted to live, it could only spend money to buy its life. No matter how much it liked gems, it had to give them to the other party now. Otherwise, it would definitely die in the other party’s hands.

The Forest Drake knew this very well. It did not dare to scheme, afraid that it would anger the adventurer in front of it.

Hearing these words, Lorne touched his nose. The treasures of the dragons were very valuable. Previously, it was thanks to the legacies of the dragons that he had the initial funds to build the Cold Desolate Dragon City. It was the same now. The Cold Desolate Dragon City was in the midst of rapid development. He needed a rich treasure vault to support its construction.

However, this guy was only a drake, and it was one that worked for the elves. It did not look like a rich dragon no matter what.

“Don’t tell me that your treasure consists of these gold coins…”

Lorne glanced at it coldly, and the Forest Drake immediately trembled in fear. Tens of thousands of gold coins was not a small amount. It was definitely a fortune, but at this moment, it did not seem to care.

If an ordinary adventurer said this, it would definitely think that the other party was just stupid and did not know the value of the gold coins.

However, this adventurer in front of him was different. As an angel, his horizons were definitely extraordinary, so it was normal to look down on gold coins.

Fortunately, it had other savings. Otherwise, it really could not deal with this guy.

The Forest Drake quickly revealed a happy expression. If the other party wanted money, then things would be easy. No matter what, its life was finally safe.

With that in mind, it quickly took out a magic scroll and said, “Master Adventurer, these are the magic scrolls I used to hide treasures. They were all hidden in the cave by me. Although it looks like there’s nothing inside, as long as I activate this magic scroll, the hidden treasures will immediately appear. Look…”

The Forest Drake triggered this magic scroll. The next moment, a dazzling light immediately blossomed in the cave not far away. Even from here, one could see that the walls were filled with high-quality gems. Even the ground was embedded with crystal. It looked extremely luxurious, even surpa.s.sing the purebred dragons that Lorne had encountered.

In fact, this was normal. After all, the nests of those dragons had been baptized for thousands of years. Some dragons had only set up their tombs after death, but they were not like this drake. It had signed a contract with the elves and could obtain some gems every year. The drake had a very long life as well. After so many years of cooperation, it had acc.u.mulated so many gems that it could not even fit into the cave. In the end, it could only pile the most worthless gold coins and some gems outside.


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