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Chapter 1518 – Buddha’s Immortal Shadow

A terrifying dragon of lightning appeared in the sky. Its icy gaze suddenly stared at the South-Heaven Gate. The later shuddered as it felt a great chill running down its spine.


A tremendous force descended like the claw of a furious, gigantic beast, shattering the spear into pieces.


The South-Heaven Gate was startled. It quickly backed off.

As everyone knew, anyone who attacked the person that summoned the Tribulation would be treated as hostile by the Tribulation.

“Qin Nan’s Tribulation of the Martial G.o.d Realm has appeared!”

Many authorities seemed to be enlightened and relieved.

Even though they could not understand the details of the showdown between Empress Feiyue and her mysterious future life, they were aware of one thing…

Qin Nan would no longer be in danger after triggering the Tribulation.

Apart from the Tribulation, it was almost impossible for anyone else to kill Qin Nan.


At that instant, an unexpected change took place.

On the altar, there seemed to be some kind of force evolving in the bodies of Dragon Emperor, Longhu, Sima Kong, Tang Qingshan, and the Death Crystal.

The light they were emitting seemed to have turned into a G.o.dly sword soaring into the sky simultaneously.

A great force of the Heavens and Earth was gathered once again.

The force that the later four had gathered had surprisingly surpa.s.sed that controlled by Dragon Emperor.

“They are going to achieve the Martial G.o.d Realm after achieving the Martial Monarch Realm on their own too?”

The cultivators were unable to describe the astonishment they were experiencing with mere words.

When someone managed to rise amid boundless darkness, more flames would gradually be ignited.

It was described as the start of a new era.


The terrifying lightning dragon uttered a roar all of a sudden. Its presence loomed over Dragon Emperor and the others. Its body that was covered in scales that seemed to be some remarkable piece of treasure began to crack open.


Even Empress Feiyue and her future life were startled.

They could easily tell that the level of the Tribulation was equivalent to that triggered by someone leveling up to the Human G.o.d Realm.

Qin Nan had surpa.s.sed the Four Extremities and possessed the Dao Rune, thus it was reasonable for him to trigger a Tribulation of such level.

However, why would the Tribulation change once again?


In less than a breath, the lightning dragon completely disappeared. The Heavens and Earth shuddered due to its aura.

A blinding immortal glow appeared out of nowhere, driving the darkness away.

Several magnificent figures wearing immortal armor plates appeared in the sky like blossoming flowers.

The presence of the figures was similar to humans, beasts, demons, and even deities. Their cultivation would rise and fall at times, switching between the Martial G.o.d Realm and Martial Monarch Realm.

In the end, it finally stabilized in the Martial Emperor Realm, the same level as Qin Nan’s.

“What kind of Tribulation is this?”

Despite that, the cultivators were terrified too. Their voices began to tremble as their eyes were filled with fear.

They had sensed a great pressure coming from the eerie figures.

It felt like they were facing tenth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits when they were only tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits.

“Like humans, beasts, demons, and deities, could this be the Buddha’s Immortal Shadow Tribulation?”

Empress Feiyue and her future life, and Heaven G.o.d Lu who was standing quite a distance away were astounded, especially the later.

Even though the Buddha’s Immortal Shadow Tribulation only had a tenth of its actual strength, the Tribulation was normally triggered when someone was leveling up to the Heaven G.o.d Realm.

They had never seen a mere Martial Monarch triggering it when trying to level up to the Martial G.o.d Realm.

“Even fully mastering the Dao won’t allow him to go so far, does that mean the kid already has the Primary Fire in his body? Doesn’t that imply that his past life was…”

The future life experienced a tremendous shock. Her eyes flickered with astonishment.

The Tribulation of Three Lifetimes had completely exceeded her expectations. She did not expect the key person to overcome the Tribulation would possess such a shocking ident.i.ty.


Countless figures locked their gazes on Qin Nan and uttered loud roars.

An overwhelming murderous intent poured down on Qin Nan like an ancient river that had broken free from its restrains.

“Destruction Battle Saber!”

Qin Nan charged forward with a strong battle intent.

A faint crimson-golden armor was seen covering his body. The saber in his hand buzzed continuously in excitement.

In the crowd’s eyes, Qin Nan’s cultivation was only in the Martial Emperor Realm, yet his temperament was like that of a G.o.d of battle.


As the battle took place, the eerie figures were crushed into pieces by Qin Nan’s saber.

Whenever a figure was destroyed, Qin Nan’s body would emit a G.o.dly glow.

The G.o.d force inside his body evolved and strengthened continuously as if the layers of seals restricting the force were broken.

“I thought your Tribulation is going to be different, yet it’s only in the Martial Emperor Realm! There’s no need to wait any further, I can shatter your Tribulation now, to stop you from achieving the Martial G.o.d Realm!”

The G.o.d Ranking collected its thoughts and uttered a hollow laugh. It unleashed its power of the Martial Highness Realm and executed a series of killing blows targeting the eerie figures.

It would shatter the Tribulation first, then kill Qin Nan later!

“Stop it…”

The future life of the copper mirror was startled.

However, it was already too late.

The eerie figures fighting Qin Nan immediately turned around with a grin. Their auras immediately rose to the peak Martial Highness Realm as they threw a punch forward.

The Buddha’s Immortal Shadow Tribulation was just like Qin Nan and the copper mirror’s past life.

They would retain the same cultivation level as the person that triggered the Tribulation. However, if anyone attacked them, their cultivation would match that of the attacker.

It was the same even against a Heaven G.o.d Realm expert.


The G.o.d Ranking’s eyes widened. Its figure was devoured by the punches before it could react. It let out a cry of agony as its figure was shattered.

“You’re just as stupid as you always are. Why would they be having a secret discussion for so long if the situation was that simple…”

The spirit of the Monarch Ranking did not hide its disdain toward the G.o.d Ranking.

Even though it had teamed up with the G.o.d Ranking for many years, it was never impressed by the G.o.d Ranking. It had always wanted to devour the G.o.d Ranking.

However, before it could finish its sentence, it turned around as it suddenly noticed something. It turned out that the remaining force of the attack happened to be coming in its way.

Following another cry of agony, the will of the Monarch Ranking was destroyed too.


The future life of the copper mirror shook her head. She proceeded to transmit a message to the South-Heaven Gate.


She suddenly frowned after she finished her move.

Somehow in an instant, she had an uneasy feeling for no reason.

What was that?


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