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Han Yunxi and Kangan Private Bank came to the following agreement: any guests who partic.i.p.ated in auctions at Myriad Merchant Hall would be allowed to take out loans from the bank once the auction was successful. Payment would be made to Myriad Merchant Hall, while the interest rates of the loan from Kangan Private Bank would be 10% cheaper than the normal rate.

The truth was that plenty of people who bought expensive items at auction halls didn’t necessarily have any use for them or even liked them; their ultimate goal was to resell the objects. Once they got the goods, they might resell them again within a month, or store it to sell it off a year later! People who did such business wouldn’t just buy one type of item. Many of them bought various things in the course of one night. A majority of them would run into cash shortages and take out loans based on calculated interest rates. Even if they had to borrow money, they could still make a profit afterwards with the resale.

Han Yunxi’s method was tailored for these very type of customers! As long as they partic.i.p.ated in Myriad Merchant Hall’s auctions, they could get lower than average interest rates courtesy of Kangan Private Bank. Who wouldn’t be excited? It meant that they’d earn 10% more when reselling.

What was the concept of 10%?

It meant that if an item cost 10 million, then they could back 1,000,000. Even without extra explanation, everyone present knew these were very tempting terms! With the force of Kangan Private Bank behind them, as long as Myriad Merchant Hall issued some policies to promise payback for all customers who’d bought faked goods, many of their customers would return again of their own accord. Once they did, business would slowly resume at the auction halls. Moreover, if they held themselves to strict standards for the next couple of months and didn’t have any more cases of fake goods, their business would be even better than before. Perhaps they could even steal customers from Golden Wing and East Origin Hall in the end.

“Princess, why did Kangan Private Bank gave us such a discount in favor of the customers?” Uncle Cheng’s doubts echoed that of everyone else’s thoughts.

Just what was Han Yunxi’s relations.h.i.+p with Kangan Private Bank? How could she gain such an advantage?

But Han Yunxi only replied, “There was no discount. We have a secret agreement. While Kangan Private Bank gives our customers a 10% discount on interest rates, Myriad Merchant Hall will compensate them with 13% back. In truth, they’re earning 3% more than normal with this deal.”

Uncle Cheng grew anxious. “Princess, then in the end we’re the ones suffering losses! A full 13%! That’s just giving a clear advantage to our customers. This…what’s so good about that?!”

Han Yunxi smiled coldly. “Fine then. Go post a public announcement now and say that any auctions held at Myriad Merchant Hall will give its customers a 13% discount on the interest rates. See who’s willing to come! Who do you think will believe you?”

Uncle Cheng was left speechless, while the elders exchanged looks in equal silence.

“Why does Kangan Private Bank get to earn more? Because they’re trustworthy, so the customers prefer to believe in them. Uncle Cheng, the fact that Kangan Private Bank is willing to cooperate with us at all means they’re sharing a portion of their trustworthiness with us! Do you think that’s only worth an extra 3%?” Han Yunxi asked.

When Uncle Cheng didn’t speak, she added, “Our 13% loss doesn’t really count as a loss. At most, we’ll just earn less than before! Isn’t anything sold at the auction halls a multiple of its original price and worth? Moreover, the customers won’t necessarily borrow the full value of the auction prices for their purchases. We won’t be collecting losses on every item.”

Uncle Cheng continued to remain silent until Han Yunxi shot him a cold look. “Uncle Cheng, do you even know how to do basic accounting?”

Uncle Cheng’s head was bowed low. He didn’t dare to offer a single retort and hated himself for being so impulsive. The various elders looked at Han Yunxi and only felt full admiration in their hearts! All of them were getting on in years, but this was the first time they’d met such a powerful woman. She could even fool around with business like this!

Han Yunxi was right. Although the whole process had gone around in a circle, in the end the auction hall hadn’t suffered any losses at all. At most, they’d just earn 13% less than before. Under the current circ.u.mstances, even a temporary loss would be acceptable to win back their business again, much less a simple 13% reduction in profits.

This woman is too intelligent. No wonder Kangan’s Manager Luo agreed to work with her. Head Elder silently vowed to give Han Yunxi the command token for the Council of Elders if they succeeded. He believed that Han Yunxi had enough ability to lead Myriad Merchant Hall back to the leaders.h.i.+p position at Three-Way Black Market!

“Princess is wise and brilliant, the Council of Elders will support you completely!” Head Elder said seriously. The other four elders all stepped forward and made respectful bows to express their loyalty.

No matter how reluctant Uncle Cheng felt, he had to do the same. Once again, he couldn’t help but sigh. If this woman wasn’t tangled up with Long Feiye, how great would it be! If she could be together with Master Ning instead, then he’d stake his old life on the line to perform his duties, ah!

Thoughts of Master Ning turned Uncle Cheng’s red with tears. He had already sent men to search everywhere–even Northern Li–but there was still no sign of him. Meanwhile, Han Yunxi finished discussing a few more details with the elders before they scattered at night. She knew Long Feiye was coming, so she went for a quick visit to Ning Jing first.

When Ning Jing learned that Long Feiye was the true backer behind Kangan Private Bank, she was so stunned she grew nauseous. Even the bold and strong-minded Ning Jing had to admit that the Di Clan was really no match for the man.

If Ning Cheng knew this, how would he feel?

Han Yunxi hadn’t mentioned Tang Li for days, but now Ning Jing brought him up. “What are the elders planning to do with Tang Li?”

Distress flashed briefly through Han Yunxi’s eyes before she smiled. “You’re certainly worried for him.”

Ning Jing rolled her eyes at her.

