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Chapter 960 Seek Reinforcements, Peak Cosmic System State

Edka continued, “There are four peak cosmic system states. The rest are from level-1 to the level-8 cosmic system state.”

Lu Ze and the girls breathed with ease.

This was quite powerful, but their alliance had four races. Their power would be much stronger.

Lu Ze continued asking, “Do you know the location of other fleets?”

Edka shook his head. “Each fleet is solitary. We would bring resources back to our race as soon as we gathered them. We would only communicate with each other on special occasions.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “How do you communicate?”

Edka took out a device. “This is a special device belonging to our race. Use evil fire G.o.d art, and you can communicate with others.”

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned.

‘Only evil fire G.o.d art could use it?’

They didn’t have such bewildering G.o.d art.

It would be suspicious for Edka to ask the others directly.

At this moment, Edka suddenly frowned, and his face turned hideous.

Qiuyue Hesha frowned and used her seduction G.o.d art at full power.

Suddenly, Edka’s chi erupted, and his life force disappeared shortly.

Everyone panicked.

‘Did he die just like that?’ Qiuyue Hesha declared, “He was resisting my G.o.d art the whole time. He broke free for a moment and commited suicide.”

Man Da sighed. “What a pity… Perhaps, he would be useful for other things.”

Lu Ze smiled. “We pretty much know all that we need to know. We can be prepared this way anyway.”

“Yes!” The Round Race nodded and smiled. “Ze is right. We need to notify the others, and let them be prepared.”


The general nodded. “Notify the other fleets.”

Suddenly, there was a piercing alarm in the cabin.

A Shenwu Army soldier responded immediately,”Report, we have received a reinforcement request!”

“Reinforcement request?!” Lu Ze frowned.

There was just a desperate plea for help. “Help! In the Carat 6 System, we have been attacked by an evil-eyed fleet. They have a peak cosmic system state! We are trying to defend, but we can’t hold out for long. Please a.s.sist us!”

Everyone’s face wondered.

“Fleet of the Evil-Eyed Race? A peak cosmic system state too?”

“As soon as we got news of it, a fleet encountered them.”

Everyone looked at Lu Ze. Man Da asked, “Lu Ze, kid, what do we do?”

Lu Ze was the strongest here, and they came to help.

Lu Ze looked at the soldier and asked, “Where is the location?”

The soldier quickly projected a map.

The soldier explained, “The Carat 6 System is about 2000 light-years from here.”

Lu Ze felt relieved. This wasn’t very far from Lu Ze’s location. He could get there in a few minutes.

He continued to ask, “Which fleet is it?”

The soldier replied, “Twenty-third fleet. The leader is a level-8 cosmic system state from the Barbarian Race, Man Yong.”

Man Da’s face creased. “It’s Man Yong!”

It might be very dangerous for him.

Lu Ze nodded. “I’ll go over and check it out.” The girls agreed. “We’ll go over too.” Lu Ze rubbed Nangong Jing’s head and smiled. “You guys defend here. I can go over alone.”

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha had a level-8 cosmic system state combat power with their armor pieces.

Lin Ling was a level-7 cosmic system state.

It would be fine for them here, as long as they didn’t encounter a peak cosmic system state.

They had too many G.o.d arts and divine arts.

The girls looked frustratingly at Lu Ze but said nothing.

Lu Li mumbled, “Be careful.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Don’t worry.”

Lu Ze turned to the commander. “General, please notify the other fleets.”

The general nodded. “Don’t worry, Monarch of the New Dawn, I’ll do it right away.”

Lu Ze nodded and disappeared from the spot.

In the Carat 6 System, the human transporter fleet was hovering in s.p.a.ce. There were bronze barriers outside the fleet.

Six barbarians were at the border of the barrier looking outside at two Evil-Eyed Race.

One of them was extremely strong. Even the other soldier couldn’t handle the chi and kept away.

The peak cosmic system state was continuously attacking the barrier. Each strike would make the barrier tremble, but it was rather still stable.

One barbarian said, “Luckily, this Evil-Eyed Race just reached the peak cosmic system state. His chi isn’t even stable yet. Our barrier should be able to last around half an hour. By then, reinforcements would arrive.”

“They are here to fight over resources. How did they know the blade demons were out of cosmic system states?” The other barbarians were also confused. They scratched their heads and didn’t answer.

The level-3 cosmic system state from the Evil-Eyed Race said, “Brother Milo, this barrier isn’t weak. What should we do?”

Milo exclaimed, “I’ll try again!” The other Evil-Eyed Race was a bit worried. “Brother Milo, the barbarians are here too. There wouldn’t just be these few. Perhaps, the Human Race has notified their allies. Now that all four races are in the territory of the Blade Demon Race, there might be reinforcements coming. Maybe we should leave first?” Milo turned around and said bleakly, “Are you saying I’m weaker than the peak cosmic system states of the four races?” The other Evil-Eyed Race shook his head. “How can that be? I mean this isn’t our home field. If too many will attack, we will be in trouble.”

“After all, our primary goal is to gather resources, while other races haven’t noticed yet. We don’t need to fight with humans.”

Milo fell silent for a moment and patted the Evil-Eyed Race. “Marin, you are right. I was too desperate.” As a peak cosmic system state, he didn’t just want to break the barrier to prove his power. He wanted the resources too.

Marin breathed comfortably. He smiled. “Brother Milo, you’re thinking about the race. I understand.” “Hahha, let’s go.” Yet, at this moment, Milo frowned.

Marin looked over. “Brother Milo, are the reinforcements here?”

He was in dismay. They only stayed here for a few minutes, and their reinforcements arrived this quickly?

At this moment, a black-haired human youth appeared.


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