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Chapter 832 – The All-Knowing Scroll of the Middle Continent

Meanwhile, at a mysterious place within the Dragon Emperor Clan.

“Two thousand and first?” The middle-aged man said while shaking his head, “How disappointing! Did Seventh Brother choose the wrong person? I can’t blame him though, as it’s almost impossible to find someone suitable.”

He a.s.sumed that Qin Nan would at least come in the top ten!

“Chief, I don’t think we should jump to conclusions straight away. Don’t you think the outcome is fishy? Qin Nan was ranked first initially, but his rank dropped to two thousand and first. Regardless whether the Monarch Ranking had made a mistake, he still got the most Monarch Crystals as a reward…” A female spoke, whose voice was pleasant as usual.

“Chief, I agree with her too.” Another male spoke.

“Am I being too impatient?” The middle-aged man burst out laughing, “Fine, since you two have spoken, I shall give him another chance.

Saying this, his gaze became thoughtful.

If Qin Nan was not the one they were waiting for, he would eliminate him without hesitation.

The Dragon Emperor Clan no longer needed humans!



…At the dojo of the Dragon Emperor Clan…

Elder Lin stood in the air and glanced at the crowd, “From today onward, you are officially the disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan, which means you’ve finally established your roots here in the Middle Continent. I’m aware that your ranks vary among one other. Those who were ranked lower, don’t give up. You still have opportunities to alter your destinies, as the Middle Continent is filled with fortunate encounters! Those who were ranked higher, don’t be proud, as they are countless people who are better than you. You’re nothing at all!”

The words served as an explosion.

The blank gazes of many disciples were gradually filled with a sense of life.

That was right, this was only the beginning!

“On a side note, this scroll is known as the All-Knowing Scroll of the Middle Continent. As the name implies, it contains information about everything in the Middle Continent. For example, the information about various factions, the forbidden areas that are beneficial for your cultivations, information about trades, etc.” Elder Lin waved his hand and a scroll appeared.

Unlike other scrolls, the center of the scroll was emitting a crimson glow, which was quite astonishing.

“The All-Knowing Scroll that you will be getting is slightly different. It has various information about the Dragon Emperor Clan. Read it carefully once you return to your mountains!”

Elder Lin flicked his finger.

Countless beams of light were fired into the hands of each disciple, each corresponding to an All-Knowing Scroll of the Middle Continent.

“This will come in handy…”

Qin Nan inspected the scroll. He was still clueless about the actual situation of the Middle Continent.

“One more thing, after settling down and reading the All-Knowing Scroll, go report yourself to the Cultivation Hall in your respective mountains. The elders will be there to recruit you as their disciples.” Elder Lin glanced at Qin Nan with a thoughtful look.

That would not apply to Qin Nan as he was a human.

“Alright, Mu Mu and Xuan Yue will stay, the others may leave!”

Elder Lin waved his hand.

Mu Mu and Xuan Yue were startled.

“It’s most likely that Mu Mu had caught the attention of the authorities with her result, but that might be a good thing too. If they were to discover the poison in Mu Mu’s body, they would surely lend a hand to cleanse it.” Qin Nan murmured. He glimpsed at Mu Mu, before leaving the dojo with a flicker.

A moment later, Qin Nan returned to the Human Peak.

“HAHA, kid, that’s impressive! You managed to achieve your result with a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!” A laughter echoed in the Human Peak, which was the Six-Spirited Dragon Vein of the Human Peak.

Qin Nan brought his hands together and had a friendly chat, before he excused himself and swiftly proceeded to the Cultivation Hall.

The two hounds and mouse were still cultivating in seclusion. It was obvious that their cultivations had improved over the period he had been away.

“Phew, let’s see if these Monarch Crystals are the key to ranking up my Divine Battle Spirit!”

Qin Nan immediately placed the five thousand Monarch Crystals before him. He then picked up a piece with a hint of nervous.

If the Monarch Crystal wasn’t what he needed, he would need to spend time looking for the right thing by himself.

“Screw it!”

Qin Nan clenched his teeth and swallowed the Monarch Crystal.

At that instant, a rare phenomenon took place.

A mystical absorption force was unleashed deep within Qin Nan’s soul, which immediately devoured the various forces contained by the Monarch Crystal.

“This is it!”

Qin Nan was immersed in joy.

Once he knew what he needed, it would make his life easier!

“I shall devour them all!”

Without hesitation, Qin Nan began to devour the Monarch Crystals.

Five hundred!

One thousand!

One thousand eight hundred!

Qin Nan soon devoured two thousand four hundred and ninety-nine pieces. As he gulped down the two thousand five hundredth piece, a mysterious energy fluctuation took place all of a sudden.

In Qin Nan’s Divine Sense, the black dot that was connected the ancient world slightly shuddered, as a stream of Vital Qi was transferred into Qin Nan’s body.

“So two thousand five hundred Monarch Crystals are able to produce a stream of Vital Qi?”

Qin Nan nodded upon seeing this, as he proceeded to devour the remaining two thousand five hundred Monarch Crystals.

Another stream of Vital Qi was produced inside his body.

However, the Divine Battle Spirit remained lifeless, with no sign of ranking up.

“Five thousand Monarch Crystals isn’t enough for the Divine Battle Spirit to rank up? Judging from the crowd’s reaction at the Touring Dojo, it seems like five thousand Monarch Crystals are already considered quite a fortune!” Qin Nan’s face contorted. He could imagine the struggle he would need to experience to save up Monarch Crystals for his Divine Battle Spirit.

After all, it would definitely cost him a terrifying amount of Monarch Crystals for the Divine Battle Spirit to level up to the tenth-grade Tian rank.

“Forget it, it won’t help if I kept thinking about it. I shall first take a look at the All-Knowing Scroll to learn more about the Middle Continent and the Dragon Emperor Clan, then come up with a plan to earn some Monarch Crystals!”

Qin Nan made up his mind before taking out the scroll and inspecting it with his Divine Sense.

Although he was quite clear about the general structure of the Middle Continent, he was entirely clueless about the details.

“This is——”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with astonishment as he read the contents of the scroll.

Inside the scroll was a screen written on with ancient words.

“The Middle Continent has thirty-six Two-Starred Factions and three hundred and sixty-seven Three-Starred Factions! The Dragon Emperor Clan is the strongest faction among the Two-Starred Factions, guarded by three peak Martial Monarch Realm beasts! Apart from the Dragon Emperor Clan, the Bodhi Temple, Misty Immortal Sect, Heaven-Saber Sect, Chaos Sect, Heartless Sect, Sword Principle Sect each have a peak Martial Monarch Realm expert! Meanwhile, the Shadow PaG.o.da, Righteous Sect, etc. are each guarded by a Martial Monarch…

“Besides the half-G.o.d region, the Middle Continent has six hundred and thirty-two places similar to the Crimson Magic Mountain Range, seventy-three forbidden areas, nine mysterious oceans, and three ancient rivers. These places have existed since the ancient era, and even Martial Monarch Realm experts would avoid going to some of the places. Despite the dangers they contain, they are filled with fortunate encounters, which could possibly alter one’s destiny.

“The geniuses of the Middle Continent or the rogue cultivators would usually train themselves at these places. Most of them manage to find destiny-altering fortunate encounters from these places.

“The Monarch Crystal is the main currency used for trading. Normally, two hundred Monarch Crystals can be used to trade for…”

Lines of information were displayed.

All kinds of information were presented to Qin Nan.


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