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Chapter 2165

“Cultivator Qin Nan, the Extreme Living Gate had a lot of misunderstandings about you in the past, but if you are willing to let our people go, the Extreme Living Gate will leave you and Extreme Living Gate alone for a month. We are also willing to compensate for your loss!” the Ruler of Dao of the Extreme Living Gate spoke.

It was obvious that the Extreme Dao Master was very concerned about the lives of their Masters of Dao. Otherwise, they would not make such a huge compromise.

“Cultivator Qin Nan, you are the reincarnation of a Supreme Highness. Why are you being so fussed with those Masters of Dao? If you are willing to let them go, the Ten Desires Sect will leave you alone for a month and compensate for your loss too. What do you think?”

“Cultivator Qin Nan…”

The formidable factions took turns to give their offers.

They did not have any other choice since a lot of the Masters of Dao of their factions were taking part in the battle. It would be a great loss to their factions if the Masters of Dao were killed in the battle. It would also damage their reputation.

Second, they could tell the storm Qin Nan had stirred was not going to end in a short period of time.

After all, there were only less than ten formidable factions who were willing to compromise!

The rest of the formidable factions and mysterious existences were not going to give up so easily. It was difficult to predict the outcome of the battle.

The mysterious existences who surrounded the boundary of the seventh forbidden area came to a stop too. Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and the Masters of Dao were watching the battle closely as if they were involved in it too.

“Who are you?”

“I’m from the Extreme Living Gate. The people usually call me Extreme Dao Master. My name is…”

Extreme Dao Master’s heart was lit up with flames of hope. He tried his best to speak calmly.

However, before he could finish, an icy slash swept across his neck. His eyes widened.

Qin Nan had killed him without any hesitation!

“Qin Nan, how dare you!”

The ancient voice that spoke at first yelled with anger.

“Who are you?”

Qin Nan ignored the voice and continued to ask the next Master of Dao. The Master of Dao knew what was going to happen. He stayed quiet with a pale face. Qin Nan did not wait for his answer either. He swung his saber at him.

Each question was followed by a slash.

“Qin Nan!”

Angry roars echoed between the Heavens and Earth like deafening claps of thunder.

The Rulers of Dao were still a great distance away from the Battlefield of Aeon, yet their wrath had already reached the sky of the seventh forbidden area, resulting in spectacular rare phenomena.


Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and the Masters of Dao could not find words to describe their feelings.

When Bai Zhongsheng displayed his true strength and killed the Masters of Dao while reading the scriptures, they were overwhelmed by fear and his strength.

However, the impact was even stronger when Qin Nan took over his role.

“A strong wind is already brewing, yet he won’t stop killing!” Moxie and Demon Emperor Wutian were pleased.

It was the first time a Supreme Highness had shown his authority after thousands of years!

A few moments later, dead bodies and blood scattered across the place. Qin Nan finally calmed his anger after he killed Master Shangjian, just as Xu Xiangsheng had guessed.

His bloodshot eyes returned to normal.

“Senior Bai…” Qin Nan brought his fists together.

“Hold it!”

Bai Zhongsheng said with a wry smile, “My master, even though I would like to take advantage of you when you refer to me as your senior, but there are a lot of people watching here. I can’t let them think I’m being disrespectful.”

He said after a brief pause, “Let’s put that aside for now. There’s something important I must tell you.”

He transmitted his voice before Qin Nan could speak, “I’m here to help you overcome the dangerous situation, but I can’t do it alone, I need you to do something too.”

Qin Nan immediately answered, “Tell me what I have to do.”

Bai Zhongsheng said with a smile, “It’s very simple, you just have to wait here for a while. You will know everything soon. I’ll excuse myself to have a little reunion with the Supreme Haotian Badge.”

He bowed at Qin Nan and turned into a ray of light which disappeared into the Supreme Haotian Badge.

Qin Nan looked at Empress Feiyue in a gentle way.

The center of the battlefield returned to calm.

Only the Wind of Rules which Empress Feiyue was emitting was howling. More stormy clouds had gathered above her.

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli knew it was the final calm before the storm in the seventh forbidden area. A storm that surged throughout the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm was going to fall upon the place.

The lord of the City of Darkness wore a blank face, “Is the Supreme Haotian Badge Bai Zhongsheng’s final resort?”

Moxie and Demon Emperor Wutian did not answer him. They lifted their gaze and stared into the distance.


A few moments later, a scarier battle took place.

The mysterious existences in the Ruler Realm seemed to have reached an agreement with the formidable factions. They were making their way toward the seventh forbidden area while unleashing shocking forces.

Loud blasts were taking place across the battlefield.

The Supreme Haotian Badge was emitting a blinding glow with Bai Zhongsheng’s help. It summoned nine hundred and ninety-nine golden phoenixes with great power which loomed over the battlefield and spat out flames at the enemies.

Some time later, the authorities of the Mumen Sect who were the closest to the battlefield arrived.

The authorities of the Li Clan, Zheng Clan, Xu Clan, and Wu Clan arrived too.

Li Ji, Mo Xiaoli, and the Masters of Dao had to hide cautiously. They would only end up as cannon fodder if they were caught in the storm.

Qin Nan’s heart began to pound heavily. He was sensing strange energy from the rift. He subconsciously rose to his feet and looked upward.

His soul was shivering too.

He was struggling to find the words to describe the excitement in his heart.

“It’s coming!” Moxie said. His eyes were like pitch-black vortexes as he wore a stern expression.

Demon Emperor Wutian beside him shared the same reaction too.

“What’s coming?” the lord of the City of Darkness asked.

“The legendary Undying Cycle Mountain which is closely related to the origin force of the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!”

“It has come to acknowledge its master!”


The words served as loud claps of thunder.



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