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“Dragon Soaring Art!”

Qin Nan once again turned into an ancient immortal dragon, swinging the enormous dragon claws to shatter the Immortal Arts.

It seemed like he was trying to break free from the surround of the Peerless Geniuses forcibly with his cultivation and strength.

“Seven-Soul Mystic Art!”

“Great Boulder Immortal-Suppressing Curse!”

Following the hand seals that Wu Huisheng and Sima Xunbei performed, illusionary chains immediately wrapped around Qin Nan while immortal curses in the form of boulders entered Qin Nan’s body.

The two arts did not have any damage. They were specifically used to restrain Qin Nan from using the Sky-Stride Blow.

Otherwise, they would have no chance of landing their attacks on him.

“Scriptures of Sky Taihuang!”

Huangfu Hou made his move too. As he flung his sleeves, countless snowflakes burst out of them and slashed at Qin Nan like immortal sabers.

The snowflakes seemed to only contain an icy intent on the surface, yet they also contained the overwhelming Sky Taihuang Will that laid out several ancient formations with formidable power.

“Art of Three Reincarnation Swords!”

Yan Qingyan slashed forward.

From afar, it felt like her sword was utterly sharp, enough to slice through mountains and rivers. Her slash was merged with the Reincarnation Will which felt like a bottomless abyss. It would devour the target that the slash landed on.

The pressure that Qin Nan was feeling grew significantly.

The various kinds of danger were approaching from all directions. Even his Immortal Eyes of the Divine G.o.d of Battle and the Unstoppable Step were not enough to dodge all the attacks.

Besides, Wu Huisheng and the other Seven Elites of Heavens and Earth were quite strong too. Their Immortal Arts were none like those that were executed by the others.

“Battle Dao Immortal Ma.n.u.script!”

Qin Nan activated the Battle Dantian in his body without hesitation. Wisps of Divine Battle Will rose inside him. His aura became incredibly imperious as a result.

Many cultivators were astounded. They did not think Qin Nan would have learned an Art of Dao Seeking when he had yet to join any faction. However, they soon calmed down after second thought.

There were countless fortunate encounters in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. Many rogue cultivators had also learned Arts of Dao Seeking without joining any factions.

Besides, if Qin Nan did not practice an Art of Dao Seeking, it was unlikely that he would achieve the ninth-layer Human Immortal Realm right after he ascended as an immortal, nor would he possess such formidable strength.

“Destruction Battle Realm!”

Qin Nan stomped his foot, unleashing a blue-black glow into the surroundings.


The blue-black light shattered swiftly after colliding with the Immortal Arts, but it did defend Qin Nan against the first wave of attacks.

“Sky-Desolating Battle Saber Art!”

Qin Nan locked his eyes on Zhao Lijian, Long Chan, and the others. They were astounded when they saw the attack.

They somehow felt that Qin Nan’s slash was like the wrath of the Heavens. The power it contained was extremely terrifying, as if it could slash through anything.

“The True Bodhi Scriptures of the Buddhas!”

“Sky-Inheriting Inscriptions!”

Zhao Lijian and the others immediately unleashed their strongest moves. Long Chan, and a disciple of the Sky-Inheriting Sect even used their Art of Dao Seeking.


Following a loud explosion, the will of the Art of Dao Seeking and the rest of the attacks were shattered into pieces by the single slash. The remaining force landed on the chest of Zhao Lijian and the others like a G.o.dly dragon swinging its tail.

Moans of pain were heard.

The Battle Dao Immortal Ma.n.u.script had shown its brilliance for the first time.

“HAHA, Qin Nan, I’m glad to have you as my opponent!”

Wu Huisheng burst out laughing with excitement. He merged with the sword in his hand, emitting a shocking Dao Execution Will.

The sword was emitting wisps of Dao Glow too.

He had surpa.s.sed the Four Extremities after ascending to the Human Immortal Realm. He had currently probed the Dao Realm.

“Qin Nan, here I come!”

Zhao Kuo swung his halberd that was shrouded in a Dao glow.

Since they were referred to as the Seven Elites of Heavens and Earth, it went without saying that they were significantly ahead of the other Peerless Geniuses. They too had probed the Dao Realm.

“Unstoppable Step, Divine Battle Strike!”

It did not bother Qin Nan. He sprang forward at a shocking pace, as if he had turned into the Divine G.o.d of Battle. He was about to deliver judgment upon Zhao Lijian, Long Chan, and the others.

There were forty Peerless Geniuses flanking him, thus he could not just defend. He had to focus on taking out a bunch of them at a time.

Zhao Lijian, Long Chan, and the others felt their scalp turning numb as a strong icy intent struck their hearts.

“Get into formation!”

In the nick of time, Zhao Lijian let out a roar and performed a hand seal. He then took out the statue of the South World Immortal Emperor around the size of a palm and inserted his cultivation into it. He spat out three drops of blood onto it.

The twenty Peerless Geniuses that he recruited quickly took out the same statue and activated it with a hand seal.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Twenty-one dark blue rays burst into the sky, forming an ancient, magnificent, illusionary gate that somewhat looked similar to the South-Heaven Gate.

A strong aura surged into all directions. The s.p.a.cious dojo began to tremble.

In addition to the Peerless Geniuses on the dojo, even those watching the battle felt their hearts being pressed down by a huge rock from the immense pressure.

“Qin Nan, die!”

Zhao Lijian let out a roar. He controlled the illusionary gate to shatter Qin Nan’s saber intent. The enormous gate then slammed down on Qin Nan.


Wu Huisheng, Yan Qingyan, and the other Peerless Geniuses were startled.

They did not expect Zhao Lijian had prepared such an outstanding move. They also realized that Zhao Lijian was actually thinking of killing Qin Nan.

It had all happened too quickly.

Even they were unable to intervene in time.


The illusionary gate suppressed Qin Nan.

Qin Nan’s expression shifted as his body sank. His blood was surging wildly.

Both his immortal force and the Divine Battle Will were suppressed. Even his Crimson-Golden Battle Armor began to crack.

“Be gone!”

Qin Nan let out a roar and gathered his will. He merged with the saber and slashed at the gate.

“Trying to break free from it? In your dreams! Qin Nan, this is what you get for opposing the South World Immortal Emperor!”

Zhao Lijian mocked and snapped, “Drop to your knees and die!”

The illusionary gate shuddered and emitted a brilliant glow. It summoned countless ancient talismans covered in blue light to further strengthen its force.

“You seriously think a mere gate is enough to force me to go down on my knees and kill me?”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned cold. A brilliant glow that was significantly brighter than the light that Zhao Kuo and the others had emitted burst out of his body.

He had yet to fully unleashed his Dao glow as he did not want anyone to know that he had achieved the Greater Success Stage of the Dao Realm.

But now, there was no reason for him to hide his strength further!


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