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Chapter 68: Even I Didn’t Know I’m This Strong

After the flying s.h.i.+p slowly landed at the square, the shuttle door opened and everyone got off the flying s.h.i.+p.

As soon as they got off, they saw a white-haired old man standing within a group of middle-aged men in the square. They were arranging the students that came off the other flying s.h.i.+ps along with the other rescue squad members.

There was a depressing atmosphere surrounding the students.

Some students were missing legs while others were heavily injured. Some students only had pieces of clothes remaining on their bodies.

Those missing ligaments were fine as with current technology, they could be regrown. However, the dead couldn’t be revived.

Lu Ze silently looked at the students who were previously ecstatic about entering the graduation trial but now trembling in terror.

At this moment, he personally realized that the universe really wasn’t that safe. The war between races was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y.

Of course, this was also due to the nature of the insectoids.

They were one of the top races in the universe and almost all races hated them.

Their development was just too abnormal. Anywhere they went, only destruction was left behind.

As such, any race would attempt to annihilate the insectoids as soon as they encountered them.

At this moment, Lin Ling saw the old man in the square and her eyes immediately lit up. She ran and jumped into the old man’s arms.

“Great-grandpa, I thought I was dead for sure this time.”

The crisp voice was a little shaky. She was only an 18-year-old girl. Facing death, she could only suppress the terror and try her hardest to live.

Seeing her kin, she finally let her pent up emotions out.

Elder Lin patted her back and said with some terror, “You need to thank Lu Ze.”

Lin Ling nodded and smiled. “I owe him half of my life!”

Elder Lin shook his head; he knew his great-granddaughter all too well. He would deal with this after getting back. For now, he said, “Okay, I need to deal with things here. You guys go back first.”

Lin Ling nodded and headed back into the crowd.

Due to the severity of this, even Elder Lin would need to take some responsibility.

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling who was walking back and then at the old man who was with the group of middle-aged men. He noticed that they were all looking at him and when he looked over, they all nodded amicably.

Lu Ze felt confused as he nodded at them too. Then he asked Lin Ling, “Who are they?”

Lin Ling said, “They’re the teachers coming to get the guaranteed entry students.”

“That’s them?”

Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed.

Lin Ling nodded. “They’re probably the people who saved the students as well. If it wasn’t for them, there would definitely be more students dead.”

Although a lot of students were heavily injured, there was only a small amount of deaths.

Lu Ze nodded. He did what he could.

Then, under the guidance of the people there, the students went back to their resting rooms.

One had to admit that Chang Yang’s number one high school’s luck was very good. Out of the 12 areas that the insectoids attacked, there was not a single student there from Chang Yang.

Seeing Lu Ze walking into the resting room, all the students looked over.

Then, everyone charged over together.

“So dominant, brother Ze!”

“Brother Ze made our school famous!”

A few girls with blus.h.i.+ng faces tried to squeeze in too.

Lu Ze had black lines running down his head as he realized that he was being taken advantage of again.

He quickly used his wind element G.o.d art to stop everyone.


A paladin wouldn’t fall to the same trick twice!

What if another terrifying man tried to sneak up to him?

“Let’s talk it out and keep our hands to ourselves!” Lu Ze said seriously.

Seeing everyone nod in agreement, Lu Ze retracted his G.o.d art.

Then, Xu Yang pointed at the screen and said, “Lu Ze, our school is famous!”

The screen was currently showing the news of the insectoids attack incident. The scene playing now was of Lu Ze hopping off the flying s.h.i.+p and immediately killing many insectoids with a few hundred wind blades.

“Hehe, young duke Lu Ze, greetings…” Xufang said as she looked at Lu Ze with her blus.h.i.+ng and excited face.

“Hehe, young duke candidate, brother Ze played it well this time.”

Looking at the screen introducing him, Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He nearly cringing to death.

What was this learning to recite poems at one-month-old, practicing martial arts at 2 years old stuff? Extremely talented but hard-working, he had always kept a low profile.

Lu Ze was shocked.

Even he didn’t know that he was this strong.

The only real part was that he had a peaceful family life. He wondered whether there was another Lu Ze whose life had started off this amazing.

The media had no choice but to do this as Lu Ze’s profile was way too simple. If they didn’t scan his DNA, they would’ve thought the current Lu Ze was a different Lu Ze.

They could only come to the conclusion that due to awakening a G.o.d art, Lu Ze’s talent suddenly exploded.

After all, there were a few cases of this.

However, they couldn’t just say that. They needed to build up a profile of him being a hard-working genius. Only doing this would they be able to make young people more motivated.

If even prodigies were this hard-working, could you really keep being lazy?

Thus, this Lu Ze, whom even Lu Ze himself didn’t know, appeared.

But, a young duke candidate?

Lu Ze touched his chin. He knew a couple of things about young dukes. They were the most talented bunch of human youth.

He didn’t expect that he would get such a rating.

Now that he thought about it… he was a little excited?

If this continued, he would probably become an extremely powerful being that dominated the cosmos, marry a beautiful and wealthy girl, and then reach the pinnacle of human life?

Lu Ze thought about this happily.

Soon, the news finished introducing Lu Ze and started reporting on the losses of this incident.

But one had to admit that the officials acted swiftly as only a hundred students died.

After all, there were several million students on planet Nanfeng.

As for why the insectoids appeared on planet Nanfeng, it was still being investigated.


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