Han Yunxi stopped joking and said, “They’re busy enough dealing with the auction halls and gambling houses. Why would they bother with Tang Li now!”

Ning Jing remained silent for a long time before she spoke again, “Han Yunxi, the head elder will definitely give you the command token. As long as you can control Myriad Merchant Hall, the trade consortium and the army will all listen to you. You’ll be able to see Long Feiye very soon.”

Han Yunxi didn’t know what to say. She saw Long Feiye everyday! Not only that, but he tormented her everyday too, alright?! She knew what Ning Jing meant though. As long as she controlled Myriad Merchant Hall, she could cooperate publicly with Long Feiye and use the names of East and West Qin to unite against Bai Yanqing.

“Han Yunxi, I’d like to ask you a favor,” Ning Jing said.

“I agree!” Han Yunxi said without hesitation.

Ning Jing was at a loss. “You know what I’m going to say?”

“You want me to let Tang Li go, right?” Han Yunxi grinned.

Ning Jing didn’t hide it and admitted outright. “Han Yunxi, when you leave Myriad Merchant Hall, please release Tang Li!”

Silly. How is he supposed to take you back if I don’t release him? But these were words that Han Yunxi kept to herself.

“And what about you?” Han Yunxi asked.

“If East and West Qin really had a misunderstanding, then, then…” Ning Jing hesitated for ages before she managed to say, “Then please tell him that the child and I will be waiting at Myriad Merchant Hall for him to pick us up.”

Han Yunxi was full of thoughts. She was afraid of affecting Ning Jing’s mood while she was pregnant. Tang Li had confessed as well, but she didn’t say anything beyond telling her to take care of herself first.

“If, if we’re not meant to be together, then don’t worry about me, and don’t look for me either,” Ning Jing said.

Han Yunxi only nodded without a word. When she left Ning Jing’s courtyard, Long Feiye was still at East Origin Hall because Manager Luo had come to meet him. If East Origin Hall could be considered to be East Qin’s source of wealth, then Kagan Private Bank was Long Feiye’s personal fortune. All of the people there lacked any national enmity and only recognized Long Feiye and money as their masters.

“Master, you have to hold onto such a capable and intelligent woman,” Manger Luo teased.

Although Long Feiye didn’t say much, a corner of his lips quirked up into a smile. Han yunxi was his woman alright, sh hadn’t incurred him any losses. Even if she hadn’t mentioned her name, Manager Luo would still have helped her. The profits of the bank came from the loan business. Its owners dealt in credit and risk, so of course he was happy to accept the bonus 3% profits that Han Yunxi had offered him for free. Furthermore, her methods were simply too brilliant. He was thoroughly impressed by her!

“How are things going with Manager Jin?” Long Feiye asked.

“We sent men to press him again today. He’s about at his wit’s end. Master, please wait and see!” Manager Luo said.

Long Feiye had long set his sights on Manager Luo. He was quite experienced with the bank business and also a Wintercrow Clan native. As someone fluent in their language, he would be useful to keep around. Unfortunately, the man was ambitious and proud, so unless they crushed him first, it’d be hard to make him surrender to any bribes.

Once Manager Luo withdrew, Long Feiye asked a shadow guard, “Have they finished making arrangements at the Hundred Poisons Sect?”

“Everything was done as planned,” the shadow guard replied before handing over a stack of secret missives.

Long Feiye wanted to lure out Bai Yanqing, so his first step was to target the Hundred Poisons Sect. This was the only way left. He had just opened up the second letter when another shadow guard reminded him, “Your Highness, it’s getting late.”

In other words, Han Yunxi was waiting for him. How could the shadow guards be so involved in such details? Most likely, it was Xu Donglin who’d told him to remind their master.

Long Feiye took the pile of letters with him and flipped over the wall of the courtyard. Only after he left did Baili Mingxiang rise from her seat in the courtyard and return to her rooms. For the past few days, she’d done nothing but split her time between practicing her martial arts and sitting blankly in the yard. She missed esteemed w.a.n.gfei and little Yu’er, as well as her father and Zhao mama.

By the time Long Feiye entered Han Yunxi’s rooms, the latter was already lying lazily in her bed.

“Waiting for me?” Long Feiye asked with amus.e.m.e.nt, but Han Yunxi admitted it easily.

“I’ve been waiting for you all night!”

“Then I’ll come by earlier tomorrow,” Long Feiye said on purpose, knowing she must have matters to discuss.

“Long Feiye, are you buying the Jade and South Jue Gardens?” Han Yunxi asked.

Long Feiye changed her question into one of his own. “Do you like them?”

“That’s not it!” Han Yunxi hastened to explain. “I’m asking if you were planning to buy them? Did you send anyone to discuss a price?”

Long Feiye smiled. “They’re mine to begin with, so why would I need to buy them?”

Han Yunxi slowed raised her head, incredulous. “Just how many courtyards do you have?”

Long Feiye smiled wordlessly. “You’re interested in those two gardens? They’re not good locations because they’re right by the battlefields. It’s not a good place for hiding either. When Tianhui first sold them, I bought them in preparation for handing them off.”

“How much did you buy them for then?” Han Yunxi asked urgently.

“30 million per estate, so 60 million in total,” Long Feiye replied.

“And what about selling them? What prices were you planning to put?” Han Yunxi asked next.

“I had the subordinates take care of it, so I’m not sure,” Long Feiye said. Small businesses like that were only for fun, so he didn’t pay attention to the details.

Han Yunxi narrowed her eyes. “Long Feiye, someone offered 500 million! Will you sell to them?”


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