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Chapter 2163

Meanwhile, the seventh forbidden area…

Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, Yi Shi, Cheng Mu, and the Masters of Dao who did not take part in the battle had already backed away to the edge after collecting their thoughts. They were using their own methods to watch Bai Zhongsheng slaughter the Masters of Dao.

They were only planning to witness the astonishing battle at first, yet they soon felt a strong chill running down their spines. They had no choice but to go closer to the center when they sensed terrifying auras approaching from the distance.

The Supreme Haotian Badge also sensed the extraordinary presence. The patterns on it glowed brightly as the Power of Rules spread toward the boundary of the seventh forbidden area.

Loud cries at the center of the battlefield had disappeared. They were replaced with a continuous recitation of Buddhist scriptures.

The voice alone was calming.

However, the sight that was taking place was utterly terrifying. Every inch of the land was covered by a deadly aura.

Bai Zhongsheng had vented the frustrations that had acc.u.mulated in his heart for many years after displaying his true strength. He and his clones steadily approached the Masters of Dao.

b.l.o.o.d.y swords were swung in their directions.

The reputable authorities whom many feared paid a painful price. They had all regretted their decision.


Master Shangjian, Extreme Dao Master, and the rest of the authorities realized were overwhelmed by fear when they realized their efforts were in vain. They turned into rays of light flying into the distance.

They had completely tossed the secrets of the Supreme Highness and the Art of Ten Lifetimes out of their minds!

“Aren’t you a little impolite leaving like that? How am I going to explain myself to my master? Besides, I’ve only read three pages of the scriptures,” Bai Zhongsheng exclaimed. His sword sprang forward and hovered in the rift.


A shocking Power of Rules burst out from the sword and turned into red illusionary chains looming over the area within a few million li.

“Fellow cultivators, our lives are at stake now. We can’t afford to preserve our strength any further. Use everything you have!” Master Shangjian, Extreme Dao Master, and the others yelled.


Powerful auras sprang into the sky. The land began to shake vigorously.

Blinding light rays collided in the sky, resulting in deafening explosions.

However, the chains remained firm as if they were not affected at all.

A calm recitation of scriptures echoed behind them.

Meanwhile, rare phenomena were occurring behind Empress Feiyue, including an immortal giving directions, a mysterious figure swinging its sword around, and an ancient purple glow.

The rare phenomena spread rapidly across the area. When they reached a distance of over ten li, a strong wind began to rise.

Unlike a normal wind, the people could not help but feel amazed like they were witnessing something mystical when the wind blew at them.

“It’s the Wind of Rules!”

Xu Xiangsheng and the Masters of Dao who sustained serious injuries lifted their gaze in joy.

As they thought, the sky that was filled with blue and golden light rays soon had stormy clouds with the presence of a Tribulation.

Empress Feiyue had already completed the important step. She would surely achieve the Ruler Realm if she had time!

“It’s all because of him…”

Xu Xiangsheng looked at Qin Nan who remained still on the same spot. The anger and murderous aura he was emitting did not weaken despite the deaths of so many Masters of Dao.

His anger would only fall once Bai Zhongsheng killed every Master of Dao and Empress Feiyue successfully became a Ruler of Dao.

Xu Xiangsheng let out a sigh. He was not jealous of Qin Nan’s terrifying past life, but the relationship between him and Empress Feiyue.


Terrifying roars suddenly occurred across the forbidden area and disrupted Xu Xiangsheng’s thoughts.

The Supreme Haotian Badge shuddered. It released several golden phoenixes with formidable auras.

The phoenixes uttered loud cries and spread in all directions.

“What’s happening?”

Xu Xiangsheng and the Masters of Dao immediately observed the phoenixes. Their expressions shifted greatly following a glance.

Enormous figures emerged across the boundary of the seventh forbidden area. There were ferocious beasts, skeletons, and artifacts.

Despite their strange shapes, their auras were incredibly powerful.

Most importantly, two of the ferocious beasts had already extended their claws beyond the boundary of the seventh forbidden area.

Such a simple action was enough to express their intention!

Since the Hundred Years Oath regarding the Battle of the Masters was established, no mysterious existence in the Ruler Realm had ever set foot in the seventh forbidden area.

It was their first time breaking the rules and showing their hostility toward the Supreme Haotian Badge!

Xu Xiangsheng suddenly saw cracks appearing across the land not far from the mysterious existence.

Two old men and a young woman stepped out from the rift.

Xu Xiangsheng’s eyes widened.

He used to be a Young Master of the Xu Clan. He was familiar with the three who had just shown up. They were the Rulers of Dao of their respective factions who had been around in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm for over five thousand years!

“This is only the beginning,” Xu Xiangsheng gasped when he realized how serious things were going to be.

“Luckily, the seniors have made sure every Master of Dao must swear they won’t enter the battlefield before the Hundred Years Oath and the Battle of the Masters are not happening,” Xu Xiangsheng said.

Only Eternal Night Heaven Highness and certain mysterious existences were not restricted by the oath.

Wait a second…

Xu Xiangsheng shuddered.

He realized a scarier problem when he was wondering how Empress Feiyue was going to leave the seventh forbidden area after she achieved the Ruler Realm.

What if Eternal Night Heaven Highness showed up?


Would the Supreme Haotian Badge be able to stop him?



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