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Chapter 2196: The Celestial Palace, Part Two

“Zhuang Nan, think of a way to suppress the two women with Qin Nan!” Xiang Hun transmitted his voice as a thought crossed his mind.

He was familiar with Qin Nan’s personality. Even if something went wrong in the end, he still had the upper hand if they were able to detain Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan, not to mention the hostage he already had in his hands.

“Patriarch Xiang, can’t I fight Qin Nan instead? He defeated me last time. I finally have the Coexistence of the Nine Fleshes. It’s the perfect chance for me to get my revenge, yet you are asking me to fight two women instead…” Zhuang Nan was displeased with the arrangement.

He was going to use the opportunity to show everyone the power of the Coexistence of the Nine Fleshes so people would fear him.

How could he possibly display its true power if he was to fight the two women?

However, he shrugged and stopped talking when he saw the icy look in Xiang Hun’s eyes.

“You guys, come with me.”

Zhuang Nan chose a few Nine Heavens Supremes of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect and disappeared into the crowd.

“Xiang Hun and his men are on the move!”

Many authorities were relieved when they saw Xiang Hun’s men joining the battle.

If Xiang Hun chose to be a bystander and wait until both sides suffered great losses from the battle, the formidable factions would struggle to take the initiative later.

The battle was so intense and loud that no one had noticed the rare transformation of the lights in the sky except for Xiang Hun, Qin Nan, and the two women.

“It’s happening”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with an ancient demonic will.

Loud chimes echoed in the ears of the cultivators at a steady rate.


The Nine Heavens Supremes finally realized something was not right.


The Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree shuddered as the lights on top of the tree soared into the clouds like a fierce tide.

A palace over ten thousand zhang tall and a thousand zhang wide took shape. It looked like it was carved with a gigantic ancient jade by an impressive master.

The palace was crystalline with a bright glow.

“What…what is this?”

The authorities and Nine Heavens Supremes were dumbfounded by the sight.

The palace had never appeared whenever the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree blossomed in the past.


The people who managed to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm were not idiots. They immediately connected the pieces as they recalled how the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree had blossomed in advance, the extra five Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits, and Xiang Hun’s att.i.tude throughout the battle.

It was obvious that both Xiang Hun and Qin Nan knew something about the palace.

It was likely that they were after the palace right from the beginning.

The former was not here for the Undying Cycle Mountain and the Ownerless Heaven Pattern. The latter was not here for the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits either.

“Princess, Lanlan, we’ll stick to our plan. The two of you will stay here and try to claim the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruits to achieve the Master Realm,” Qin Nan transmitted his thought.

“Xiao Nanzi, since when do you become so indecisive? Just go and remember to teach Xiang Hun that traitor a lesson, or I’ll punish you myself!” Princess Miao Miao threatened while Jiang Bilan nodded softly.


Qin Nan smiled. His aura skyrocketed.


Qin Nan immediately gathered the Dao intent of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and turned them into a powerful slash.

It shattered the attacks and the traps which Zheng Hou, Holy Monk w.a.n.gjin, and the others were using against him.

Qin Nan flew past them and headed straight for the palace.

Meanwhile, Xiang Hun was also flying to the palace.

The two were flying side by side to one another, yet they seemed to be unaware of one another’s existence. They did not even bother glancing at one another.

“Let’s head inside too!”

The existences who were ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard flew to the palace without any hesitation.

Some peak Nine Heavens Supremes and rogue cultivators decided to give up on the Heaven-Reaching Dao Trees and followed them into the palace.


A few moments later, both Qin Nan and Xiang Hun let out a deafening roar as they attacked the entrance of the palace with destructive force.

The entrance broke into pieces of glowing dots drifting into the air.

A wisp of the Indestructible Force, a magnificent demonic will, and a mysterious will burst out of the palace like three powerful tides.


Qin Nan and Xiang Hun did not dodge them. They easily resisted them, but their eyes flickered with doubts.

The former did not expect there was a third will on top of the Indestructible Force and the demonic will. The third will was not weaker than the first two either.

As for Xiang Hun, he was bewildered.


In comparison, the authorities, peak Nine Heavens Supremes, and rogue cultivators behind them were astounded.

Those who were not ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard, in particular, were overwhelmed by the three kinds of will. They subconsciously backed away as if they were in an unprecedented calamity.

Qin Nan and Xiang Hun both collected their thoughts and went inside the palace.

The authorities and peak Nine Heavens Supremes did not retreat. They quickly followed Qin Nan and Xiang Hun using everything they had.

They soon saw the inside of the palace.

The walls were carved with ancient drawings. Most of them were about nature. Only four of them were cultivators, but their faces were unrecognizable.

The end of the hall had a fountain with a diameter of less than three zhang on the left. Its water was cloudy with various lights glowing in it.

It was not big, but every Nine Heavens Supreme could sense a mystical energy flowing in it.

At the center was a stone pillar with a small box on it. The box was already open. It had a pitch-black seed in it.

On the right was an altar less than five zhang wide. A thick book was above it. It was emitting a tremendous demonic will, as if it was the source of evil in the world.

“Is that…”

Even the Sixth Immortal, Xiang Hun, was in disbelief when he saw the three objects in the hall.


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