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Following an icy voice, a sword intent consisting of white flames that seemingly contained an imperious aura appeared from the rift and slashed forward.

It was as if the entire mountain top had turned into a kingdom of ice. Every cultivator felt a bone-chilling iciness.

“Dao of the Sky!”

Vice Patriarch Hua Yu was astounded. He spat out a drop of blood and performed a hand seal, summoning a few hundred mystical light dots around the size of a fist in front of him.

Each light dot seemed ordinary, but they were instead the embryonic form of a small world. With enough energy supporting them, they could evolve into something similar to the Realm of the Sky.


The light dots broke into pieces together with the sword intent.

Vice Patriarch Hua Yu was sent flying by the powerful gusts of wind produced by the impact. It also shattered the s.p.a.cious dojo into pieces and inflicted significant damage on the place.

However, it was far from the end of it. The sword intent that had shattered suddenly split into hundreds of thousand sword intents pouring down at the mountain like a storm.

The mysterious cultivator was aiming to murder every person on the top of the mountain.


Envoy Feng Hua, Envoy Rong w.a.n.g, Envoy Yue Jue, and the rest of the Peerless Rulers were startled. The sword intents were like a heavenly judgment that was giving them an overwhelming sense of danger.


The cultivators had no choice but to defend themselves with everything they had by activating Immortal Arts, artifacts, and talismans.

“A Nine Heavens Supreme has come to kill me?”

Qin Nan gradually collected his thoughts amid the chaos. He roughly observed the situation and felt his eyelids jumping.

After he received the warning at the Land of Immortal Death, and the reminder from the copper mirror, he already knew something serious would happen when he ascended as an immortal.

However, why would a Nine Heavens Supreme suddenly target him, and would go as far as barging into the Realm of the Sky alone just to kill him?

“Qin Nan!”

A thunderous roar echoed in the surroundings.

Qin Nan subconsciously lifted his gaze and saw the mysterious young man was right above the mountain. Even though his face was hidden under the robe, Qin Nan could still feel that the man was looking down at him.

“Cultivator, you won’t be able to do any harm to Qin Nan today regardless of who you are! If you leave right now, we’ll forget what happened here.”

Supreme Chang Xiao arrived with ancient immortal kingdoms bursting out from his back, granting him an indescribable aura.

“Do you think the likes of you have a chance to stop me?”

The man in a gray robe uttered mockingly.

“Cultivator, it’s unnecessary to waste any time further. Do you think I’m unaware of what you’re doing behind the scenes? It’s true that I don’t stand a chance against you since you possessed the Dao Immortal Flames, but I’m not alone here in the Sky Taihuang Sect.”

Supreme Chang Xiao said calmly. The moment he finished the sentence, a magnificent figure over five hundred zhang tall that was formed with rays of mystical lightning suddenly descended from the sky. The Dao in the surroundings began to boil like water.

“Desolate Lightning Dao Art!”

The magnificent figure engaged right away. He swung his arm and summoned a desolated small world that was constructed with the Ancient Immortal Lightning. It floated between the Heavens and Earth like a terrifying beast with its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth wide open, as if it was going to devour the man in a gray robe.

The magnificent figure was the other Nine Heavens Supreme of the Sky Taihuang Sect, called Supreme Huanglei. His cultivation and strength were only slightly inferior to Supreme Chang Xiao.

“Realm of the Sky, heed my command. Realm dragons of the eight corners, seal off the sky and the Dao!”

Supreme Chang Xiao changed the hand seal. The immortal kingdoms behind him quickly spread throughout the eight directions of the Realm of the Sky, followed by cries of dragons.

A huge dragon over three hundred thousand zhang whose body was entirely covered in crystals came from each of the eight directions and soared into the sky.

The area within three hundred thousand li of the man in a gray robe was sealed away by layers of chains, together with the force of the Dao.

Empress Feiyue was unable to attend the Battle of the Strongest Immortal, hence she had alerted Envoy Feng Hua in advance and asked the man to lend Qin Nan a hand.

As a safety precaution, she had also alerted Supreme Chang Xiao too. It was the main reason why Supreme Chang Xiao had suddenly added more to the prize.

Supreme Chang Xiao was curious how impressive the young man that Empress Feiyue had specifically set her eyes on was.

When Empress Feiyue sensed the will of Qin Nan’s past life, she immediately told Supreme Chang Xiao and Supreme Huanglei to prepare in advance.

The Eight Realm Dragons were the precaution that Supreme Chang Xiao had taken.

Once it was executed, it would use the energy of the Realm of the Sky to seal off the enemy. Even a strong Nine Heavens Supreme would struggle to break free from it within a few hours.

“Cultivator, a word of advice, you should leave now…”

Supreme Chang Xiao said. The man in a gray robe was most likely related to the legendary Ninth Immortal, thus it was unwise to kill him.

Otherwise, it would surely result in a huge disaster to the Sky Taihuang Sect. Even if they managed to fend off the enemy, they would suffer incredible losses too.

“Are you trying to embarra.s.s yourself with a mere trick like that?”

To his surprise, the man in a gray robe burst out laughing before he could finish. The man did not bother concealing his disdain.

“Primordial Heaven!”

As the man pointed forward, the Dao Immortal Flames surprisingly turned into something like a black hole which shattered the Desolate Lightning World into pieces.

The eight realm dragons in the distance went berserk and cried out wildly as if they were struck by an odd intent.

The seals over three hundred thousand li shook vigorously too. It felt like the seals were weakened by powerful waves.


Supreme Chang Xiao and Supreme Huanglei exchanged glances with one another. They did not expect the mysterious cultivator to possess such capabilities.

Their eyes flickered coldly.

It seemed like the man had no intention to leave before killing Qin Nan. If that was the case, it was time for them to pay some price and fight seriously.


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