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Chapter 74: One glance charms a city, Qiuyue Hesha

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Lin Ling’s eyes widened and she looked at Lu Ze in shock. “You don’t even know the City Charming Young Duke, Qiuyue Hesha?? Are you living in some forest?

Lu Ze glanced at Lin Ling speechlessly. “I’ve just been immersed in cultivation. I don’t care about these things. I’m a hard-working student and not a naughty kid like you!”



Everyone pretended that they didn’t hear this.

Meanwhile, Harry heard this and his expression turned awkward.

He almost had a heartache when Lu Ze said he didn’t know about the city charming young duke.

Now that Lu Ze said he was a good student, for some reason, he forcefully accepted it.

He laughed dryly, “Hahaha… it seems that Lu Ze really is a hard-working student. Prodigies should be like this!”

Then he continued, “It’s alright, I’ll tell you about the benefits first. The City Charming Young Duke, Qiuyue Hesha, is our honorary lecturer for the elite martial arts cla.s.s. Those students who excel might get her tutelage.”

Then he smiled at Lu Ze with a look of something that was man to man. Lu Ze was speechless.

Although Harry was very subtle about it, this was a seduction move, right?

What a joke. Was he someone who would fall for this?!

I, Lu Ze, a jungler, have no feelings!

“I can let miss Qiuyue call you now and speak to you.”

He already sent Lu Ze’s battle video to the school beforehand. The school had stated that they would cooperate wherever possible. He believed a call with Qiuyue Hesha would probably work, right?

Just when Harry was about to call, Li Kuang immediately stopped him, “Wait! Harry, this is against the rules! How do you think Qiuyue Hesha got her t.i.tle? Not even we can defend against her seduction G.o.d art much less Lu Ze!”

Lu Ze heard this and immediately frowned.

The City Charming Young Duke, Qiuyue Hesha; seduction G.o.d art…

He seemed to have heard of this somewhere before.

Worry not! Let me think!

Moments later, his eyes lit up.

He remembered it!

A few years ago, when the conflict between humans and blade demons arose, Qiuyue Hesha sneaked into a city at blade demon realm’s border.

What happened that day shocked both the human race and the blade demon race.

In just one glance, the city lord, that was equivalent to the human race’s aperture opening state, commit suicide under her seduction G.o.d art. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers betrayed them and the great city fell.

One glance charms a city, Qiuyue Hesha.

It was this legendary battle that gave Qiuyue Hesha the t.i.tle of City Charming Young Duke.

Her seduction G.o.d art was irresistible.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

Lu Ze was shocked.

Harry, this is over the top.

I am only a child.

Harry smiled. “Li Kuang, are you joking? Seduction through a projection… Do you think Qiuyue is a star level being?”

Li Kuang opened his mouth but only shut it unhappily.

Indeed, even Qiuyue Hesha can only make one’s blood rush a little through a holographic projection. It wasn’t a big deal but she was still extremely beautiful!

She was a young duke and extremely beautiful. Any man would want a one on one tutelage with her.

This was why he only spoke of Qiuyue Hesha even though the Emperor Capital Academy had four young dukes as honorary lecturers.

Li Kuang had to admit that this was quite effective.

However, his school wasn’t too good in this aspect…

Every university would have a couple of young dukes as honorary lecturers. It was just a matter of numbers.

His school also had female young dukes as honorary lecturers, however…

Thinking about that female young duke, Li Kuang’s mouth spasmed.

Oh s.h.i.+t… this was the feeling of a heart attack…

He hesitated but still called that young duke.

After all, that young duke was natural enemies with Qiuyue Hesha. At least it would interfere with Harry’s plan!

At this moment, Harry’s call connected.

A seductive and lazy voice sounded, “Harry?”

Just this voice alone could make one delve into their own fantasies.

Then, a holographic projection appeared.

Both men and women instinctively looked at that figure.

However, the projection only showed her head.


This was the first word that appeared in everyone’s head.

She had long, beautiful, faint pink hair. There was an exquisite tear mole on the corner of her left eye. She had raised pink lips.

Just a simple expression made everyone feel seduced.

Even though she wasn’t even using her G.o.d art, she still emanated that aura of seduction.

But luckily she didn’t use her G.o.d art, so everyone just glanced at her once and woke up.

The girls sweated coldly.

Oh my! They felt that they were no longer straight!

Harry almost lost his composure and he laughed while saying, “Yes, I’ve found a very talented student. He might become a young duke in the future. I hope that you will help me invite him.”

Qiuyue Hesha heard this and instantly understood what Harry meant.

Seduction for someone like her was indeed easy. However, a student that could be seduced had an ordinary mindset. Even if his talent was good, he had no future.

But since Harry said this, of course, she wouldn’t reject.

She glanced at Lin Ling and Lu Ze.

“Mhm, both of your talents aren’t bad… Two little guys, want to come to our school?”

Lin Ling turned to Lu Ze and wondered what this guy would say.

After all, Lu Ze’s brain wasn’t normal.

Lu Ze smiled and asked, “Teacher Qiuyue, does your school have that young duke who uses their fists to fight?”

As soon as Lu Ze said this, Qiuyue Hesha’s smile froze for a moment.

Then, her eyes glimmered and became soft. “In terms of fist arts, any young duke should be able to teach you.”

All young dukes were experienced in fist arts, but it wasn’t their area of specialty.

The most experienced…

Qiuyue Hesha’s eyes narrowed as she thought of that person… She didn’t want to give any students over to her.


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