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Chapter 1805 – The Missing Flower

A moment later, the outermost part of the Six Unity Forbidden Land…

Unlike before, there were now cultivators everywhere.

They were Human Immortals, Heaven Immortals, and occasionally some Peerless Rulers pa.s.sing by.

Apart from the Human Immortals, cultivators in the Earth Immortal Realm and above did not stay around for too long. They quickly headed deeper into the place.

The rare phenomena had taken place deep inside the Six Unity Forbidden Land. Even though their cultivation was not strong enough to compete for the loots, they could at least look around in the middle sector.

There were quite a lot of successions and fortunate encounters in the middle sector too.

Qin Nan and Ling Lanlan quickly regrouped with the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor and the others.

“Qin Nan, you’re finally here!”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor seemed to be nursing a grievance against him judging from the look in his eyes.

When the rare phenomena occurred a few hours ago, the terrifying intent surging from deep within the place had given them a great scare. They had no choice but to clench their teeth and hold their ground as they could not afford to leave.

“I’m sorry, there has been a change of plan. I’m going deeper into the place,” Qin Nan said.

Initially, they were planning to make their way back to the Land of Extraordinaries after securing the Supreme Heart Fruit. The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor would continue communicating with the artifacts while Qin Nan was focusing on bringing Princess Miao Miao them back to life.

“Qin Nan, that’s fine, you are my brother, I won’t hesitate to go deeper into the place with you,” Yuanji said seriously.

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor and the others immediately gave him a disdainful look.

How shameless was the bald donkey to even say something like that? They all knew a Nine Heavens Supreme of the Ancient Bodhi Temple had gone deeper into the Six Unity Forbidden Land. Yuanji was no longer afraid since the Nine Heavens Supreme would be able to keep an eye on him.

“We’ll decide later, let’s head to the middle sector for now.”

Blood-Eye did not mind it, but the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor and Xiu Shenliang had yet to make up their mind.

Even though there were incredible fortunes deep inside the place, it was too dangerous still. Even Peerless Rulers would struggle to protect themselves, and there was a chance that a Nine Heavens Supreme would die too.


Qin Nan nodded. He took the lead and disappeared into the path ahead.

Even though they were currently on the same boat and the journey so far had been smooth, the circ.u.mstances were different for everyone. It was unnecessary to forcibly tie them all together.

Time gradually pa.s.sed; an hour was gone fairly soon.

The Six Unity Forbidden Land did not have clear distinctions between the middle sector and the inner sector.

However, as Qin Nan and the others ventured deeper, they clearly sensed that they had reached the middle sector.

The reason was that the pressure they were feeling from the place had grown stronger. Their Divine Sense was completely suppressed. They could only use their eyes to observe the surroundings.

It was actually a good news for them. After all, the Divine Sense of the Nine Heavens Supremes and the Peerless Rulers would cover a huge distance, thus it was easy for them to be exposed.

The only downside was the inability to detect the deadly traps and forbidding formations across the place. If they accidentally triggered some of them, they might suffer from serious injuries or even die to them.

“The place is about to undergo the second wave of rare phenomena.”

Doom’s voice suddenly echoed in their minds.

“The second wave of rare phenomena?”

Qin Nan and the others were startled. They subconsciously raised their heads.

They noticed countless golden talismans spreading rapidly amid a huge red area. The talismans hovered silently in the air.

“They seem like some Buddhism talismans,” Yuanji said.

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor’s eyelids blinked. He flicked his finger and unleashed a wisp of demon intent.

An eerie sight took place. When the demon intent approached the talismans, a great force burst out from the talismans and shattered the intent into pieces.

“Holy c.r.a.p! What the h.e.l.l just happened?”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor felt chills running down his spine as he spoke, “These talismans have sealed off the sky. We are going to perish if we tried to fly across forcibly.”

Xiu Shenliang and Blood-Eye immediately cast a disdainful look at the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor. The former grunted scornfully, “And you still call yourself a Demon Emperor? So what if the sky is sealed off? The entire Six Unity Forbidden Land is surrounded by the Utter Extermination Yellow River anyway. Anyone that tries to fly across it is going to die either way.”

“Ugh, that’s true…kid, how dare you lecture me?”

Qin Nan and the others soon recovered from their shock. They continued on their way.

They encountered quite a few traps and forbidding formations, but they had no problem nullifying them as they were not too deadly. They also found some natural resources and ancient artifacts.

They inevitably stumbled into some cultivators along the way. Even though many of them tried to avoid Qin Nan and his crew, the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor still ended up robbing them all.

Yuanji too had knocked a few of the cultivators out from the back to rob them. Ling Lanlan initially despised their actions, but she soon joined in the fun too.

They all believed the quickest way to becoming rich was by robbing the others.

“Is that…”

They suddenly halted in their track.

They saw five blinding immortal rays soaring into the sky in the distance.

Three of the immortal rays had transformed into rare phenomena resembling a heavenly maid scattering blossoms, an ancient tree standing firmly, and the dance of wind and rain.

It clearly indicated that five successions had shown up.

In addition to it, the five successions were no ordinary loots judging from the immortal rays.

“Hehe, finally!”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor excitedly rubbed his hands and said to Qin Nan, “What do you think? Shall we go take a look together? You are now in the peak Earth Immortal Realm, only a step away from achieving the Heaven Immortal Realm.”

He added after a slight pause, “If you successfully achieve the Heaven Immortal Realm, you should be able to nullify some of the dangers we might encounter when we reached the inner sector.”

Many cultivators had gathered in the Six Unity Forbidden Land. Apart from the Peerless Rulers and Nine Heavens Supremes, they were countless Heaven Immortals too.

Without Qin Nan and Yuanji, the two strongest cultivators among them, the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor strongly doubted if they could even see any of the successions that were available.

“That sounds reasonable, which one should we go to?”

Qin Nan nodded after a slight ponder.

The battle in the inner sector had only just begun. It was still not the time for him to loot the corpses yet.

“I believe the rare phenomenon resembling a heavenly maid scattering blossoms is the most unusual among them…” the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor said.

“Eight Brilliance, how unreliable are you? Let me choose.”

Yuanji interrupted by waving his hand. He said with utter confidence, “I’ve practiced a Buddhism Art that was tightly related to karma. I can easily figure out which place is going to benefit us the most.”

He immediately moved his hands around to perform several Bodhi seals. Wisps of Bodhi intents gathered and drew the outline of a mirror.


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