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Chapter 240 – Level Up Failed

…Inner Domain Peak, inside the first residence…

Ouyang Jun’s expression turned incredibly unpleasant. He had not expected Qin Nan to obtain the favor of the Longhu Ancestor Beast in his recent trip to the Longhu Mountain Range.

Together with Princess Miao Miao and the Great Elder, there were now three Martial Ancestor Realm experts supporting Qin Nan.

“d.a.m.n it, he is just a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit cultivator. I also have a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, why can’t I have his luck?” Ouyang Jun could not help but groan in his heart.

At that instant, he was extremely jealous of Qin Nan.

“Good thing is, he will soon be killed by Leng Feng and Tan Jian; his mere existence will be erased!”

Ouyang Jun’s thoughts turned calm.

At that instant, another rune arrived from above.

Before Li Hong could catch it, Ouyang Jun’s figure swiftly grabbed the rune and said, “I will check the message this time. I want to be the first one to be notified of Qin Nan’s death, HAHAHA!”

Li Hong was slightly startled, who then gave Ouyang Jun a deep look. She realized that Ouyang Jun had unconsciously lost his confidence.

Ouyang Jun took a deep breath, his heart filled with a perturbed feeling as he checked the message by inserting his sense into the rune.

With a glimpse, his face immediately reddened while veins began to pop up on his forehead as he uttered a roar, “How is this possible! How is this possible! Even with Tan Jian and Leng Feng joining forces, they too were slain by Qin Nan!”

Li Hong and Xiao Qingxue were astonished, who both gasped after collecting their thoughts.

“I will kill him! I will kill him with my own hands!”

Ouyang Jun became enraged.

Since Qin Nan’s return, many geniuses who were recruited by the Jun Alliance were trampled by him. If he were to let Qin Nan stay alive, the reputation of the Jun Alliance would surely be non-existent!

“Ouyang Jun, don’t be reckless!” Li Hong yelled, “He now has three Martial Ancestor Realm experts supporting him. Isn’t it committing suicide if you were to trouble him now? You must wait, wait until your father becomes a Martial Dominator!”


Ouyang Jun did not reply. His hands trembled due to his anger, while his face twisted.

He had waited too long, his desire to kill Qin Nan had expanded to an unimaginable level.


After a while, Ouyang Jun forced the word out between the gaps of his teeth.

He had no choice but to lower his head for the time being. Although he was a scornful person, he was forced to withhold his anger for the time being.

A smile appeared on Xiao Qingxue’s face, which was then replaced with sorrow as a sudden thought came to her.

“Wait until my father levels up to become a Martial Dominator, I will rob all of his possessions with my own hands!” Ouyang Jun’s eyes emitted a terrifying glow.

He was too jealous of Qin Nan, such that his jealousy had completely evolved into hatred!

At that moment, a sparkling rune accompanied by a thick suppression of the Martial Emperor Realm could be seen flying toward the residence.

“This is…”

Ouyang Jun, Li Hong, and Xiao Qingxue were astounded.

This Sound Conducting Rune was known as the Emperor Sound Conducting Rune. Each rune was extremely precious. Once used, it could deliver a message within a thousand miles, which was only used for emergency purposes.

“What the h.e.l.l happened?”

Ouyang Jun’s eyes glistened as he immediately grabbed the Emperor Sound Conducting Rune with his hand. When he inserted his sense into the rune and checked the message…


It felt like he was struck by a thunderbolt.

Ouyang Jun’s face turned incredibly pale, as if his blood had stopped flowing. With a shudder, his body crashed and fell to the ground.



The Hall Leaders, the authorities, and the elders all took deep breaths. They could faintly feel that they had just witnessed the birth of a peerless genius.

“Qin Nan is too terrifying, to possess such a strength in just half a year’s time!”

“Judging from his luck, he will surely acquire the top spot among the inner disciples when he becomes a Martial Emperor Realm expert!”

“Did you forget? Qin Nan managed to achieve a thousand steps in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, and…”

“There is no limit to this kid’s potential!”


Both the elders siding with the Sect Leader, and those who remained neutral could not help but exclaim in their hearts.

In the past fifty years, apart from the core disciples, Qin Nan was worthy to be called the top genius of the Mystic Spirit Sect!

“d.a.m.n it, how could this be, how could this be…” The Disciplinary Hall Leader uttered a roar in his heart.

The geniuses could not beat Qin Nan, and they could not beat the two Martial Ancestor Realm experts. Does this mean I cannot avenge my son today?

The eyes of the Leader of the Treasure Vault flickered with a hint of cruelty, who secretly communicated with the authorities and the elders siding with the Sect Leader, “At this stage, no one can match Qin Nan’s strength. We should leave for now and wait until the Sect Leader successfully becomes a Martial Dominator. Then everyone here, including the Longhu Ancestor Beast, Princess Miao Miao, the Great Elder, and Qin Nan will never escape from our grasps!”

Those who received the message turned silent, an indication that they had agreed with the plan in their hearts.

However, at that instant, over ten sparkling golden Emperor Sound Conducting Runes could be seen flying toward them.

“This is…”

The Leader of the Treasure Vault and the rest were surprised, who then reached out their hands to catch the runes.

Meanwhile, an Emperor Sound Conducting Rune landed onto Gong Yang’s hand. Filled with doubts, Gong Yang took a look at its contents, whose face was then filled with a hint of joy as he shouted, “HAHAHA, the Sect Leader’s process of leveling up to a Martial Dominator… is a failure!”

The words served as a thunderous crash filling the hearts of the crowd.

Failed to level up to a Martial Dominator?

The Sect Leader failed his level up to a Martial Dominator?

At that instant, the Hall Leaders and the authorities all read the messages. After reading the message with their own eyes, their faces turned incredibly pale, as if they were struck by a ray of lightning.

Level up failed!

The Sect Leader failed to level up!

Does that mean… those siding with the Great Elder will be unstoppable?

“Humph, did he really think that leveling up to the Martial Dominator Realm is an easy task? Not to mention the talent needed, he would also need a certain level of luck, the right timing, the right location and the right person.” The Longhu Ancestor Beast said in a smug tone. I can’t help but to admit that I’m so smart, I have long predicted this outcome.

“Failed to become a Martial Dominator, huh?”

Princess Miao Miao touched her chin, and her big pair of eyes scanned the crowd, as an evil grin appeared on her face.


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