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Chapter 108 – Five Tyrannical Tigers

The ray of light was incredibly sharp and felt like an unstoppable imperious spear that was able to penetrate anything, astounding the crowd.

Following it, a lady wearing a masculine outfit landed before the crowd, her hair tied up in a bun, giving her the appearance of a handsome young man. However, the silver spear carried on her back added a hint of ferociousness, giving her the resemblance of a general going to war.

This lady was Li Hong, ranked tenth among the disciples of the inner domain.

As soon as she arrived, her attractive eyes fired a sharp gaze as she scanned the crowd and said, “Everyone, be quiet. Those who aren’t will have a taste of my spear.”

After hearing this the disciples shivered, as they instantly shut their mouths.

In a short period of time, they had all surrendered to the aura emitted by Li Hong.

Qin Nan stared at this Senior Sister Li Hong, while secretly unleashing his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit, before his eyes flickered with a hint of surprise.

Even though this Senior Sister Li Hong’s cultivation base was only at the sixth-layer Xiantian Realm, she had mastered the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm, giving her a terrifying strength in battle.

“I’m here to give you a lecture; I won’t help you to cultivate, nor teach you any Martial Skills.” Li Hong spoke in a rapid tone, without any hesitation, as she continued, “I’m not here to teach to be precise. Instead, I’m here to tell you how big the world is. Listen carefully, as I’m only going to say it once. I’ll ask questions later, and those who forgot the answers will have a taste of my spear!”

Many disciples trembled upon hearing this, and their thoughts were filled with the thought of Senior Sister Li Hong stabbing them with her spear, causing them to be terrified and gather all their focus at once.

Qin Nan was quite interested in hearing this.

Since he joined the Mystic Spirit Sect, he did not have the chance to learn more about the Canglan Continent; hence he was really interested to know how big this world really was.

“The Canglan Continent is split into the upper district and the lower district. The upper district is incredibly huge, with countless chances of fortunate encounters and powerful cultivators. In contrast, the lower district is like the difference between a swamp and the ocean; it can be considered wildlands.”

Most of the disciples did not know that the Canglan Continent was split into upper and lower districts.

Li Hong continued to speak.

“Our Mystic Spirit Sect belongs to the lower district.”

“The lower district has over a hundred countries and over five hundred sects. These sects are on the same level as our sect.”

“On top of these five hundred sects are the three sacred places. All the sects are managed by these three sacred places. In the lower district, they are considered the highest level of the cultivation hierarchy.”


At that instant, everyone’s eyes were widely open and their minds greatly astonished.

They never knew that the Mystic Spirit Sect was only one of the over five hundred sects in the lower district, and that there were three sacred places on top of the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Even Qin Nan had his expression change slightly.

Li Hong glanced at the crowd, before she continued, “Now, I’ll talk about cultivation base. Cultivation bases are grouped into: Body Tempering Realm, Xiantian Realm, Martial Emperor Realm, Martial Ancestor Realm, Martial Dominator Realm, Martial Highness Realm, Martial Progenitor Realm, Martial Monarch Realm, and Martial G.o.d Realm! Every realm is split into ten layers! Our Mystic Spirit Sect’s Sect Leader has reached the peak of Martial Ancestor Realm!”

Li Hong’s tone changed and she then said, “However, in the upper district, there exist the legendary Martial G.o.ds!”

Upon saying this, Li Hong’s tone calmed down surprisingly, as she continued, “Now, you all have to understand that it’s only the beginning after joining the Mystic Spirit Sect. Don’t a.s.sume that you’re superior with mere fortunate encounters and talents. The truth is that you’re only an ant.”

The brief talk served as a huge hammer, striking down in everyone’s heart.

Everyone at the scene had their eyes filled with a hint of deep respect; the superiority they had as disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect was gone.

Just as Li Hong had mentioned—they were merely ants.

Qin Nan took a deep breath. Even though the talk from Li Hong was less than a thousand words, every single word was like an explosion to his soul.

Since Qin Nan had awakened the Divine Battle Spirit and realized how overwhelming it was, he had had a dream to travel across the world and rule across the skies as the strongest cultivator, and live an unrestrained life at his own will. However, Qin Nan had yet to truly understand the world.

The talk from Li Hong helped him to understand the reason why Xiao Qingxue had told him that the Mystic Spirit Sect was only a beginning back at the Qin Clan.

It was because the world was huge—incredibly huge. Among all martial artists of the world, even Qin Nan was only a fine dust particle, or even less than that.

Li Hong was not in a rush to speak this time. She waited the full period it took for an incense to burn before she reached out her hand and pointed toward Qin Nan, and asked in a calm tone, “This disciple, please tell me how many realms are there in cultivation?”

Qin Nan was startled, before he answered rapidly, “The cultivation base is grouped into the Body Tempering Realm, Xiantian Realm, Martial Emperor Realm, Martial Ancestor Realm, Martial Dominator Realm, Martial Highness Realm, Martial Progenitor Realm, Martial Monarch Realm, and Martial G.o.d Realm, with every realm split into ten layers!”

“Well done.” Li Hong nodded her head and then threw a badge at him and said, “This is my badge. You’re free to visit me anytime at the inner domain mountain.”

After saying this, Li Hong stomped her foot onto the ground, and left the place in a flash.

Qin Nan was left stunned staring at the badge which had a spear carved onto it.

Upon seeing this, all the disciples were extremely jealous of him.

The question was so easy that even they could easily answer it correctly. However, they did not expect such an easy question would grant him Senior Sister Li Hong’s badge.

Senior Sister Li Hong was ranked tenth in the inner domain. If anyone were to have a close relationship with her, it would surely save a lot of trouble in the days to come while staying at the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Qin Nan shook his head and let out a wry smile. He failed to come up with an explanation why Li Hong would give him the badge. He was too lazy to think either, but he kept the badge and prepared to leave.

The lecture from Li Hong was like a ray of light which opened the door to a ma.s.sive world for Qin Nan, greatly affecting Qin Nan’s Martial Heart.

Hence, his only intention was to go home so that he could process his thoughts and digest the information, so as to redefine his Martial Heart.

Apart from Qin Nan, many of the disciples had already left the dojo. It seemed like the words from Li Hong gave them an utter shock too.

However, at that instant, a scornful voice could be heard, “Qin Nan, stop right there!”

Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows as he turned around to discover the person to be Nangong Ershao.

Only it was different this time, as five bulky men could be seen standing behind Nangong Ershao. These five bulky men had similar appearances, which gave him a strange feeling. Not only that, the five of them possessed harsh facial features, while emitting a ferocious aura as they approached him.

Qin Nan executed his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit, and discovered that these five bulky men had all reached the tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm, and had eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits.

These five bulky men could be considered top geniuses.

Meanwhile, Nangong Ershao came up to Qin Nan in a prideful manner and yelled, “Previously with your background, you dared to bully me at the Treasure Vault. In terms of cultivation, I’m not your opponent, but I’m not one to be bullied so easily! I’ve brought the Five Tyrannical Tigers here today. If you’re smart, you will kneel down and apologize right away!”

Behind Nangong Ershao, the five bulky men started smiling hideously.

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Editor: DOCuinn


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